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    Re: Mounting an Extractor

    Extractors mounted on castors do not go anywhere, unless your floor is very badly out of level. It will make a very small (1/2") circle. Kinda like it is doing the hula.

    I wouldn't have mine any...
  2. Re: Preventing an extractor from walking?

    I just went to Home Depot and purchased the 2 1/2 in hard castors. They have a 132lb capacity. That is per castor, so you shouldn't be exceeding the weight limit with 3 castors even with your 18/22...
  3. Re: Neighbor being bothered by my new bees

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    Re: It's a Bacon Movie

    Iron Bacon
    Iron Bacon 2
    Hunger Bacon or Bacon Games
    The Bacon Identity
    The Bacon Supremacy
    The Bacon Ultimatum
    and the just released... The Bacon Legacy

    LOL, Sqkcrk, your so crazy!!!! Love...
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    Re: Costco Honey

    Deknow, I second the props for reading the article for content as well. I was duped by the fancy talk and innuendos that they were selling 100% US Honey and that it was not ultrafiltered/strained. ...
  6. Re: Neighbor being bothered by my new bees

    Ed, thank you.

    Bannon, as they say... Show em the money, err honey!!! They will be your best friends for life and probably never, ever, have an ill thing to say about the bees. ;)

    An old...
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    Re: Costco Honey

    Hats off Costco! Nice job!!!

    I think it is terrible how much honey we import from out side this country.
  8. Re: Neighbor being bothered by my new bees

    Seriously, I have to go with Dan (aka KQ6AR) and Joseph on this one... There is no way your bees are being aggressive that far from the hive. Even if provoked that far away they would simply leave...
  9. Re: New hive from bees in concrete wall

    Definitly need more information...

    Sounds like from what you describe, they were trying to find their queen.

    How did you end up with two boxes??? Did you just have enough bees for two...
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    Re: Storing supers.

    I believe this is the thread to which snl is referring:

    And I too agree, use BT and put them wherever you want...
  11. Re: Thinking of raising my own replacement queen - will this work?


    You took the words right out of my mouth. I was replying when I refreshed and saw your similar reply. LOL. :D

    71Corvette, as Rod so well points out, the issue in not in the hive...
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    Re: Smart Guards

    It is just the opposite for me. When I go out in plain clothes, they could care less that I am there. No matter what color I am wearing. But as soon as I put on the veil, they are on me.
  13. Re: Extermination vs. Structural Removal

    Seems to be the standard answer given by exterminators around here too. Sure is good for the beekeepers that do cut outs though...

    Most of the beeks in our area that do cutouts, only do the...
  14. Re: I SPLIT on June 24th Please advise


    Awesome update!!! Like you I have always wondered how the queens find the DCA. Especially when you consider that she will fly up to 12 miles (so I have read in some books) to find them....
  15. Re: Preventing an extractor from walking?


    I am jealous, yours looks better than mine. LOL :) Nice cutout for the honey gate, love it! Also, great idea on the added height, I may have to take mine and modify it to match yours...
  16. Re: Preventing an extractor from walking?

    Speaking of cleaning the extractor... Does anyone let the bees lick it clean?

    I tried it and it took about 1 day, they had all the honey cleaned off of it. Tomorrow I will wash it with the...
  17. Re: Preventing an extractor from walking?

    OK, so I just got done on Sunday extracting 70 frames. This setup with three wheels works like a charm!!! The weight was perfect for tilting and everything. I did put a small concrete block on the...
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    Re: Hello from Texas Gulf Coast!

    Very normal. Just because one side of the frame has one thing doesn't mean the other side will too... The only thing certian about the bees is that they will do things their own way. :)
  19. Re: Robbing video, please review and suggest.

    Based on what I am seeing, I am going to say "no" to robbing. There doesn't appear to be any fighting at the entrance and even though you have the reducer moved back, it still looks tight enought to...
  20. Re: I SPLIT on June 24th Please advise

    If I might offer some suggestions and possible issues that have occured...

    Not exactly sure what you meant by this statement, but I can guees it involved twisting, turning and otherwise handling...
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    Re: old frames after extraction?

    I agree with Honeypeach. If you are sure the equipment is disease-free.

    Uncap, extract and let the bees clean up those supers. Either put them back on top of the hives (after you put your bees...
  22. Re: Largest swarm ever! Wednesday June 27th.

    :scratch: What... No pictures????? :)

    Congratulations sounds like an easy one!

    My big swarm of the year had been doused with a fire extinguisher before I went to get them. :no: They were...
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    Re: Hello from Texas Gulf Coast!

    Hey Susan,

    Sorry to hear about your experience with your club, most beekeeping clubs and beekeepers in general are very friendly and always willing to give advice and even lend a helping hand. It...
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    Re: Need help


    Are all your boxes the same size? If so, try moving some of the frames with only honey up into the 3rd box and move the frames they have started to draw down into the lower boxes. Use...
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    Re: Cheap Feeder

    Sounds similar to the idea behind a top feeder.

    I would think that the big issue with putting it on the top bars and allowing them an entire box without a divider (inner cover) would be the bees...
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