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    Re: How to clean harvest equipment?

    I found that two layers of painter's plastic is great for clean up. ! layer may tear. ;) I know.
  2. Re: Inspite of my help my bees are doing well so how do you

    Final count was 41.5 qts.
    plus the left over from 1 and 2 robs.

    Being in Spring north of Houston area has anyone had very dark honey with their Sept or Oct fall rob and hive clean up? Probably...
  3. Re: Inspite of my help my bees are doing well so how do you

    It was an interesting day with the bees.

    #1 hive My early producer hive had 9 frames of capped brood and the number two had 5 frames and both had a little eggs and larva.
    I found the #1 box...
  4. Re: Inspite of my help my bees are doing well so how do you

    I appreciate the help. I am out to ck on the hives and rob what I need to.
    I am curious to go in and see what the bees have done. With my luck the new foundation is not touched and I will have a...
  5. Re: Do you clean and reuse plastic foundation or throw them away?

    I cut the wax and used a pressure washer to clean the pollen and such from the foundation which I popped out to clean.
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    Re: Winter configuration question

    I have the same problem. What to do with the extra frames after I rob today. I am afraid that I have too many bees for just the two deeps and our flow will go another month.

    A different...
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    Re: Cost of 3# package of bees in 1949

    Remember that in the 50's you could buy all your Bee gear from Sears too. :)

    I still have my old smoker, hive tool and heavy duty gloves too.

    BEE fun to have an old Sears bee catalogue...
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    Fall Help Texas Coastal area

    If you are in this zone let me ask your opinion. I am back new to beekeeping and this is my second fall. (I had the same set up 2 and 2 for bees in the old days for 30 + years where you left them...
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    Re: Richinbama 2018-2019 beekeeping quest

    Rich, Glad that you are up and going well this year. How is the new extractor looking on you got it set up?

    I have been busy trying to retire then regretting it. I think my wife does...
  10. Inspite of my help my bees are doing well so how do you

    My two hives are doing very well. 2 10 frame deeps and two med supers. I ended up with close to 10 gallons of honey this year but when I robbed them I had 30+ of 40 med frames full and the other...
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    Sticky: Re: staple gun for supers

    Do not forget that 20 or 25% soupcon from HF.

    I used to use Sears Tools when I worked for Brown and Root back going to school when the had 100% free replacement and were great tools. Hard to...
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    Re: Question on Queen and drone genetics

    Sounds like my wife from time to time too. ;)

    I still wonder if some of these periods come from the drone genetics that cause these longer periods and just not a bad day in the bee yard. Get a...
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    Re: Easy OA treatments?

    Did a quick hive dive today to see what is going on.

    Per our earlier discussion I found that I could lift the front hive with two mediums supers and 7 deep frames of honey with the hive tool...
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    Re: Extra White Honey This Year

    You get what you get. I robbed for personal use and the honey was med colored but 5 weeks later when I robbed it was a lot darker and better tasting for me. I live north of Houston and get a lot...
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    Re: Easy OA treatments?

    There has to be an easy way to do the OA tmts for the little guy with a few hives or like me that had bees most of my life and keep bees for fun. I like to keep a few hives for something to do and...
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    Re: Easy OA treatments?

    Any other suggestions?

    Do you need a longer pry bar to lift up 200 lbs boxes? Wonder if my 15" nail pry bars might do the trick if you first cracked the hive with a regular hive tool?
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    Re: Mosquito spray companies

    My bees sit 95 yards from the street. Houston, Texas area

    I got home last March from a trip to find that the bees were trying to swarm but just moved up under the over hang I had on the hive. ...
  18. Re: How to return some unextracted frames to hive?

    I tried that last year and all the bees started to refill the mediums that were on top of the hive above the intercover.

    I robbed my two hives and did 28 of 40 frames and pulled the second super...
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    Question on Queen and drone genetics

    I live out of Houston and we do have AHBs around. There are a lot of feral bees around me when I clean up looking at the different sizes and coloration.

    My bees seem to go hot and cold and...
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    Easy OA treatments?

    Seems like a lot of people are like me during the summer with trying to do OA treatments with suppers on your hives and how best to block them off for treatment or remove them each treatment.

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    Re: Is it just me, or do you see it too?

    It is not true that you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.
    They can learn them, they just can't do them.

    Salty- I saw a medical study and that statement is not true. The problem with old dogs...
  22. Re: Do you clean and reuse plastic foundation or throw them away?

    Appreciate the info.

    The Fat Bee Man said the same- Pressure Wash Them

    Is that what you do to your suppers during the fall? Remove the wax, wash and store for the winter?
    Last year I just...
  23. Do you clean and reuse plastic foundation or throw them away?

    Good news is my bees are going crazy this year.
    I robbed some supers and did not put a couple back on the hives but cut the wax off back down to foundation for next year.

    I was going to store...
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    Re: Too late to split in CT?

    I did the same thing about this time last year down south and no problem. Is it too late? Think for 30? dollars you save a month of time if you have to wait for the queen to hatch and mate and by...
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    Re: Oxalic acid & honey super

    Looks good but I have the old econo model that works well but still needs to be shoved in the bottom.

    Another thing not discussed is are the supers with honey capped or not? If you are cutting...
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