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  1. Re: Carniolans - suitable starter bee for a new beek?

    I get most of my bees from catching swarms, and there are darker bees,and behave as carnis are described. I like them a lot more than italians mostly due to their frugal use of food reserves, and...
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    Re: Honey Container Prices

    When making the decision what to use for containers this year I did a little research. I chose glass because glass jars can be turned back into glass glass jars. A key component of making glass...
  3. Re: Problems keeping city bees...some thoughts from a *rural* (newbie) beek...

    A 6 foot privacy fence takes care of most flying issues. It took my neighbors 3 years to figure out I had bees. A jar of honey usually solves any issues with neighbors as well. Swarms happen. I catch...
  4. Same business name, next state over

    So, I wanted to see what was up with my outdated Facebook page, I googled it as opposed to going through facebook, and found out there is another "Cree's Bees". Their fb is much more active than...
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    wind break

    Hey yall. I am trying to think of things I could plant that would eventually be a wind break, and benefit the bees. Anybody got any ideas?
  6. Re: Hobby Beekeeping increasing in popularity

    I think getting into beekeeping has soared in popularity. STAYING in beekeeping, is a whole different thing. There is always a fresh crop of new beekeepers who are really excited at first. Most of...
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    Re: Apiary Names

    I have Cree's Bees. My last name is Cree. It rhymes, and people can remember stuff like that.
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    Re: Breeding Stock, Help

    Go to a local bee meeting and see what those folks are running. You will get many different answers, but that's just how things go. You might even find someone locally raising queens, or there might...
  9. Re: How many beeks on here are under 25 yrs old?

    I am 18, I had 15-ish hives when I left for college a few months ago. Hopefully they are all still there. I also work on the bee crew at my college, and we have 8 hives going into winter.
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    Re: package or nuc

    I would say try to get a nuc from somewhere local. A locally bred stock might be better than Russians.
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    Re: Too Early for Goldenrod?

    My bees are just west of Columbus. It looks like some of the goldenrod jumped the gun, but the most part it is all still a couple weeks away. Although some of the aster is starting to bloom.
  12. Re: Monsanto, Bayer seek answers to bee losses

    I think Bayer's bee care center is indeed a big publicity stunt. Our bee club had a speaker from bayer to talk. About 75 percent of his presentation was about what we as beekeepers are doing wrong....
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    Re: Flexible Hoses

    we sold them at a store I used to work at. They were kinda junky, but I would say not to many got returned. maybe 15 percent.
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    Re: bee suit

    I love my ultrabreeze jacket. Yes, they cost more. But you get what you pay for.
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    food plot

    The owner of the land where my bees are wants to plant a deer food plot that would benefit my bees too. Cost of seed is no issue. Do any of you have any recommendations?

    Thanks yall.
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    Re: Not building comb... Why?

    Even if you add sugar water it might take them a while to start drawing because stores may have been bine dry to begin with.
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    Re: Honey prices

    Don't sell youself short. If your not having many issue sgetting 8 bucks sell it at 8 bucks. Some people won't pay it, but their loss.
  18. Re: suburban vs. rural honey production

    There is actually a phd student at Ohio state Univ. doing research on this subject. I have found that the city doesn't mean there will be a good crop. I prefer to have my bees in a rural area mainly...
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    Re: Looking for Bee Yards

    Look on google satilite, find a spot you want, and knock on some doors. Leave em a bottle of honey, that should by law have your phone number on it. Even if they say no, they might change their mind.
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    Re: Compressor

    Another vote for harbor frieght. I have the cheap pancake compressor, and the cheap staple gun. So far so good. Had it since last summer. The compressor is just big enough to keep up when I really...
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    Re: Saturday is Star Wars Day

    today is revenge of sixth. I know someone who is sch a large starwars nerd, he made a point of getting married on saterday.
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    Re: Veils

    I dont like round veils because sometimes they hold their roundness to well, and you cant really put it on. I like the square veils that just go over a baseball cap, since I always have a spare in...
  23. Re: Anyone ever install packages in cold or snow?

    One year I shook packages when it was in the low 30's out. I had drawn comb with some honey stores, which probably really helped. The bees did fine,and all was well when it warmed back up.
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    Re: When making nucs

    mid-late june here. You could make nucs in spring to supply the brood for summer nucs.
  25. Re: RUSSELL APIARIES- FACTS, and first hand knowledge... He taught me how to raise be

    the queens I recieived in 2011 were downright awesome. Great brood patterns, no mites, not ever the bee inspector could find mites. The queens I got in 2012, duds, every single one. Something...
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