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    Re: Open feeding and found two queens

    I wonder if those were virgin queens. Perhaps they followed a cluster of bees from their home hive rather than going up - and got balled. Talk about timing on your part!
  2. Re: TF experiment swarm fail with 33% mite load. Will OAV 5 rounds in 21 days work?

    Hey! That's great that you are actually using the tools available - the alc wash - to see what is happening with your bees.

    Key question about whether the hive will make it - what is the state of...
  3. Re: Strategy for Havesting Some Goldenrod Honey?

    I was just smelling butterscotch today. I have in other years smelled stinky socks. The goldenrod is just starting, no asters yet. Hmmm... different kinds of goldenrod, different years? Now I...
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    Re: Horrible mating numbers

    great news, that things are not as bad as you first thought! Good luck, hope mother nature cooperates and helps you with a good flow. So far, looks like I have to pretend to be Mother Nature,...
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    Re: Bees Returning to Nuc Boxes

    I have found that bees which are robbing will be in the "robbed" location very early, and very late in the day. If those bees are from your colonies and robbing, at daybreak you should see traffic...
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    Re: Combine colonies in August?

    So... there's theoretical advice, written like "you should or can or must", which may or may not be from that person's experience. Then there are accounts from someone who has done the maneuver. ...
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    Re: Horrible mating numbers

    So many factors for successful queen many details that can be critical!

    Kaizen, thx for posting your not-success... I have started queen rearing (at 13 strong hives now, 10...
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    Re: Robbing of queen castles

    I saw lots of activity in my 3 frame nucs very early the day after I made them - and I knew that was too many bees to be native to the small nuc. It was too early for an orientation flight too. ...
  9. Re: clarification: varroa mites -> deformed wing virus -> colony collapse

    People looking closely (ie scientists) have clearly shown that when the pupae are preyed upon by the mites, they are compromised. In high enough numbers, this will cause the hive to collapse. Not...
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    Re: Hard time requeening

    Normally we should assume there is a queen or virgin or queen cell already in the hive, and that is why a hive is rejecting a purchased queen. I'm recommending to anyone who wants to buy a queen...
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    Re: HELP ME! no fall flow?? lazy bees???

    How do you know the bees are not swarming? The best way to be sure is that NONE of the hives went queenless (because a virgin did not return). When a hive swarms, then 1) you won't get honey! ...
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    Re: Nurse Bees...

    Hmmmm, we talk about 3 kinds of bees, that look different, right? Queen, drone, worker bee. Their bodies are different, and stay different through their lifespan.

    But, somewhat unique among...
  13. Re: I just killed both my queens, am I crazy?

    Yes.... fun with queen rearing, right? ;)

    For the nuc, the domed cappings are not a good thing to see, as you are aware... now, are worker cells being converted into domed cells? that's the...
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    Re: Is my hive about to swarm?

    I have had a hive swarm (I watched it go), and then when I went into the hive, there were queen cells and there were eggs and young larvae.

    It may have swarmed. If you leave it, the hive _will...
  15. Sticky: Re: treating vs. not treating for mites: opinion thread

    I also agree - that if you are starting from a position where there are 400+ mites in the colony to begin with, then it is like pushing a boulder uphill to get the mite levels down. But what if you...
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    Re: Why did my bees die - summer edition

    Well, dwindling - my first thought is queen issues. But that brood was looking acceptable - the poor bees tried. So, we can rule out queen issues at the end, anyways - though if they swarmed or...
  17. Sticky: Re: treating vs. not treating for mites: opinion thread

    I'm using OAV exclusively, and I call it the "clean slate" approach. In Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec, the bees get an OAV every 2-4 weeks, depending on how many fly days. More fly days, more like every...
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    Re: Laying worker help

    hmmm, what about a change in tack - put that queen in her own nuc, with maybe 2 frames, maybe 3. Her frame, pollen and nectar too - she won't have foragers at this point. It doesn't have to be in a...
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    Re: Cloudy Honey

    Hmmm.... when I have gotten cloudy honey, it was when I crushed and strained honey that had pollen in the cells. Any chance that when you were uncapping, you uncapped some cells with pollen? In...
  20. Re: I just killed both my queens, am I crazy?

    Great luck that you saw it and caught it! I worked so hard to catch a swarm, headed by a breeder queen who was faltering (but they decided to swarm instead of supercede, there were lots of bees in...
  21. Re: Beeproof top bar hive screened bottom, not so much

    I would avoid a hive that has bees with free movement in and out of the hive. It means yellowjackets and robber bees will have free movement too. It is worth fixing - either with a second mesh...
  22. Re: How to do a Direct Introduction of a Laying Queen

    Here is my thinking on the subject - be warned I haven't tested it yet, tho I will soon - remember that a swarm can try to usurp an existing hive. A strong swarm, with a queen, can try to strong-arm...
  23. Re: I just put 5x5 nuc into double 10-frame deeps: observations; the right thing to d

    I ran into the problem the OP is describing - starting nucs too early, so you have to keep robbing them of brood! I am aiming for no more than 3-4 frames of brood (including eggs) in a 4 x 4, or 5-6...
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    Re: Bees staying home

    If you place a queen in a hive that has a virgin, the bees will kill the "interloper".

    I would suggest making a nuc for each queen, with 3 frames, where you can shake the bees off and be sure...
  25. Re: looking for a well tested procedure to dry honey in the comb

    I had honey at 19%, one shallow super. In about 8 hrs, got it down to 18% or less.

    I put the super and a space heater in a small room (OK, it was my bathroom, don't judge), thermostat set to 90...
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