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    Re: First Frost Thread.

    We had another frost last night. 32F.
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    Re: Formic Pro Issues?

    I can vouch for Apivar as well.

    Only downside is that it's $12 per hive for a double brood box.

    However, formic acid is $8 per hive, so the difference isn't major.
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    Re: Formic Pro Issues?

    Formic acid is so detrimental to bees that they stop swarming.

    I had an EFB outbreak this year, and EFB was less dangerous to bees than formic acid because many of those EFB colonies did end up...
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    Re: Formic Pro Issues?

    Yet another positive review of formic acid treatments. /sarcasm

    Can we keep tallies of all the negative threads about formic acid treatments?
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    Re: Need a bee suit recommendation

    I've tried a couple of different bee suites, this Forest Beekeeping Fencing Hood suite is the one I've been using.
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    First Frost Thread.

    We had our first frost last night, was 32F. Ice on the roofs of cars, ice on any metal surface.

    Please post your first frost dates.

    Location: northeast PA.
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    Re: No harvesting?

    Did you do a mite count?
  8. Re: Giganto Hive: How to get them to condense resources

    How much honey do those brood boxes contain?
  9. Re: Turning a Neglected Pasture into a Bee Yard?

    Can you tell us specifically where in Paramaribo you live? (not your exact address, but your approximate location).
  10. Re: Fall hive inspections - what should I be looking for?

    Can someone else confirm this is true? If bees are fed heavily in the fall, during a nectar flow - is it guaranteed that they still will not swarm?
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    Re: Questions on hive entrance

    I have not noticed any difference in honey production between having no entrance reducer, and having entrances reduced to the larger of the 2 settings (about 2.5 inches or so).
  12. Re: Is it tougher and tougher to control mites with OAV?

    I also wonder about mites ability to develop resistance to oxalic acid with glycerin, as the mode of delivery is different than OA Vaporization.

    Glycerin release, is, I'm assuming a vapor over...
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    Re: Best Feeder (top, 8F)

    I've had good results with the mann lake top feeders w/supers.

    One disadvantage is that they're $25 each.
  14. Re: Mite Treatment Cost Comparison Thread

    As indicated in my post, I have not used formic acid. If you'd be willing to provide the forum more specific information, that would be helpful.

    Also - could you please provide us with a cost for...
  15. Re: Mite Treatment Cost Comparison Thread

    Thanks for pointing this out.
  16. Re: OAV with honey supers/Fall Extraction Blues

    Here's the assay from AVANTOR PERFORMANCE MATERIALS for Oxalic acid:

  17. Re: OAV with honey supers/Fall Extraction Blues

    Yes, but what's the origin?

    Is it some questionable country like China with zero quality control? Or is it made in a Laboratory in the US?

    Remember, this is a bucket of wood bleach. No one in...
  18. Re: OAV with honey supers/Fall Extraction Blues

    This is interesting.

    The different OA options range in purity, and there's differences between manufacturers as well.

    IMO this is the biggest issue with Oxalic acid - we don't have any "food...
  19. Mite Treatment Cost Comparison Thread

    The purpose of this thread is to carry out a cost comparison of the various mite treatments available.

    The thread will assume 2 treatments per hive, and will assume the beekeeper has 10 hives. 2...
  20. Re: OAV with honey supers/Fall Extraction Blues

    This is accurate.

    One of the reasons I'd not recommend treating a hive with any "wood bleach" product.

    IDK how ppl feel comfortable buying a $9 pound of wood bleach and vaporizing that into...
  21. Re: OAV with honey supers/Fall Extraction Blues

    This is an important point. The source of the OA is quite important. For example, I wouldn't treat my bees with any "wood bleach" sold on Amazon, or any "wood bleach" I could purchase at home depot...
  22. Re: OAV with honey supers/Fall Extraction Blues

    It would not surprise me if OAV did not add any measurable OA to the honey.

    The previous thread on calculations represents a conservative MAXIMUM contamination of approximately 25mg OA /lb of...
  23. Re: OAV with honey supers/Fall Extraction Blues

    The above article by Randy Oliver reiterates that Europeans readily use OA Vaporization.
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    Re: Easy OA treatments?

    Odd that someone would opt to spend $100 on a slow wand vaporizer, + the $30 for a giant battery that can only complete 20 vaporizations.

    While it would be possible to get the Easy Vap for about...
  25. Re: OAV with honey supers

    If you're going to send your honey to get tested for oxalic acid, you might as well send some tofu and almonds with that sample as well.

    What you'll find is that the tofu and almonds have nearly...
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