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    Re: How do you keep the Warre top from blowing off

    Mine has a heavy copper roof that would act similarly to placing a rock/brick on top of another hive.

    We recently had a windstorm that shredded the AstroTurf off of my back deck (was meaning to...
  2. Thread: stuck frames

    by Toddo

    Re: stuck frames

    If I understand the situation correctly, what you're saying is that your comb is not being drawn inside of frames, just top bars (as is typical for a Warre hive). So when they draw the comb, they...
  3. Re: Accidentally criss-crossed my bars with the new box

    I undersupered. This is my first hive so I guess it's a newbee mistake. I still feel pretty dumb about it. Anyway I turned things around quickly this morning, seems like no harm done. They haven't...
  4. Accidentally criss-crossed my bars with the new box

    So I just realized tonight that when I added a 3rd box a few days ago I accidentally put it on 90 degrees out of correct orientation, so that the top bars are criss-cross from the comb in the upper...
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    Re: Why didn't my bees go into the hive?

    I assumed they would be able to fly right over but maybe they would prefer to walk?
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    Re: Now we know the reason for colony colapse!!!

    Doesn't make any sense

    I suppose mass homosexuality could theoretically cause species decline by reducing reproduction numbers. But how would that work with bees?

    New queens go on nuptial...
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    Why didn't my bees go into the hive?

    I've got a new colony in a Warre hive. I was feeding them sugar water with this feeder. As you can see, it's lake-style and the bees access it on the sides.

    The hive seems to have been doing well,...
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    How do I order bees for 2017?

    Hey all,

    Early this year (May) when I was looking for bees I saw that everything was sold out.
    I don't want to be late to the party for 2017, so now I'm all ready to go. I've got a bee spot, a...
  9. Re: When is it too late in the year to start a colony?

    Thanks everyone, looks like I need to accelerate my backyard plans to make sure I'm ready to plop a hive in the corner! I'll try to nose around for a nuc or swarm, and the beekeeping club's next...
  10. Re: When is it too late in the year to start a colony?

    Everyone is sold out of packages for this year so I should probably suck it up, go slow, and be really ready for next year
    Or else get lucky with my local group (which I haven't met yet)
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    Re: Newbie wondering if my backyard is okay

    Hey Mariah, that's cool. I couldn't quite figure out what 162nd is unless it's a road in the very south part of town...?

    To the others, thanks for all your advice and recommendations. I will...
  12. When is it too late in the year to start a colony?


    Newbie here, doing a lot of research before I start beekeeping in my backyard. Seems like the right time to start was early spring, so I've told myself that I can spend this year getting my...
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    Newbie wondering if my backyard is okay

    Hi all,

    I'm researching possibly starting beekeeping next spring. We have just moved into a new home with a larger back yard and are eager to make the most of it. There's a lawn for the kids, then...
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    Thinking about starting beekeeping

    Hi all,

    As the subject suggests, I've been thinking of trying out beekeeping. I love bees and the idea of it all.

    As it happens, we have just moved into a new house with a larger back yard....
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