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  1. Re: have folks found that resource hives only draw worker comb?

    Bees establishing a colony such as a new nucleus colony are not rich enough to waste resources on reproductive activity and raising drones is just that. Nothing is always but for the most part, good...
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    Re: New hive question

    The bees will be agitated after the move. That will be completely forgotten in three days. If you can wait that long, I would. Then smoke the bees and start pulling frames from the outside...
  3. Re: Buckfast (or bees in general) Syrup Consumption

    Your detailed inspections early in the colonies development OFTEN results in the death of the queen, either from novice frame handling or the bees themselves blaming the still stranger queen for all...
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    Re: Comb drawn perpendicular to foundation?

    Were your foundation frames pushed tight together? Spacing frames out tends to make this worse. Some colonies are worse doing this than others. When you find it, immediately fix it is usually the...
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    Re: Rendering beeswax

    I finally got over my vats of melting wax and use cast off microwaves and thrift shop microwave safe containers. Makes life so much simpler. Then I pour thru nylon tricot to filter. Keep your...
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    Re: "murder hornet" vs. Flow hive

    Life in the Homogenocene when flora and fauna from around the world are all mixed and matched! It will be hard to wipe them out but I think -30F will give them something to think about in my...
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    Re: Jars Made in China

    I am buying nothing Chinee
  8. Re: How long does it take bees to convert nectar into capped honey?

    Lots of variables there. Bee population, amount of nectar source, percentage of saturated sugar in that source, distance from source to hive, and favorable wind and weather are the main factors. ...
  9. Re: Two new hives, when to add super or 2nd box or one of each?

    New toy has lasted close to sixty years for me now. Other than ruining carpets tracking beeswax in the house and ruining various pots and appliances it has went well. It caused no small children to...
  10. Re: Two new hives, when to add super or 2nd box or one of each?

    No ill feelings when I say KISS. The new toy feeling clouds good judgement at least for people like me! What is the local wisdom on hive configuration? Do people run two brood boxes? Even if they...
  11. Re: Honey supers (the girls arenít interested)

    What you are describing is a recipe for swarming! The bees do not recognize the foundation above the excluder as having anything to do with them. I always move a frame of wet brood that I have...
  12. Re: When, if, and how to spring rotate deep boxes

    I am really slow to reverse boxes. Heat rises and bees by nature like to expand down into an empty space. Then wintering brood nests are often straddling the two boxes and one never benefits from...
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    Re: Exclusive use of top entrances?

    The imagined problem will solve itself. If the bottom entrance is open and unblocked by dead bees, it will gain a following. That said, lots of advantages to mid level entrances. Bear in mind the...
  14. Re: Removing and then returning queen to stop swarm....

    Look up taranov swarming and do it. It will save your colonies from swarming. After the artificially swarmed colony has a verified laying fertile queen, you have to wait until brood is capped when...
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    Re: Front Range roller coaster - 2020

    Just talked to a friend in Unity SK and he says they have two feet of fresh snow on the ground! We are sending warm air north looking at the weather map and we have mid sixties forecast this next...
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    Re: Feeding-When to stop??

    Feeding if you can get sugar right now should depend on your reason for doing it. If you are feeding to stimulate colony growth, stop when bees are working on the outermost frames. Bees will...
  17. Thread: Dirty Sugar

    by Vance G

    Re: Dirty Sugar

    Feed it in baggies on the top bars. It is a better way to go than boardmans anyway.
  18. Thread: apivar strips

    by Vance G

    Re: apivar strips

    You put the strips in for 42 days and the object is for them to be on brood frames. At the end of 42 days the time release is used up. Using them for honey after that is legal but I avoid...
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    Re: Double screen board requeening method

    My way of doing the same approximate thing. I find the queen and move the frame she is on and a couple more frames of mixed brood into a hive body and surround those frames with drawn frames or...
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    Re: Bees clustering under roof of Warre hive

    I assume you have just wood in your warre and no comb. Try finding someone to sell or give you some comb to get the bees in the proper place. Langstroth equipment is just not that expensive and so...
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    Re: Wax moth larva mystery

    I do not know about DF but the zentari strain BT works for me. Nothing scientific required. I add a heaping teaspoon full to a luke warm gallon of water and shake it up. I set the spray bottle to...
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    Re: 2020 How was your winter?

    Was might imply past tence! I am looking out the window at swirling blowing knee deep snow and forecast of -15! Glad my bees are still snugly wrapped and have MC sugar and pollen patties onboard.
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    Re: Front Range roller coaster - 2020

    We were at 57f last week and headed to -15f on Saturday and back up to 40f on next Wednesday. Does that qualify for a roller coaster?
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    Re: De crystaliazing honey

    If honey is in jars, seal the lids and put them in your dishwasher for a cycle or two.
  25. Re: I'm convinced that OAV is a cure-all for mites.

    Let us hope that our back to back to back use of oxalic does not breed a better mite like all the other treatments seem to have resulted in.
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