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    Re: Mini Mating Nucs

    Totally cool idea, Can you send me the files? Id like to try and print me a few. Email is tullostech at gmail .

  2. Re: Anyone ever have problems with foxes and your hives?

    We've had foxes on our land longer than I've had bees, but I've never had a problem with them.
  3. Re: Make your own instrumental insemination equipment

    I know this is an old thread, but I would love to see what you came up with. I'm looking into doing something similar.

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    Re: Three more months

    I just started feeding pollen sub today and I have been feeding sugar water due to the poor fall flow last year. How do you know went to start your graphs? Is it because the pollen sub bees will...
  5. can I use the brown wax from brood frames to coat plastic foundation?

    I have just a single block of capping wax, but I have many blocks of brood wax. Can I use the brown wax to coat plastic foundation? Will it work as well as the capping wax? The brood wax doesnt...
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    Re: Mystery Lady

    that looks like a virgin queen to me.
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    Re: Queen piping and virgin swarm

    I'm in a very similar situation. I have several capture virgin queens in various nuc boxes because I put cages over the QCs. I think I'm going to break out the mini-mating nucs and see if they will...
  8. small hive beetles larva infestati- they got me again. Did they come with the cutout?

    Last year I have a SHB problem and lost many hives. This year I added beetle blockers and I'm keep the hives strong. I like to think I've learned from my mistakes last year. This has been my first...
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    Re: Mann Lake supers 6.95 each

    I was hoping there would be a memorial day special this weekend at mannlake because i'm already running low on boxes again. I have the tools, but I dont really want to spend the time if I can get...
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    do queens ever jump hives?

    I had a queen with a very poor laying pattern and extremely week hive all year. I've tried hard to help boost that hive. I've honestly tried too hard and I should have shut her down a month ago. ...
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    Re: When to add 2nd brood box after split?

    I make sure there are enough bees to protect the new area for adding a second full box. I will sometimes only put a few new frames up top in the new box if the need a little space to grow. You have...
  12. Re: Swarm from last week with odd behavior - video inside

    try again, sometimes it takes youtube a while to process a video after its been uploaded.
  13. Swarm from last week with odd behavior - video inside

    The act like they have an orientation flight every evening, but they shouldnt have any new bees since it was a new swarm.

    Whats happening here?
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    Re: Wally you're a **** fool!

    crank the AC down to freezing and life is good.
  15. Re: Need to kill off a hive..what can I do it with?

    I picked a swarm that was super mean, but now that the queen is gone they have calmed down. Could you requeen them? I would release them in the wild over killing them or give them to a local...
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    Re: bees and hawks

    There are birds of prey that that circle our house. I think its because all the birds in our yard. We have so many fat birds that hang out in a circle around my hives. Sometimes they wont even...
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    Re: Driving while Buzzzzed

    I had to do that one time and I turned the AC to ice cold and the bees didn't come out. It wasn't a fun ride home while freezing.
  18. Re: Best and worst bee gadgets, tools and equipment

    I have a short hive tool with a hook, I never use my other one now. The hook is great to pop up frames.
  19. Re: I have a mate queen from late in a nuc and I added a capped queen cell.

    The old queen is there and one capped QC is torn down. I caged the other capped queen cell to see if QC is still alive. If I don't want to pinch the old queen now that I might not have a...
  20. Re: I have a mate queen from late in a nuc and I added a capped queen cell.

    It was a field call, not claiming it was the correct choice. I'm about to check to see if the queen cell is still there.
  21. I have a mate queen from late in a nuc and I added a capped queen cell.

    I introduced two capped queen cells from another hive because a new queen hatched. The bees were in the process of killing the other capped queen cells so I grabbed the frame and placed placed it in...
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    Re: Shareing my Apiarie

    Treating and feeding
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    Re: Our queen is dead... now what?

    Bring a frame right away with eggs and they will make a queen since they don't have one.
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    Re: Mann Lake ProVent Jackets hoods awkward ?

    Im a minimalist in the summer due to the heat and humidity so my summer suit is just boots, running socks,bug net, and running shorts. I normally just smoke my hands and not the hive. The heat is...
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    Re: Mann Lake ProVent Jackets hoods awkward ?

    when i tried one on at mann lake i was told to keep my baseball hat on so the veil wouldnt hit my chin. I currently have the a cheap one off amazon that has a full brim hat built in, but its gets...
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