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    Re: Started fogging today.

    This is an OLD thread. Ultimately Glock found that fogging with mineral oil did not save his hives and went to another product. Lately there has been some talk of fogging with oxalic acid, but I...
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    Re: stuck frames

    I'm not a Warre enthusiast but when everything is being stuck that thoroughly together, it suggests to me that your bee space is way off. Bees glue together everything that is too small and build...
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    Re: Alabama

    Walker County

    Sumac. Big time. I have a whole ridge of sumac, all kinds. Today I could hear the hum of the bees working those trees and every other bee seems to be loaded down...
  4. Re: Best way to treat new hives for mites??

    First step is to know how badly infested you are. If you are afraid of an alcohol wash, do a sugar shake. That's not nearly as accurate but it does not kill any bees. (If you don't know how, I...
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    Re: 100's of beetles

    I've had very good luck with IPM bottom boards Installed them a few years back and haven't seen a live one since.


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    Re: Southern Bees Up North

    While local bees are a good investment, thousands of packaged bees get sold every year and many a northern business has been launched with them. Years back when I lived in Colorado, my originals...
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    Re: Mites and or beetles above 8000'

    I used to keep bees in Florissant. They made a TON of honey for me. Lots of mites, tho. Don't rob them blind and they should do fine.

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    Re: Home Page Recent Threads Part

    If it's really not coming back, let me know so I can change my bookmark. No point in starting at a home page that has virtually nothing new on it at each visit. I guess I'll have to bookmark New...
  9. Re: Beekeeping ls like crack except you die from crack and stop spending money.

    Why I steadfastly refuse to join any club!

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    Re: Equipment supplier shipping rates

    Personally I've learned to make/scrounge most of my supplies for just this reason. They say necessity is the mother of invention and when it comes to keeping bees, I agree! My stuff isn't fancy or...
  11. Re: Annual re-queeners: How do you find your queens?

    If she got offed, the old queen would still be there. Instead the hive is queenless or making a new queen itself. This is not necessarily bad unless it was an especially unproductive old queen. If...
  12. Re: Annual re-queeners: How do you find your queens?

    No, but I do use a queen excluder beneath the top-most box and try to place the cell in that box just before it is due to hatch. On a 3-box hive, the queen doesn't even seem to know she is there...
  13. Re: Annual re-queeners: How do you find your queens?

    I should mention here that I have never had hundreds of hives. Two dozen is tops for me. But then, I'm just a hobbyist--an old one at that--and I just don't have the eyes for queen finding anymore....
  14. Re: Annual re-queeners: How do you find your queens?

    Virgins seem to have no trouble fitting through QEs. I don't know who the workers prefer but the new young queens seem to have no trouble offing the much bigger older queens. I often find the dead...
  15. Re: Annual re-queeners: How do you find your queens?

    The cell hatches without interference from the old queen. The virgin flies out and gets mated and replaces the old queen. Once in awhile the virgin doesn't come back from mating, so then I have to...
  16. Re: Annual re-queeners: How do you find your queens?

    Lordy, but you guys are funny!

    Personally I never look for the old queen. To requeen, I make sure I have a QE in place under the top-most box, then I add a queen cell to that top box and let...
  17. Re: Heres a newbee question about bottom boards..

    If you opt on making your own, here's my version (free, of course):

    Rusty's IPM Bottom Board

    I've been using them since 2013 and still really like the results.


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    Re: purpose of a screened bottom board.

    I use an IPM bottom board that that I designed. It consists of a screen over a compartment. The compartment holds a tray that holds oil or DE. It is completely enclosed like a solid bottom board...
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    Re: Does these bees look small to you?

    New young bees always look smaller to me than overwintered bees. Don't know if they really are, or if it is an optical illusion.


  20. Re: Help discerning if we should take the plunge

    Nobody is ever "ready". I've been at this for more than 25 years and I'm STILL not "ready". I learn something new or find I have another question almost every day. That's what keeps this...
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    Re: Sick Bees Need Help

    Unfortunately the time to help a weak hive is long past. Now about all you can do is hope.

    Hope they make it for you!

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    Re: Sick Bees Need Help

    FWTW: I have not fed Fumagilin B in years. I know it was once the fashion to feed it routinely, but I never have and have never noticed a problem from not feeding it. In the late fall all I do is...
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    Re: thinking of selling out

    I've been keeping bees since '91. I've quit a number of times and several times hurricanes quit for me. But eventually I always get back in. It's an addiction. If you find the cure, let me know....
  24. Re: Oxalic Acid Dribbling (OAD) - Side Efects

    All beekeeping is local, that's for sure. :D Please don't mind but I have a quote from someone more local to our side of the ocean:

    It was after reading this that last August I undertook my...
  25. Re: Oxalic Acid Dribbling (OAD) - Side Efects

    Sorry, but my experience with OAD is nothing like this. I treat once in the spring and once around December 1. On both occasions my after-testing shows 1-2 mites at most. Last year I also did a...
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