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    Re: Honey warmer temperature

    110 at the most
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    Re: Super building clamps

    Build a jig. I do all my stapling at once. Then check for square. If bad a clamp to pull it to where it needs to be. I use the steel one that rotates with a air cylinder to hold it in place.
  3. Re: There were two things I swore I'd never make again, then this happened yesterday…

    JConnolly I like the ones from Home Depot. Better. 4’ long and the legs fold into the frame. By gorilla.
  4. Re: Super Stack Heater for a Handy Hobbyist

    BoBo Very nice write up. You might add some links to the controller. Did it have a built in temperature probe? One of my bottling tanks I don’t like the temperature controller. I use it for...
  5. Re: Super Stack Heater for a Handy Hobbyist

    BoBo Very nice write up. You might add some links to the controller. Did it have a built in temperature probe?
  6. Re: Is Mann Lake and Betterbee woodenware compatible?

    On frames I like to make frame that where made at that time. Have had a hundred made one year and the next years where a little different. But i do buy from the Amish.
  7. Re: Securing (especially tall) hives for wind - here’s how we did it

    I have done two post and ratchet strap
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    Re: Hive Stand Idea

    I have been using a a ladder at one yard for years. You need to support it about every 4/5 feet. I have gotten to the point I don’t like hive stands over a 16” off the ground. More like a 12”.
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    Sticky: Re: staple gun for supers

    It’s easy to make one. Make a box that will fit easily inside a frame. When you go to make frames use a bungee cord to hold the ends in place. By wrapping around the box.
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    Sticky: Re: staple gun for supers

    Sure 2 will work fine. Harbor freight staple gun, with a coupon are around $20
  11. Re: Removing and then returning queen to stop swarm....

    Thoughts. Good queen but want to swarm. As you did pull her and brood. Let them raise a new queen. After she start to lay combine it back. New queen, brood break and you didn’t loose a queen. If you...
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    Re: Northern Indiana

    North west ohio we had a report of a hive with purple eye drones a couple days ago
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    Re: Questions Concerning Candy

    What fivej said. I bet you made them with to much wet. If you did a no heat one.
  14. Re: Another hobbyist building question, improved box-box sealing with silicone bead?

    All i see are headaches from the silicone. If any thing use some caulk on the end grain of the finger joints. And good glue when you make them.
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    Re: What size jars of honey sell most?

    It depends on the market. Whole sale pints for me. Out of the house qts. At shows every thing from 8 oz jars to qts. I manly do glass. But when customers as for something you need to be able to...
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    Re: Lifting hives into a truck

    A strong lift here. But with two but people, with my home pallbearer style mover. Two 2x4s clamping the bottom box’s. With a ratchet strap holding it together.
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    Re: Cut Out Question From a Noob

    It would have been nice if he had head you some more photos. I like a couple more far away from where the entrance is. From this one photo it doesn’t give enough info as it is.
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    Re: "Camoflage" hive bodies, ideas?

    I a lot of time paint boxes in brown and green tones. A privacy fence worked to shield the hives.
  19. Re: Double nuc entrance locations? One on either side, or opposite entrances?

    I started to make split bottom boards. I use Plumler tape to hold them on to the bottom deep box. That way I can have both worlds.
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    Re: Electric Leaf Blower

    Not a problem. The only time the wife gets in trouble is. When she wants to mow one small square. Instead of doing a circle and letting them settling down.
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    Re: Moving hives

    Never had a problem with angry bees at lights. At night they will stay in. But then I am moving on country roads. No traffic lights 😁😁
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    Re: Moving hives

    Commercial beekeepers do not screen the front of hives. The only time I have is when I did cut outs with my van. Ratchet strap them up so they don’t come apart. Load after dark, and go. Strap them...
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    Re: Good source for #10 hardware cloth?

    Some of the ace hardware have it
  24. Re: finding efficiency with nuc sales; specifically transportation/boxes?

    First i only do about 30 nucs. I Have made up nuc boxes out of plywood and solid wood. When they pick up their nuc. I get a $25 deposit check for the box. When they drop it back off I tear the check...
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    Re: What to use to get the natural wood look

    Hockey fan you by chance a gun builder? I iron way is one of the old timer stain stocks. With some heat.
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