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    Re: Ticks!!!

    I use permethrin spray for our clothing and shoes. Almost everyone I know has had tick bites and more than 50% of them have developed Lyme disease or babesiosis. My son's and husband's pants, socks,...
  2. Re: Pic of Freshly Mated Queen with Endophallus

    Very fun, thanks for sharing.
  3. Re: Got a question that may sound crazy

    Dave, I would suggest that you read a few books on beekeeping: "The Beekeeper's Handbook" by Sammataro is a good one and what our club uses for our short-course. Find a local organization of...
  4. Re: Drawn comb for honey supers - OK to use brood comb?

    This is an informative series (this is the first out of three installments) you may find interesting. To find the others, just Google "Honey from Hive to Jar and Wally Shaw):...
  5. Re: Emerged Queen Chewing Remaining Queen Cells in Hive

    Making a beeline refers to using the method of beelining to locate wild colonies. Thomas Seeley has a new book on the subject. Here's a...
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    Re: two queens -- will this work?

    I've tried the vertical system and find it very unwieldy. But I plan to try the horizontal system with one colony this spring. As mentioned in this very useful article, such systems are ideal for...
  7. Re: Waxed foundation or unwaxed (and add my own)?

    If you only have a few frames to wax, the easiest way is by having the wax in a form you can hold and softening the end of the wax with a hairdryer (what I've used in the past). Here's a good video...
  8. Re: Paying members of the beekeeping club to give program foe meeting

    Agree, 100%. We try to field the standard beginner questions/problems with "round table" discussions early in the season. But really, a lot of reading is needed to expand your knowledge anyway. Once...
  9. Re: Paying members of the beekeeping club to give program foe meeting

    Our club is run by volunteers. We have a small annual fee per family (less than $20) for people to join and once someone has joined, they are added to the membership email list. However, ANYONE is...
  10. Re: Updates on using oxalic acid w/shop towels

    I tried the towels on 3 swarms I kept and wanted to experiment with. A month after the towels were removed, the mite count was 46/300 bees, before that the mite count was around 8. I treated...
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    Re: Looking for BeeBee tree seed

    I had heard about the Bee Bee tree a few years ago but held off planting any until I heard a more definitive answer regarding its propensity to invade. Unfortunately, it was just as I expected:...
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    Re: BeeCam 2018 is Live!!!!

    This is fantastic as all the other bee cams I like to visit are down. Thanks for doing this!
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    Re: Thermal pics of hives

    Two dead ones and two live ones with the clusters at the very top? Am I reading these correctly?
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    Re: Forage Question for South East

    This is a great book that highlights the most valuable nectar sources for bees:
    The ones I can think of off the top of my head are Figwort,...
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    Re: 2018 drawing super plan

    To add wax to plastic foundation, just use a brick of beeswax and a hairdryer--heat up the brick and rub the softened wax over the cells. Easy and no melted wax mess.

    I haven't found that the...
  16. Re: Has anyone used these for mason jar feeding?

    Thanks for posting this, it's exactly what I wanted my husband to make for my queen castle. Just ordered them to save us time and aggravation.
  17. Re: Watch this brave man remove a terrifying nest of thousands of hornets

    :eek: That is terrifying and immensely impressive.
    I picked up a European Hornet while wearing a nitrile glove (have absolutely no idea what possessed me) and paid the price with a claw for a hand...
  18. Re: What to do with uncapped honey and sugar water?

    Bees only heat the cluster, not the entire hive. If I had extra frames of food available, then I would give it to them.
  19. Re: How can I make a double queen hive with one hive?

    I tried a vertical two-queen system for 2 of my colonies this past year (so 4 queens). A populous colony helps with brood care.

    My arrangement was as follows: deep with queen, excluder, 2-3 drawn...
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    Re: Spontaneous Combustion

    Is this your first year?

    As stated above: brood comb darkens over time. And mites likely killed the bees or the bees absconded because of the mites.
    You should read some books such as The...
  21. Re: Our most expensive Hive! What a experience!

    I'm not far from you, starting adding the candy boards yesterday. Great job getting the bees, I hope they do well for you.
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    Re: Black balls on excluder

    Thanks Bill, I found it after I posted, it was the Beetle Baffle I was thinking of. Hadn't heard of the Neverwet approach, I'll check it out.
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    Re: Black balls on excluder

    The CD traps never worked for me. I inherited a nuc that came from a colony that had thousands of SHB which the parent colony seemed oblivious to. To get rid of the beetles I tried all the beetle...
  24. Re: Just did my last hive check of the year and low and behold varroa mites

    Did you do an alcohol or sugar roll? Good luck, hope they make it. My one test hive was down to a a cup and a half of bees. Added them to one doing well.
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    Re: Black balls on excluder

    Can you dig a few out and look at them with a magnifying glass? Or take a picture with your smartphone (if you have one) and zoom in? From some angles they look like SHB but other ones look much...
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