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  1. Home Made Swarm Traps: Any recommendations?

    Checked the prices of swarm traps and thought to myself: That's way, wayyy too expensive.

    1. Does anyone here have a recommendation for the dimensions of swarm traps?

    I will put some old used...
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    Re: Winterberry holly

  3. Re: Idea for water source - please let me know if you think this would work!

    I tried this last year. I found thousands and thousands of mosquito larva in those, and ended up moving them...after I moved the containers, the bees lost interest and found a better source.
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    Re: Alternatives to Autumn Olive

    That's what I was thinking as well.
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    Re: Asian Giant Hornet

    I have doubts as to whether or not this will ever become an actual threat.
  6. Not enough beespace on top of frames?

    When I cut boxes recently, I cut them about 1/8th inch too shallow.

    So instead of 9 5/8 inch, they came out as 9.5 inches.

    I measured the space between frames, it looks like they're roughly...
  7. Re: Evaluate your beekeeping location - using beescape.

    I checked a couple of locations in PA.

    One thing it is good for is insecticides. It seems pretty accurate to me on that front.
  8. Re: Respirator suggestion to use with Easy Vap

    3M masks from amazon, they sell for about $1 each.
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    Re: Should I go with Saskatraz packages

    Saskatraz bees are touted for their mite resistance, right?
  10. Re: Conditions for early splits w/purchased queens


    Would you be willing to go into more detail on how you manage your colonies for swarm prevention? Is there a specific set of methods you use, e.g., snelsgrove boards, etc?

  11. Re: How many OAV treatments in winter can they tolerate?

    Looks like there WAS a negative effect of multiple treatments, a 4% decline in brood. That's only for 2 treatments.

    For more, say 5 treatments, in the fall and winter - could be as high as 20%...
  12. Re: How many OAV treatments in winter can they tolerate?

    Am I guaranteed not to kill hives if I treat with OAV twice or more when there's snow on the ground?
  13. Re: How many OAV treatments in winter can they tolerate?

    I'm not asking about October treatments, I'm asking about November, December/ January treatments in very cold climates where snow accumulates and doesn't go away.

    Whether or not hives in those...
  14. How many OAV treatments in winter can they tolerate?

    Curious as to how many OAV treatments bees can tolerate before dying in the winter.

    I've treated once in the late fall, but I've read that some beekeepers treat AGAIN in December, if there's a...
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    Re: OAV, putting the risk in perspective

    The current "law" only exists in the US and Canada.

    Elsewhere, OAV with honey supers present isn't against the law. It's only "discouraged".

    I feel that it's important to make that clear.
  16. Re: Is it feasible to control swarming without performing a spring split?

    Nancy, would you be willing to share what exactly you look for when you tip up every brood box and look under it?

    I assume this means you look under every box, but if you could share what...
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    Re: Black Friday Sales

    Thank for pointing out that the frames get a discount.
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    Re: Black Friday Sales

    Mann lake's sale was a little disappointing.

    I was hoping they'd be selling unassembled frames on black friday sale.
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    Re: OAV, putting the risk in perspective

    Sounds similar to a previous thread here on beesource which did similar math, indicating that OAV is perfectly safe to use with honey supers present.

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    Re: Black Friday Sales

    Now I don't feel so bad not buying their overpriced products.

    I don't know anywhere else to buy foundation for lower prices, however.
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    Re: Black Friday Sales

    When did Mann lake get purchased? Who bought them?
  22. Re: Advice on finding properties to place beehives?

    Finally got a response from someone.

    Sounds like they're happy to host numerous hives (which is what I need).

    Haven't met them yet, but did talk to them on the phone. I can't really tell if...
  23. Re: Can Palmer Style Double Nucs be used to produce Honey?

    You have a common super with NO divisions?

    So you're saying that the bees, divided in the bottom 2 boxes, do not cross over in the honey super? Or do you put a queen excluder between the 2nd...
  24. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    What's the lowest temperature that one can do OAV?
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    Re: Johno's Easy Vap - Vaporizer

    What's the general opinion here on very late, Winter - extremely cold weather OAV treatment?

    In my area, temps will not be above 43F, and will be below freezing at night.

    I've seen others...
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