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    Quote Originally Posted by trackpacker02 View Post
    Seven dust is death on bees , but if any of you get a nest of yellow jackets in a bad spot.use a squeezeable bottle to blow the dust in the hole, if it gets on a few, so much the better. They are history.
    There is always an alternative.

    Dish soap and water kills yellow jackets with less damage to the rest of the environment.

    Quote Originally Posted by tnmtn View Post
    Here's a whole google page of organic pesticides. I use pyrethrin products.

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    How in the world does a post from 2006 get resurrected? I can understand if you were searching a topic and wanted to bring it back to ask a question or update it. But how does it happen that it gets resurrected by someone who just continues the thread with some random comment? Not being critical, I just neeeeeed to know how in the world it happens! J

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Gregory View Post
    Obviously, it will, but I have a query: it is considered a contact killer, which means it gets on the victim and kills it. I wonder if it also mimics flower pollen. It seems that the label puts extra emphasis on the killing of honeybees, and I have often wondered why. Robert Gregory.
    New pesticide laws require that products toxic to bees carry that warning. It is not that they are especially toxic to bees over other insects.
    Thankfully, the bees are smarter than I am. They are doing well, in spite of my efforts to help them.

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