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    Re: attach trap to tree

    In all my bee yards I keep up to 5 bait hives, on cinder block stands on the ground, right where I want them to stay. Yesterday I went to one of my yards because I noticed that my backyard bait hives...
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    Re: Honey Jars

    Ravenseye, do you sell/ship your maple syrup? I only buy maple syrup and I would like to try yours if you sell to the public.

    I have thought a lot about going to more glass sizes and do only one...
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    Re: March Madness Sale Monopoly

    I just ordered from Earl E. BEE a second nicot queen rearing system for 25.99. I got the same set from Mann Lake for $89.95 2 years ago. I have wanted a second set but didn't want to spend that much...
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    Re: Cement and garage floor paint

    Thanks for the quick reply. I read on one of those dyi home repair sites that it can be used on wood as long as it's bare wood with 2 coats of priner. But I don't like how it goes on, so I will go...
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    Cement and garage floor paint

    I got a gallon of opps cement paint 1 part epoxy from the opps paint at home depot. Has anyone used this one their hives? On new bottom boards I have 2 coats Kiltz 2 primer, and then I went...
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    Re: Anyone near Homosassa Fl?

    I am a long way from Homosassa, but depending on your dates and free time, the Florida state fair is from Feb 7-18 in Tampa and will have a honey booth staffed with volunteer beekeepers. I am taking...
  7. Re: FINALLY! I Got Honey This Year! Now I Have Questions....

    I do the same, 2 for a small priority box, in ziplock bags:
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    Re: First mead Joe's Ancient Orange

    I ordered some from Amazon, thank you!
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    First mead Joe's Ancient Orange

    I started a gallon last December in a Vintner's pail (see post from that time) and at 2 month's I syphoned it into a carboy and put a screw top on, not a cork. At that transfer, the hydrometer read...
  10. Re: A unique way to clean your hive tools.

    Here in South Florida we have an added step where we run it into the ground 3-4 times after removing from smoker and the sand takes all the gunk off.
  11. Re: Pallets or 4"x4" through cinder block for a hive stand. Whats best in your opini

    My stands are closest match to these. Flat side down. This is how my mentor showed me when I started 8 years ago, and what a blessing it turned out to be during a year of a near miss hurricane, and...
  12. Re: diy solar cappings melter for under $50 and better than factory

    This reminded me of what I bought at Kelley beekeeping for draining my cappings, and with the idea of adding a press on top with weight will make it much more effective:
  13. Re: diy solar cappings melter for under $50 and better than factory

    I do a similar wax rendering with same beautifully clean results. I got a bunch of styrofoam coolers at the Dollar Tree. I use thick paper towels, a brand I first found at work and then ordered a...
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    A swarm from one of my hives


    This is a small swarm from one of my hives in a sapling brush willow tree, found them there on Sunday.
    I got a 4 frame nuc and put it on a cinder block right under the swarm. Put a piece of...
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    Re: storm Alberto

    I use those types of cement blocks for hive stands. Last fall for Irma I used as many ratchet straps as I could find/borrow (stores sold out quickly of both straps and cinder blocks) to secure as...
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    Re: giving a weak hive a boost

    I did this a few weeks ago and now both hives doing excellent.
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    Re: Cold knife users

    Sharpens only the serrated sided because the knife is turned 45 degrees into the serrated side so that the flat side is untouched when pulling through the sharpener. That's the beauty of this one.
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    Re: Moving hives 25 yards.

    I had to do the same thing last summer by request of land owner. 5 hives and I moved each with a wheelbarrow about 90 yards away. 2 on one day and I left empty nuc midpoint between the 2, then 3 and...
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    Cold knife users

    This is one of the most useful tools I've bought in a long time:

    I got the "classsic" on amazon for $70.

    I had...
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    Re: Will bees rob out old pollen?

    I don't see this in your pics (article link in this thread) I just thought it was interesting and worth re-posting.
  21. Re: Beekeeping in South Georgia (or North Florida)

    How far are you from Moultrie Ga? Rossman beekeeping supply store is there, and they sell bees. They might have some ideas for you.
  22. Re: Age Old Question, What to Do with All this Honey!

    I'm a sideliner so I needed to find places to sell once I got to 20 producing hives. One of my best markets is a local church yard sale that happens once a month. Over time, I built up a very good...
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    Re: How many bait hive do you set?

    I lost 19 hive to the hurricane and it's aftermath of no fall flow and I use all those empties for bait boxes, both 5 and 10 frame boxes. I have 5 new swarms so far this spring. I must agree with...
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    Re: feeding pollen

    This isn't an answer to your question, I just got this in my email today and thought it good reading about pollen.
    This morning I thought there was robbing attempts going on at my hives because it...
  25. Re: Lauri!!!!! - virgin queen to fix a laying worker hive

    I got a larger image by copy and paste into an email to myself. In Yahoo mail, there was a circle with 3 dots in the upper right hand corner of the image (hovered to open it) and I changed to "large"...
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