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  1. Art and Science of Honey Production, Morrisville, NY, April 22

    Cornell Cooperative Extension of Madison County and Johnston's Honeybee Farm will present a workshop titled "The Art and Science of Honey Production" at Morrisville State College on April 22. ...
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    Re: Throwing in the towel......

    What bees did you start with? If the stock of bees was never selected for survival, then the odds would be against success. I've been mainly treatment free since 2003. At this point, I think that...
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    Re: northen stock

    You can try Northern States Queen Breeders Association on the internet at
    Minnesota Hygienic queens are also good. Ironically, they are raised in the south so they can be available...
  4. Registration Dealine for Making Increase Workshop Extended

    The deadline for signing up for the Making Increase Workshop in Central New York has been extended. Agenda and Registration information can be obtained at
  5. Beekeeping Workshop on Making Increase in Central New York

    Making Increase
    April 25, 2015
    8:30 AM to 4 PM
    Morrisville State College
    Central New York
    This program has information for everyone,
    Six speakers, Many topics
    Cost is $40 per attendee
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    Re: Double Nuc Question

    In my two colony hives, the second hive body and any subsequent hive bodies are the same as the first hive body. Hive bodies from the combination hive can also be used with the Two Colony Hive. The...
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    Re: Double Nuc Question

    Check out I run two colony hives. The boxes are 18 inches wide. You can run them for nuc production and also honey production all in the same season and they...
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    Re: Hive Staples?

    You won't have the bottom board shift if you nail the hive staples on correctly.
    You use 4 staples to nail a bottom board onto a box, 2 on each side. On each side, one staple is tilted one way and...
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    Re: Paint the inside ?

    I've always heard that you're not supposed to paint the inside. In spite of this, I have done both and have seen the results. The boxes that have been painted on the inside look like they will last...
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    Re: Bee Brush Alternatives?

    If you buy a brush used for drafting made with horse hair, it's a lot better than bee brushes made with plastic bristles. They might be hard to find today in this age of computer assisted drafting....
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    Re: Bring My Own Boxes?

    I sell nucs in the same manner. I usually advise buyers that it's easier for them if they bring a single story hive with extra frames rather than a nuc box. In that case, they only have to unload...
  12. Re: Hive Beetles. How many is a concern?

    That sounds like a lot of hive beetles for Central New York. Did your hives start as nucs or packages from down south this spring?
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    Re: Super Hot Hive

    I would wait till spring. The population will be low then. You can submit the queen to a pressure test between thumb and forefinger.(None of mine tested so far have passed.) Use the brood to start...
  14. Re: Ontario beekeepers suing for $400 million in damages

    I live in dairy country and the dairy farmers used very little insecticide prior to the neonics. They would rotate out of corn when they started having higher levels of corn borer. Now virtually...
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    Re: USPS FAILS at delivering queens

    I ship queens from my local post office that is 1 1/2 miles from my house. UPS customer center is over an hour away from here. I can pay extra to send by UPS from a hardware store six miles away. ...
  16. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    Mike Bispham is very hung up on Peter Borst's credentials. Peter works in a lab doing genetics research at Cornell University. He's a technician. He does the work and the head of the lab ("the...
  17. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    I am hoping that JWChesnut can post the citation to which he alluded concerning the development of new genes in the honeybee genome. Here is his quote:
    Bee's are accumulating new alleles...
  18. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    Well, Richard,
    I guess you want to dismiss my statement about entropy on the basis that you're smarter than I am. You probably are. If you google Entropy and Evolution, you'll find some people...
  19. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    I actually have the opinion that genes will change based on life's experience. Many fundamentalist Christians refute the existence of any kind of evolution even though survival of the fittest is...
  20. Re: Our understanding of genetics is changing

    So it turns out that the Lamarchian (I don't remember the spelling) theory of evolution is correct. A giraffe stretching to eat higher leaves passes on the genes for a longer neck rather than just...
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    Re: Maintaining Genetic Diversity

    According to Larry Connor's book Bee Sex Essentials, if the queen lays an egg that has two identical sex alleles, then a sterile male bee will be produced and the bees will remove it. So inbreeding...
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    Solar Wax Melter Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend a good solar wax melter that you can buy today?
    I'm tired of dealing with scrapings that build up before I use my electric melter.
    Mike Johnston
  23. Re: Feral hives with mostly A.m.m. genes in NC, TN or VA?

    I would be surprised if you were to find any bees with very much A.M.M. genes in your area. There is an existing population of fairly pure A.M.M. bees in the redwood country of California around...
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    Re: Who's looking for proof?

    Wild pollinators are great but the greatest majority of people making a living off them are the researchers. In addition, wild pollinators won't survive very well in orchard country where a lot of...
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    Re: Amazing

    I had a single frame of brood in hives that I opened about three weeks ago.
    By raw pollen, do you mean pollen supplement?
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