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  1. Has anyone documented the activity inside the hive that suffered CCD?

    I have been doing some research on CCD and was wondering if anyone has had the chance to document video of the activity inside the hive when the hive experiences Colony Collapse Disorder?

  2. Re: Can you keep bees in a nuc size box with a second layer?

    Thanks everyone for your replies! I think it is probably best to find a place where I can give the bees plenty of room. For now, I will keep on learning. :)
  3. Can you keep bees in a nuc size box with a second layer?

    I am just starting to learn about beekeeping and was wondering if it was possible to keep bees in a smaller container than the standard size boxes with 8 or 10 frames. For someone who may not have as...
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    Poll: Re: Beekeeping game

    I am glad you are trying to make games about bees, and it is awesome you can add this to your website! However, this is just a puzzle game with bee related images, so it doesn't really teach me...
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