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    "My most recent method - solar wax melter. Passive. This is the first season and it works well. I can see that I will need to do some "clean up" of the heating tray for next season."

    Make a basket from 1/2 in hardware cloth,line with 2 layers of paper towels, and place on 1x1 spacers on your tray.
    Filters your wax and keeps the tray clean.

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    Default Re: beeswax melting / filtering - need help

    I use a crock pot I bought at a flea market for a few bucks. You can set it on low and leave it overnight. You can bundle your cappings in several layers of cheesecloth and put some water in the bottom of the pot. When the wax is melted, pick up the bag and let it drain into the pot to harden.
    This year, I drained the cappings in a sieve overnight, then spread them out in a hive cover for the bees to clean up. They did a nice job and I didn't waste any honey either.
    I want bees that make up for my mistakes.

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