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  1. Re: Trials and tribulations of Queen-Rearing 2020

    A beek in NE OH here has found that his queenless cellbuilders often require 2 or even 3 introductions of grafts before they will start drawing them out. I have just had the same experience (did not...
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    Re: I may be looking for a virgin...

    I have heard piping in a mating nuc with an emerged virgin, couple days old, and a queen cell or 2. I think the virgins pipe. So... if true, the hive already swarmed, and has multiple queen cells,...
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    Re: Dadant depth frames

    I used 2 med boxes (1st version) and glued together for hive body.

    Got frames at 12.75" from Weller Bee Supply in Ohio, they have website but not free shipping. Something like $1.40 per.

  4. Re: There's a fine line between feast and famine in the Spring.

    I have seen twisted gray larvae that got chilled. If there is any hint of orange tint to the larvae, AND a spotty capped brood pattern, AND a solid egg laying pattern, then I have seen cases where...
  5. Re: removing nuisance bees from water source

    I'm not quite as nice if my bees get into my neighbor's pools, nice to the bees I mean... I say they should kill the bees. Those water foragers will not learn a new location. :(

    Then I step up...
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    Re: Looking for a swarm control plan

    Two components for me for swarm control:
    1. Selecting against bees that swarm despite good management (see #2 for that). I do not use those queens to replace the swarmed hive - I cull queen cells...
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    Re: 6 frames of brood

    That's great that you looked at their honey reserves. I take it that is the brood in the top box, and honey in the top box, of a 2-box Langstroth Deep setup?

    Keep in mind those 6 frames of brood...
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    Re: African genetics

    Wow. pjigar's Defcon 2 is my Defcon 4. ;) Nice to be where winter weeds out a lot of Africanized genes.... My understanding is that Africanized queens in a swarm can actually enter a European...
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    Re: Drone comb

    I label my drone frames, because they can't be used for a nuc for laying space with a new queen. Those are not useful as worker cells! But... for a full sized hive, they are fine as 1) expendable...
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    Re: Too much winter feed left, what to do?

    I have found that the bees can't draw out comb until after swarm season starts - I'm not sure if it is their instinct or it is the cooler night temps. So bees do not see an undrawn frame as "space"...
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    Re: OK.....ísplain This to Me

    I actually bring out warm water and put into a dog dish with stones/sticks for them... they like the water at the edges of the rocks etc on top of their hives too. Sometimes they take the water tho.
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    Re: Too much winter feed left, what to do?

    What a blessing, to have too much honey this time of year, in an area that knows what WINTER looks like. And it's still winter here in NE OH too.

    But that honey can be a curse too. those frames...
  13. Re: Overwintered nuc - definition is vague - advice requested.

    As long as that queen made it through the winter, her capped brood is in the for-sale box, and her foragers are in there - it is fair. A buyer should be able to see the quality of the brood produced...
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    Re: Horizontal Hives

    For long hive with frames construction, 2 things to take care with: what kind of above-hive cover you will use, and how much clearance there is below the frames (and above the frames).

    I measured...
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    Re: Horizontal Hives

    I have used long hives with and without frames (so top bar, in that case) in Northeast Ohio. A few stories at if you like...

    They can survive fine if the varroa mites are...
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    Re: Hive swarmed

    So, the ultimate question - how often to get into the brood nest, especially when collecting honey? ;) those supers are a pain to lug off. And what are ya looking for in there anyways?!!

    I don't...
  17. Re: Fed water droplets/ landing board- they went nuts

    Here is an article from Randy Oliver that describes itself as being about Nosema, but clearly makes the case that the symptom we link to Nosema, dysentery, is due to _excess_ water in the bees'...
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    Re: A VERY hot hive - what next?

    I have found that a hot hive, even hopelessly queenless, is not keen to accept a new queen.

    It is ideal to get another base, take one box and move to that new base, and find where the queen is....
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    Re: Winter mite treatment results puzzling

    Oh I'm going to get that one soon. I've caught up with the rest of the bee podcasts I subscribe too. ;) My take on neighbor's hives being a source of mites: I plan for it. If they are willing, I...
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    Re: RIP little bees...

    It's so frustrating when we do things we think are working... and the bees die anyways. It's not much solace to say "you're not alone".

    Keep in mind, it is possible to answer for yourself whether...
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    Re: New England beekeeper's winter journal

    For those in the north, if you do find a deadout - First I should say that you ought to bring your veil out when you go to check out your "deadout". That's a good surprise to find you were wrong, but...
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    Re: New England beekeeper's winter journal

    +2 to the observation that some hives just wait awhile before going out.... First fly day, 20 hives (of 26) were out. Hi of 45 after cold enough temps that the ground was frozen (top). Don't forget...
  23. Re: How many OAV treatments in winter can they tolerate?

    When I do OAV in non-flying weather (so, below 45, and cloudy, or below 40 and sunny), I can hear a "roar" during the treatment, and for about 20 min after. Then they behave like a non-bothered...
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    Re: Is the Bee-Space necessary ?

    I really want to give the bees foundationless frames in a super (I do box hives now) just for the very purpose of letting bees do what they want - draw comb.

    But that raised an interesting...
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    Re: Trouble w/double deep horizontal

    Sounds like the space between the top level and bottom level is less than bee space - so less than 3/8". Bees propolize gaps like that.

    The bees will keep propolizing the frames together......
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