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  1. Re: Laying worker and queen in the same hive

    If you have a layig queen and open brood you won’t have a layng worker problem but every colony has a few laying workers.
  2. She is constantly changing. First she will...

    She is constantly changing. First she will harden for several days and grow a little. Then she will mate and filling her spermatheca makes her significantly larger. Then she starts laying and this...
  3. If you want to minimize the loss of field bees to...

    If you want to minimize the loss of field bees to other hives, take the cover off before for 20 or 30 minutes before you close it up. Returning field bees will stay home.
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    I would use it for one season. Next year I would...

    I would use it for one season. Next year I would start with fresh pheromones.
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    You can leave it in.

    You can leave it in.
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    Re: Wax Moths and wood ash

    Wax moths go through their entire life cycle in the hive, so ashes on the ground will make no difference. Small hive beetles pupate in the ground, so it might, though I doubt it. They are VERY...
  7. Re: Relocating a new Split back next to parent hive

    Any bees that were going to drift back to the original already have. You were less than 2 miles...

    How to move a hive 100 yds or less:
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    Re: Ever tried bergamot or bee balm

    Bee Balm has a lot of the constituents of Nasonov pheromone.
  9. Re: Has anyone heard of adding foos coloring/dye to sugar water?

    I've never done it, but I think it is an interesting experiment to see where the bees put the syrup and if it gets moved around and to where.
  10. Re: Does the queen run from sunlight, wind etc when you open top of hive?

    Queens tend to avoid light, but not enough to run to the bottom and as little_john says, they are not all alike in the amount of distaste they have for the light. Some are constantly running to the...
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    Re: Splitting a Top-bar hive

    Harvest and put some of the empty bars in the middle of the brood nest.
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    Re: 2 frame mini nuc split

    >So if you had a two frame nuc, say, and plenty of returning foragers and a good flow is on, how many nurse bees can make a well fed QC, in your opinion/experience?

    Yes. If you have a well...
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    Re: 1: 1 sugar syrup recipe?

    A heaping tablespoon of Ascorbic acid in five gallons of 5:3 will keep it from turning bad and won't disrupt the microbes, attract a robbing frenzy with the smell, and it's actually good for the...
  14. Re: According To This, I've Done Everything Wrong, & My Plans Are Not Good

    If you look it it statistically you want five or more hives to have a really good chance of always having a surviving hive. Your odds fall a lot below that and no matter how many you have after that...
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    In four days if there are no eggs you don’t have...

    In four days if there are no eggs you don’t have a queen laying. If you see queen cells you probably don’t have a queen.
  16. Re: When should I be concerned with Queen Inbreeding:

    When you see shotgun brood you probably have an inbreeding prolem.
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    Re: Bee math help

    I would give them a frame of open brood as insurance.
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    Re: What causes burr comb

    Some of it is genetics. Some of it is spacing. Frames should be tight together in the middle.
  19. Re: Persistent supersedure attempt against a great queen.

    I’ve been in a similar position. I pulled her out and put her in a nuc. She stopped laying shortly after. Turns out the bees were right a dI was wrong.
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    Re: 2 frame mini nuc split

    >...would they be able to make a good productive queen?

    No. They need bees and resources to make a well fed queen.
  21. Re: something odd I noticed about my bees being aggressive - question

    >“...the offending bee...”

    That’s just one rouge guard bee. That is not an agressive colony...
  22. Re: Things I heard at s bee meeting about plants

    Sunflowers make some nectar. But often something else makes more. I see my bees workig a lot of things just yards from the hives. Sweet clover is a very big nectar producer.
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    Re: Queen handling and egg laying

    You mean like marking her? No.
  24. Re: Placement of cells into queenless colonies

    It depends how dense the bees are. If there are not many bees in the super, I would put it lower down where there are more bees. If the super is pretty full of bees, it works.
  25. Re: Collecting Honey directly from the field

    I like the tent. I could uncap with a knife about ten times that fast, at least...
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