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  1. Thread: Hi

    by Woodstove

    Re: Hi

    Hello, and welcome to Beesource!
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    Re: Straining honey

    I use a large spoon and drag everything to one side, then scoop it into a container. I'll either set it aside for using in my coffee, or I'll put it out for the bees to recycle it back into the hive.
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    Re: Wait those arenít bees...

    That was a great video! Nice for a good laugh before bedtime. I thought we were about to see a remake of the scene in Talladega Nights where Cal was putting out the imaginary fire while Ricky Bobby...
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    Re: Can a person smell like alarm pheromone?

    You dredged up a seven year old thread to say this? I can't imagine you talk like this to people in real life.
  5. Re: best way to apply Bt-k to frames (that could have moth-maggot potential)?

    I use BT Aizawai strain, and add 4 teaspoons per gallon of water. I spray it on using a small pump sprayer. I just sprayed about 150 medium and 30 deep frames with about a quart and a half.
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    Re: The crudest incubator

    LOL, that's awesome! Have you had a chance to use it yet, or has it just been testing thus far? Please do keep us updated.
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    Re: Brood Pattern: Spotty vs. Hygienic

    I wholeheartedly second the motion! However, I submit that buying Michael Palmer beekeeping books would be a great way to spend LESS money on keeping bees.
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    Re: Feeding a queen castle

    All you have to do is flip the canning lid over. I use 1 gallon paint cans for most everything now, but when I used mason jars, that's what I did. I was skeptical at first, and didn't think they...
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    Re: BetterComb Experience, Anyone?

    There was a thread recently about wax (foundation, I believe) coming from China, which seemed to be rather inferior. It looked like beeswax, but didn't perform like beeswax. Contamination of the wax...
  10. Re: Getting a late start for this year is an early start for next?

    My first year keeping bees started with a cutout about a week before the end of our spring flow. I had to feed a lot to maintain them through the dearth, but they were free bees, so it was no real...
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    Re: More global warming

    Wow, that's pretty cool. How did you train your bees to make sauerkraut? Must be German bees.
  12. Re: How many days should it be rain free When pulling honey supers

    Here's a good thread on the topic of moisture in honey vs. moisture in the air (relative humidity)....
  13. Re: What's the best way to pour the extracted honey out of my extractor with no valve

    Very good point. It would be wise to stick a tape measure down inside of the drum to see just how much space there is along the sidewall below the basket.
  14. Re: What's the best way to pour the extracted honey out of my extractor with no valve

    Keep in mind that the honey gate has a flat mating surface, and you'll be mounting it to the rounded surface of the side of the drum. When you crank down on it to obtain a seal, the surface of the...
  15. Re: A piping queen caged and they still swarmed. What??

    As far as I know, piping only occurs with virgin queens. I have witnessed or heard virgins piping in my own mating nucs, but I have never heard a mated queen pipe. I have also read several times here...
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    Re: Is this a virgin queen?

    Sorry, I'm a little confused. At first you said: but in the next post you said: If the queen pictured above is in the nuc purchased in April, and that nuc originally had a marked queen, then it...
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    Re: Is this a virgin queen?

    Virgin or mated, I cannot tell, but it is definitely a queen. She doesn't look to be as plump as a laying queen, but she might already have gone out on a mating flight. How many days has it been...
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    Re: Laying worker in a queenright nuc?

    The queen is the only bee in the colony with an abdomen long enough to reach the floor of a worker cell. If they were laid on the sidewalls of the cells, it would be a really strong indicator that...
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    Re: Dizzy indeed!

    I could never get the swing to spin that fast when I was a kid. I sure tried, though.
  20. Re: OA treatment for 2 frame 4 frame 5 frame

    I use a ProVap 110, and anything in my yard which is 5 frames or smaller gets a half-dose. If the nuc is strong enough for a second story, it gets a full dose as if it were a single ten frame box....
  21. Re: Introducing mated queen from my own yard

    If your freshly mated queens are currently laying queens, you can take them from your mating nucs and introduce them directly into the nucs you've just made.

    In one of his presentations at the...
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    Re: Cell builder question

    I have cells emerging today from my first attempt at a Michael Palmer style cell builder setup, and I must say, I am incredibly pleased with the results.

    If I recall correctly, Michael Palmer says...
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    Re: Foundation Question

    I use Acorn double waxed plastic foundation in my grooved top and bottom frames, and I'm very happy with it.

    It's the only type of plastic foundation I have tried myself, but the general consensus...
  24. Thread: Mixing Syrup

    by Woodstove

    Re: Mixing Syrup

    I mix 2:1 syrup in 5 gallon buckets. 35 pounds of sugar comes up to about an inch from the top. Then I mix in boiling hot water with a drill and a mixing paddle, bringing the water line back up to...
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    Re: Feeding/filling multiple top feeders

    With 30 hives between production colonies and nucs, I find 5 gallon buckets to be the easiest for right now. I use an 18 volt Milwaukee drill with a paddle to make 2:1 syrup. I took Michael Palmer's...
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