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  1. Re: In a dearth, with partial supers. Need to put Apivar strips on.

    If you intend to get a fall harvest, you will need to pull them off and just stack them indoors for the six weeks the Apivar strips will be in, plus the additional two weeks recommended waiting...
  2. Re: Combining late season swarms with queens?

    Start them off in nucs and add a second 5 frame deep as they grow. A 5 over 5 nuc will do just fine in your area. Probably get away with a single 5 frame deep if you keep the feed on them. To put...
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    Re: Paramoth: kills or only deters moths?

    Those uh, little black eggs, thats larva poop. I really don't know if para moth kills or is a deterrent. BT kills when it is ingested so if your frames are already infested, that would be the way to...
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    Sticky: Re: squarepeg 2015-2019 treatment free experience

    A. Einstein is attributed with the saying, "Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe.”

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    Re: Nicot Laying Cage - complete success !!

    LJ, I am still trying to figure out a way to smuggle a few of your Carni queens across the pond. I think the climate in VA is similar to yours.
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    Re: An interesting story about wasps

    I have had a few paperwasps build nests in empty equipment also. Like my swarm traps. Not sure I could convince the scouts to select my location If they have to contend with wasps, so those nests get...
  7. Re: CDL required for Flat bed truck in California?

    The CDL is needed only if the GVW of the vehicle or combination of vehicles if towing a trailer, is greater than 26,001#. Not sure about CA's weigh stations, but generally you need to stop if you're ...
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    Re: New EAS Master Beekeeper - Nancy

    Good job Nancy! Well deserved.
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    Re: For those that treat; when do you start?

    The OA does not get into the wax, so yes, you can treat with supers that will be fed to the bees. You may want to mark those frames so you don't forget which are which and make sure they are...
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    Re: Bees and burdoc

    Looks like one man's noxious weed could be another man's vegetable. I'll swap you a poke weed for three burdocks. :) Poke is supposedly edible if you boil it three times and discard the water after...
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    Paramoth crystals

    This is just an FYI. Paramoth, para-dichlorobenzine, can be bought at your local Wal-Mart for substantially less than is offered at the bee supply stores. Wal-Mart sells the Enoz brand for $4.36/lb.,...
  12. Re: need a hand from those who have a maxant bottling tank

    Next size down is 1/4". The picture Maxant provided did not actually show the plug but did call it out as a plug in the list of included items.
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    Re: Johno's Easy Vap - Vaporizer

    I use a cordless drill with a 1/4" bit to remove the propolis. Fast and easy and it does need to be done. Some of the holes were half closed up.
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    Re: Bucket feeders in a dearth

    Every frame feeder I have seen in other people's hives has been full of drowned bees. Very few drown using buckets and certain hive top feeders. None when using mason jars. Plus, they take up space...
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    Re: For those that treat; when do you start?

    Burleybee, I have already started with OAV. Hitting them once per week for three weeks and then wait three weeks to keep the numbers low. If you have a high mite count now, you should treat every...
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    Re: What do i call my queens?

    Terrence, I have always thought that "locally adapted, open mated, survivor stock queens" was a pretty good way of describing any queen that I was proud of having raised. My bees are all mutts and...
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    Re: Bucket feeders in a dearth

    I would go ahead with the bucket feeders. I am not a fan of the frame feeders, and in a nuc, they take up precious space.
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    Re: Bucket feeders in a dearth

    ANY feeder can cause robbing in a dearth, especially if one is using a feeding stimulant like Honey B Healthy. Weaker colonies should have their entrances reduced while the feeders are on. Strong...
  19. Re: I think I fed my bees too much sugar water...

    A drop or two of nectar is all they collect per flower. I think the figure is something like 2 million floral visits to make one pound of honey. Make you realize just how hard those bees are working...
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    Re: Captured Swarm: What Next?

    Yikes! I would get the three frames.and make sure they are reasonably straight. Keep them on one side of the hive. Then, cut out enough of the comb to get another three fames in the hive and close it...
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    Re: Frames with drawn comb

    Since no one has actually answered the question, what are frames of comb worth, I personaly would not pay more than $5 per frame in good condition. That price would be if I were buying 10 or more. So...
  22. Re: need a hand from those who have a maxant bottling tank

    It is not a bolt, it is a pipe plug. Measure across the hole, if it is just over 1/2", it is a 3/8" plug. If it is right at 3/4", it is a 1/2" plug. You can get these in brass at your local big box...
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    Re: New one for me... thoughts?

    That is a nice sized swarm to cut out. My guess is that there is no suitable cavity nearby. Get em in a hive and have fun with your new bees. Chances are good that what you see is the whole shebang....
  24. Thread: 2 time swarm

    by JWPalmer

    Re: 2 time swarm

    Once a swarm is in a trap with comb, I like to wait until I see pollen coming in, usually about a week, maybe two if it was a virgin queen. The bees are less likely to leave if they have open brood.
  25. Re: Retired veterinarian bees have no nectar sourcears

    100# would be about 14-15 deep lang frames. You did not specify the size or style of the frame, but asked a question which can not be answered without that information. If you have Dadant deeps,...
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