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    Re: Trapping out a new swarm?

    I have heard that a repellant like Bee Go can work if there isn' t much brood.
    The trick is to get it inside the cavity behind the bees.
    LGO or Swarm Commander on the trap?
  2. Re: Queen confinement cage for varroa controlling brood break

    No,I never did.
    Shipping from Italy was expensive and I tried to drum up interest from local groups to order more units but no interest.
    10 pieces at 34.00 plus 30.00 shipping to CT put the price...
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    Re: Feral Bees?

    There was a guy on YouTube who put his traps up wind of existing hives.
    The thinking being that the wind would carry the scent of the lure towards the bees.
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    Re: Varroa shaker

    The single ball jar with mesh was used with confectioners sugar and it was found that when the jar was inverted,some mites were trapped in the mass of bees so you did not get an accurate...
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    Re: Building Hive Bodies Video

    Personally I prefer staples but this is (almost) permanently attached to my cordless drill.
    Pilot hole ,countersink and screwdriver bit in one tool.
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    Re: Moved my hive. OOPS?

    Avg.Q lays about 1500 eggs/day so a one time loss of an additional 100 bees is a sad sight but has no effect on the colony.
  7. Re: My new favorite hive tool, thanks Kaman.

    To be honest I don't know.
    I have attended almost every EAS meeting over the last 20 yrs and I would always stop at the Walter Kelly booth in the vendors area to chat with Earl.I swear he remembered...
  8. Re: My new favorite hive tool, thanks Kaman.

    This design was developed by Kent Williams in KY in concert with Walter Kelly.
    As you may note,this is not a cheap
    chinese import but a quality tool....
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    Re: Splits -why not move queen?

    Yes, but.............
    Sometimes you can't find the Q.
    Sometimes you don't have the time to find the Q.
    Some times looking for the Q PO's the bees and you start taking stings.
    Sometimes you get...
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    Re: Cork pushed into cage

    A 3 hole wooden Q cage has 2 corks,one covering the hole stuffed with candy and one filling the hole used to insert the Q.If you also removed the candy cork,things should be fine.Either way I would...
  11. Re: Foundationless comb advice needed please.

    In my swarm traps I have 2 layers of medium frames with an empty space underneath.Top layer is one comb and 5 foundation and next layer is foundationless.I try to relocate the swarm to standard...
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    Re: Stump being ground near hive soon

    Cover the hive with a wet white sheet.
    Not only will it confine the bees,it will keep dust from the hive.
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    Re: Rendering beeswax

    Solar melter over paper towels!!!
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    Re: Free Honey Supers

    When in doubt,cut it out.
    Put in new foundation.
    The boxes and frames were still free.
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    Re: Reversals then cold weather

    When I reversed this year,I left the 1 1/2 pink foam winter insulation on for that reason.The Q moved right up,even with freezing temps.The heat from the cluster below was trapped against the...
  16. Re: Northeastern/Mid-Western Weather roller-coaster 2020.

    Jimbo,every colony has a 1 gal frame feeder all year.

    Clyderoad, quite the opposite.The bees got ahead of me! Red maple bloom came 2-3 wks early and the (Russian based ) bees took off.The hives...
  17. Re: 2020 EFB - This year I can smell the foulbrood.

    I f you have a VFD from a vet ,ask the vet where to get it locally.OTC or Terramycine is sold at farm supply stores and pet supply stores.
    Do you have a Tractor Supply or a Petco nearby?
  18. Re: 2020 EFB - This year I can smell the foulbrood.

    It takes a sensitive nose.
    We had Randy O for a club meeting a while back,opened some hives and on one, as soon as he popped the top, he said he smelled EFB.
    Most in the crowd could not smell...
  19. Re: Top Shim, sugur blocks and drone comb?

    I'm in CT also and I try to remove the shims on red maple bloom when egg laying starts to ramp up.Of course I miss a few and have to scrape some comb but I scrape all the top bars then anyway.

  20. Re: Splitting a Mean Angry Queenless Again hive

    5j mentions a push in cage which can work well if seated against plastic foundation.
    However,I use wax foundation and have had Qs killed by bees that dig in from the sides.

    Another option that I...
  21. Re: Northeastern/Mid-Western Weather roller-coaster 2020.

    Feeding went as planned.Escapes have been removed and are on the last yard.Where before, brood frames were totally dry,now upper corners have triangles of syrup.

    I was forced to make a decision.I...
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    Re: Caught my first swarm today

    Enjoy the good feeling now while you can.
    After a while you realize:
    Many swarms you will never find.
    Of those you find,many are out of reach.
    Your wife calls when you're at work and you come...
  23. Re: What is this problem? uncapped larvae

    " Bait hive next to queen cell divide next to each other. "
    Don't really understand what you are saying here.I'm a little slow this morning.
    Mite load?? PMS has some funky symptoms.
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    Re: Another russian bee post

    Kirk Webster is not too far from you and his bees are also Russian based but his Qs are hard to come by.I'm sure his TF beekeeping is helped by the Rus traits along with his management style.
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    Re: Another russian bee post

    I second Bronco's comments.My bees are Russian based but I raise my own Qs.Every year I bring in a couple of RHBA Qs,most recently from Dan Conlon,Warm Colors Apiary,S Deerfield MA.Bob Brachman,Cold...
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