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    Who is still selling queens?

    Anyone know who might still be selling queens? Unfortunately I think wildflower meadows just sold out in the last day or so, so I wasn't quick enough.

    I live in AHB territory, so making my own...
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    Moving hives: clode them up or not?

    Hey guys, I wanted a commercial perspective, because commercial beekeepers seem to understand the whole time is money thing.
    Do y'all close up hives when you move them? I have, often only to...
  3. Hey all, thanks for the replies. Nancy, the...

    Hey all, thanks for the replies.
    Nancy, the reason I didn't think that they were emergency cells is because these cells have often been the only female brood on the frame. Could be supercedure...
  4. How to determine a hive is prepping to swarm without looking for queen cells

    Hi. I have about 20 hives now, and am hoping to up my numbers soon. It's becoming clear to me that time is very much a limiting factor, and it's also not great on the bees to rip the hive apart to...
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    Split supering for swarm prevention

    I have 6 hives trying to swarm. Saturday I cut dozens of swarm cells out of three of them. I don't want splits, and don't trust the queens I have on hand in nus anyway.
    A beekeeper I know with...
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    Carniolans and queen cups

    Hey all
    First time with carnionans, which I bought off of almonds. While making temporary nucs yesterday I found huge number of queen cups in each hive, but no queen cells. Is this an indication...
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    Re: Your queen spotting ideas?

    If you have 2 brood boxes, it helps to throw a queen excluder between the brood boxes a week or so before hand (just make sure there is plenty of room on either side of the excluder for her to lay...
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    You can always split, then recombine once it's...

    You can always split, then recombine once it's clear they've lost the swarming urge.
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    Re: Not enough attendants?

    So when I took the queens out this afternoon, I found out where the attendants were; dead on the floor of the cage. Looked like there would have been an OK number if they had still been alive.
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    Looks like it gets worse. I thought the...

    Looks like it gets worse. I thought the attendants had been replaced when he got the queens from Hawaii, but apparently not.
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    There were no more than 50 attendants to care for...

    There were no more than 50 attendants to care for 20 queens. Even that's probably a high guess.
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    Not enough attendants?

    Hey all

    Got 20 queens today in a battery box. It was supposed to get here yesterday, but got delayed. When I opened the box, I was shocked to see that there were maybe attendants to take care of...
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    I'm not a carpenter, and I don't try to be. I...

    I'm not a carpenter, and I don't try to be. I intend to get some quality bboards, but for now I use ply wood, and 3/8 in. trim for the runners.
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    Sticky: Re: Sucsessful Queen Introduction tips.

    Thanks for the great thread. When I have used this method with European bees (granted, not much experience here), I've had a high acceptance rate. Doing so with Africanized bees is another matter....
  15. Re: Closing hives for moving, and bee aggresdion

    Because I've had bad experiences not blocking entrances, and I don't want to be in a situation where my planned night time move turned into an unexpected daylight move with entrances unblocked.
  16. Closing hives for moving, and bee aggresdion

    Hey guys.
    So when I move hives, I generally block the bottom entrance with a screen. For other entrances I tape them up usually. I've recently noticed that when an entrance is covered by tape or...
  17. I've experienced the "fat comb" thing myself. An...

    I've experienced the "fat comb" thing myself. An idea that I hit upon, and am trying now, is to separate drawn comb from foundation, and to use a frame drawn on one side as the separator, so you...
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    Passion fruit

    Hi. I have had some bees in a mixed avocado and Passion fruit orchard since last June. The passion fruit was in bloom most of that time, but my bees ignored it, even in dearth when robbing was...
  19. requeening Africanized bees with old queens

    Hi. I've caught a couple of swarms this year, and in So Cal one can pretty much assume that a swarm is Africanized. (One of these new colonies really acts like it's Africanized too). I'm rather tired...
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    Requeening method

    Hi. to get to the point, does joining a nuc to a hive to requeen the hive pose much of a risk to the new queen? This will be as part of normal requeening, not with hives that have gone queenless.
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    Wanted: Bees off of almonds

    Hi. I'm interested in buying 10 to 20 hives off of almonds, preferably in the south end of the central valley (I'm in So Cal). I prefer to make the deal before Almonds, so the hives can be supered...
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    Re: rolling a queen

    I have been feeding them 5:3. Other queens are laying just fine with that. These are Italians, so I would think that they would always be laying a little. Yesterday I gave the hives with queens not...
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    rolling a queen

    I have about 3 queens that just aren't laying. They have been free from their cages for 3 or 4 weeks. I've heard of 'rolling' queens by the abdomen to get them to start laying. I tried it today....
  24. Re: Africanized, or normal robbing season defensiveness?

    Hey John, thanks for the reply. I had a dozen or so stinging my glove within seconds of opening the hives (yes, I did use smoke). The hives in question haven't been worked much in the last couple of...
  25. Africanized, or normal robbing season defensiveness?

    So I was planning on making 20 splits today, but only got done with 8 because the hives I started with were so nasty; every last bit as nasty as some Africanized hives I've had the misfortune of...
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