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  1. Re: How to store pulled Supers for the winter in warmer climates.

    stack your boxes on a flat board 3 or 4 tall. Put a plate on top of the stack with your para dichlorobenzene crystals. Then put a flat cover over the top. The vapors are heaver than air and will drop...
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    Re: Moving bees across country

    They were outside in a Nissan Frontier, that was on a auto mover from U-Haul. If memory service the temps were between freezing and 60 degrees.
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    Re: Moving bees across country

    I moved at the end of November into December last year. Moved from Courtland Va. to Gould Ok. I took three hives with me, screened off the opening and strapped the boxes together. The one problem I...
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    Re: Bee hive spacing.

    Hi, I like to leave about two feet between my hives. I use a frame holder to hold one frame when going thru my boxes. This makes for easer inspections. If worried about robbing you can keep robbing...
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    Re: Honey Harvest Tips/Timing

    I hope you start feeling better. I have lower back problems with lifting more than 30lbs at one time. I use the empty box and pull one frame at a time and brush the bees off the frame. Then insert...
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    Re: I'm walking again.

    Have you thought about a horizontal / long hive. You could adjust the height of the box to match a wheelchair, so you could still work the hives.
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    Re: Is it just me, or do you see it too?

    Another insect with an evil looking head and many grabbing legs to pull you in to eat you alive.
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    Re: Hurricanes and bee hives...

    I use dog stakes/auger anchors with a ratchet straps to keep my hive from plowing over. When I lived in Virginia and I still use them here in the south west corner of Oklahoma with tornado strength...
  9. Re: How long to confine bees after local spraying

    You should be able to release them this evening. The chemical will have time to dry and the bee should not go out foraging that late in the day.
  10. Re: Urgent Question: Just spun out frames, how do I recover the wax?

    stick the frame back on the hive and let the bees clean the frame. You can leave them on for the bees to refill or store the frames for next year. Its your choice, look for a local beekeeper to help...
  11. Re: How much comb to keep when doing a large cut-out?

    I use medium 8 frame equipment, I fill one box with end frames of nectar/honey 2 -3 frames of capped brood about 2 frames of larva/eggs and 1-2 frames mixed pollen, nectar and brood. Out of the 4 cut...
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    Re: After Extracting, what to do with the frames?

    That depends on you. If you put the frames back on the bees can clean them up and start to store more honey for a possible second extraction in the beginning of September. If you scrape off the wax...
  13. Re: Are TF BeeKeepers Stimulating Colonies to Apply Propolis Envelopes in Hives?
    you may like to lesson to the video in this thread. It sounds like it may help.
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    Re: moving trapped swarm

    stick something in front of the entrance, this will cause them to reorient to the new location.
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    Re: White milky substance

    food for the larva. The bees will feed it to the larva for 3 days then change the type of food until the cap the cells. Look in the cells for little larva's and you will see different shapes and...
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    Re: Set It and Forget It?

    All good points. I would do the split and boxes as you mentioned but no queen excluder. Wont you need 2 deeps to over winter in any how? The thing to think about maybe feeding the hive in the...
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    Re: Oxalic shop towels recipe

    Here is the chart for the shop towels
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    starting a new association

    There will be a meeting to see who is interested in starting a Beekeeping Association in south western counties of Oklahoma.

    The meeting will be held at the Community Center at Gould, Ok. on 16...
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    Re: Moving Hives - just pure strength?

    You could change over to 8 frame medium equipment. Which is liter in weight. I use nothing but 8 frame medium equipment in my own yard. Another is to strap the hive together and use a dolly to move...
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    Re: Do I have bees or not?

    Check to see if the bees are bring in pollen. If they are bring in the pollen, then check the box to see how they are doing inside. If its a swarm that moved in and are doing good, then decided what...
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    Re: Todays Honey Prices!

    I charge a $1 per ounce with discounts. Example 22 oz.(pint) for $20, 10 oz.(jelly jars) for $10, 44 oz.(quart) for $35. The jars are mason jars and I sold for that price in Virginia and now in...
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    Re: How to find/ get bees for free

    Join a bee group and get your name on the swarm list ( to retrieve swarms) and get a couple that way. There is the possibility of putting out swarm traps around your area and catch one. There is one...
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    Re: Package Queen fail - New Queen split?

    How about putting the new queen in a nuc with attendants. Then see what happens, maybe two more hives.
  24. Re: question about hive low numbers, possible re-queening.

    The eastern part of the state is the best part of Pa. It is a large area in Pa if you look how long the state is. I was raised in the Lehigh Valley before joining the navy. Sense retiring out of the...
  25. Re: question about hive low numbers, possible re-queening.

    take the bees and the best frames and install into a nuc or small box. By making the box small will help the bees to expand.
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