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  1. Re: Nicot Laying Cage - complete success !!

    Final update on this topic - the first virgin (of about 40) emerged within the incubator this evening at around 8 p.m. The 'due day' for emergence was calculated as tomorrow, so just a few hours...
  2. Re: Bees remove drawn out comb to foundation

    I see comb taken back to the mid-rib when either the comb has sustained wax-moth damage, or in order to remove dried-out and hardened pollen. In your photo, neither of these appears to be the case....
  3. Re: Subspecies identification by color pattern

    Colouration matters for those who breed specific sub-species of bee: those people who are trying to preserve particular behavioural characteristics - some of which vary significantly. It can also...
  4. Re: Is capped sugar syrup useful to a hive?

    If it wasn't for capped sugar syrup I wouldn't be able to keep bees in this locality.
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    Re: Testing a hive for defensiveness

    Closing-up a handful of hives during the night and opening them one at a time in the morning - more-or-less as Kilocharlie has just described - is a method I've used in the past for identifying which...
  6. Re: Subspecies identification by color pattern

    That picture could easily have been taken within my yard ...

    I have a few hives of pure (ex Slovenia) and F1 Carnies, where ginger/orange banding is completely absent, and a few hives of...
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    Re: Balled after Painted

    I used to think balling after marking was down to the paint smell (it undoubtedly still does play some part), but on one or two occasions when I've removed a queen in order to shake bees out from a...
  8. Re: Beeproof top bar hive screened bottom, not so much

    Have you looked at using door or window screen - the sort of stuff used to keep flying insects out of the house ? I've seen adverts for such material made from woven fibreglass (and then presumably...
  9. Re: I need to catch up quickly on my knowledge and skills....

    Wow - that was quick - a Speed of Light job :)

    BTW - he's in Ontario, Canada.

  10. Re: I need to catch up quickly on my knowledge and skills....

    It's do-able, but not advisable. Two hives is generally considered the safe minimum (so that one can support the other if either should run into trouble), but an extra nuc (nucleus hive = baby hive)...
  11. Re: Beeproof top bar hive screened bottom, not so much

    My guess is that it's the ability of the bees to get their mandibles around the mesh fibres which is the ultimate cause of plastic mesh destruction.

    One example is shown...
  12. Re: Emergency Queen Cells from Mini Mating Nucs

    Agreed - but it's not just swarm cells which are wasted. Recently, a guy posted on here who had killed both of his 'hot' queens (because he'd been advised to by some internet source) BEFORE raising...
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    Re: Egg eating bees

    Sure - I'm on your side ... This really is a curious one, and anything's worth trying. I agree with your thinking - it may just work and can't do any harm.

    I've done a quick Google, and it...
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    Re: Egg eating bees

    This doesn't make a whole lot of sense (to me), because if the colony was short of protein, then you'd think that the queen wouldn't be laying eggs in the first place ... But yes - why not ? - try a...
  15. Re: Beeproof top bar hive screened bottom, not so much

    The ideal material I believe in your country is called "No.8 Hardware Cloth".

    One good (and cheap) source of mesh can be old fireguards at Bring and Buy sales - but they usually do need a few...
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    Re: Horrible mating numbers

    For others - I can't emphasise enough the importance of anti-robbing screens, especially when working with nucs in a single-yard apiary. This is a shot of robber-scouts trying to gain access to a...
  17. Re: Retired veterinarian bees have no nectar sourcears

    Dogmech - as a vet, you'll be familiar of course with the concept of a Basal Metabolic Rate - and for all intents and purposes, a honeybee colony can be considered to have the same. So - if you were...
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    Re: a scientific look at 'mite bombs'

    A "scientific look" - or a suggested semantic fudge - to put the blame for mite re-infestation elsewhere than on the presence of a terminally infested hive ? Robbing in an innate component of bee...
  19. Re: Beginner Queen Rearing using the Joseph Clemens Starter/Finisher

    Just sticking my oar in on this thread to say a few things - firstly, imo it's one of the most valuable threads on the forum and I'm surprised that it hasn't yet been made a 'sticky'.

  20. Re: Beginner Queen Rearing using the Joseph Clemens Starter/Finisher

    Quite right - or even more than two ...

    Laidlaw writes (about a guy who operated a 3-day cycle):

    The guy being referred to was using several (!) 15-frame boxes inside a custom-made building...
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    Re: Bee carrying another bee away

    That's a classic example of an 'undertaker bee' in action - the bee being carried away would have been dead. It can look like wresting, but it's just the undertaker bee trying to get a good grip....
  22. Re: Nicot Laying Cage - complete success !!

    I'm sure genetics IS important - but I seem to remember someone with a good reputation within the beekeeping world saying something like: "a well-fed queen of poor genetics is better than a...
  23. Re: Nicot Laying Cage - complete success !!

    Bearing in mind that some of these larvae are going to become queens and not just bog-standard workers - I'd be very worried that their development would be seriously affected by even a brief period...
  24. Re: Nicot Laying Cage - complete success !!

    Hi Terence - I think this workaround is certainly worth trying if egg removal is the presenting problem, and if you should decide to try it I'd be most interested to hear how you got on.

    I agree...
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    Re: Drawing comb in super

    Suggest you put one or two already drawn combs near the centre of the box to act as a 'ladder' - once the bees have easy access to the top of the box, then they'll happily draw comb downwards from...
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