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  1. Re: How do you wind down your colonies as the season draws to an end?

    Nope, Canadians have it made. You leave the honey supers off four days in Alabama before extracting, you have nothing but slime. Harvested honey is extracted within two days tops. With high humidity...
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    Re: Bulk Tanks

    Tank size is directly related to the size of the bee operation you are running. Most of the postings by anyone with large numbers of bees are using dairy tanks procured from dairy operations that...
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    Re: Bulk Tanks

    I use 1000 gallon and 600 gallon stainless steel dairy tanks for honey storage. With stainless dairy piping from the sump to those tanks. Best to use stainless where ever possible. TED
  4. Re: European Foulbrood: not recovering on own during honeyflow

    Tylosin is for AFB only. Terrimycin or Streptomycin is most affective on EFB. Use mixed in powdered sugar. One two pound bag of Powdered sugar for every packet of TM or STM used. Dust across the back...
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    Re: Good per hive average?

    You can only figure into your average per hive equation, the honey actually harvested, drummed, put into a jar or bucket. And you can not make a living on a twenty pound average. Being a Sioux...
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    Re: Anybody ever work.. prisoners?

    Aw, Dixie I worked you like a prisoner for a few days and the recidivism rate with you is 0. I reckon I worked you too hard with commercial beekeeping those few days, you did not come back.:lookout:...
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    Re: Midwest drought!

    With a location name like dry branch it is a wonder that bees survive in that part of Georgia.:lookout: We have had a good crop over in Alabama but the tropical rains missed us and that would have...
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    Re: Expelled Drones

    This has been an upside down year--warm then cold, then warm again. Now the plants are a month ahead of schedule in blooming, thus throwing the bees off in their normal behavioral patterns. I saw the...
  9. Re: Kill pile outside entrance I can't figure: mostly drones! Please play Clue with m

    Ben, I have seen this behaviour before. We have a lot of VSH genetics in our bees. At the first sign of stress, the bees have the tendency to pull out all the drone larvae along with running off any...
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    Re: Cooked a hive

    We never close the entrance up. No matter how far and how long the move. Even if it across country to Cali or points elsewhere. Just net them, tie them down, wet the load with a water hose and go....
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    Re: Poachers

    I have an old beekeeper that rides around some of my yards during swarm season looking for swarms to catch that have moved away from my yards. He always tells me if he finds one. Some years he...
  12. Re: Dealing with Small Hive Beetle in Mating Nucs

    We went to four frame full depth nucs. And maintain them STRONG. Four way baby nucs are just beetle food down here. TED
  13. Re: What tree to plant Central West Coast Florid

    A nice invasive tree-Chinese Tallow. Given time the birds will eat the seeds, poop the seeds and help your honey production in your area. Beekeepers have been known since the beginning of the craft...
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    Re: Hive Density

    Roland is right. Carry capacity is the number of hives the area will support and maintain productive, healthy colonies that give a good return on your efforts. TED
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    Re: Queens or nucs for sale

    And that is the reason we quit selling just queens alone and decided to sell all nucs. We quit shaking packages. You shake the bees and ended up with slimed colonies when the beetle first came into...
  16. Re: price of frames of brood and bees.....

    So it seems that 17-20 dollars would be a fair price based on the consensus of the industry. TED
  17. price of frames of brood and bees.....

    I ask this question to the industry. What would everyone consider a fair price for at this time of the year for frames of brood with adhereing bees with new frame and foundation exchange? I have a...
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    Re: AFB - A matter if time?

    The problem, honeydew is that most people will not keep that hive and the adjacent bees in the beeyard on preventative maintanence. The spores live for 100 years. Most of you newbee beekeepers do not...
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    Re: AFB - A matter if time?

    A match is the best cure. But if the AFB infection is a light infection-less than 75 cells in the colony, three seperated treatments of tylosin mixed in powdered sugar seven days apart will clean up...
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    Re: Mites, Treat or No?

    You should use an IPM approach. That is an Intergrated pest management approach to mite infestations. Powdered sugar does not kill the mites that are in the capped cells. These will just emerge and...
  21. Re: Imidacoprid linked to CCD

    You need to Contact Dr. Jeff Pettus and let him fill you in on the collapse that happened in Alabama back in the early 90's. It was the first incident of CCD like symptoms in the USA other than the...
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    Re: Guess who is checking out my hives???

    Can I practice the bushhog method with you at your place?? TED
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    Re: Guess who is checking out my hives???

    Your bears up north are twice as big as the ones we have here in the hills of Alabama. WE have the florida variety here. We knick name them "gummybears" because of their half size. And sometimes they...
  24. Re: Next year (2013) an estimated 1.7 to 1.8 million hives will be required to Almond

    Jim, I have done my fair share years past in the Almonds in the Fresno, Maderra and Bakersfield areas. The bees did the best in the Fresno area. The Bakersfield areas are just an alkali sand pit...
  25. Re: Next year (2013) an estimated 1.7 to 1.8 million hives will be required to Almond

    If you are a pollinator, you can come into Alabama by a compliance agreement with the state. If you are a pollinator that lives in Alabama, you can go out say to Almonds and Cranberries by a...
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