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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Any chance they have been flying and robbing a dead hive somewhere? That seems like a lot of weight to gain from only air/humidity.

    How accurate is your scale and has it been affected by any...
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    Re: Moving from Georgia to Colorado Springs

    I am closer to Ft Collins, but most of this is still sort of relevant depending on how far you want to travel. There are a few people on here from the springs, and the front range roller coaster...
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    Re: Bees and Ash?

    I have seen my bees collecting water from a bag of potting (I think, might have been top) soil after it got wet in the rain. I think they chose it because of the extra minerals.
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    Re: Beekeeping at the equator

    I know there are some people around here that keep bees over 8000 ft, and I would be surprised if there are not several over 10,000.

    Getting a fire going at altitude is tougher than at sealevel....
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    Re: Making sugar syrup

    I assume one quart (or liter) of water weighs about 2 pounds. I mix about 5 quarts of water with 10 lbs of sugar to make 1:1 syrup, and about 2.5 to make 2:1. It is not an exact science and as long...
  6. Re: Is it common for bees to get into your home?

    I have heard that one of the common places for swarms to go in our area is in the posts that hold up decks. A lot of the newer houses have a decorative cover that is 12" square around a 4x4 beam and...
  7. Re: Looking for a bee keeping association near Ouray, Colorado

    I think you are right, that is probably the closest one
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Our weather is drunk again, we had a 70ish degree F change in 60ish hours, hopefully my hives got clustered well in the rapid temperature change. We had 70's on Sunday, snow on Monday, and hit zero...
  9. Thread: XXXL gloves

    by elmer_fud

    Re: XXXL gloves

    What type of gloves, leather, bee gloves, nitrite, or something else? I have started wearing nitrile gloves and they work pretty well if you get thick ones.

    Could you wear normal leather...
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    Re: brood in honey super

    Are the stores in the brood box on the outside frames? Is the brood nest in the middle of the hive? If so I would suspect the hive is just eating its way up without eating outward. I would not...
  11. Re: Lost 1 of 2 hives. Should I add food to the remaining hive?

    Have you tried picking up one side of the bottom of the hive to try and judge how much food is left in int?

    What killed the first one? That may be what you want to focus on first since the second...
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    Re: 2020 How was your winter?

    It was 72 (I think) here today and it is going to snow tomorrow

    I lost 2 of my 4 hives in October, but the remaining 2 seem to be doing well and were flying today.
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    Re: --Never Say 2019--

    I think I am up to 6+ hive tools. I do use 2 at a time when I am checking a hive.
  14. Re: Rain, rain, go away and the importance of local queens

    Any pictures?
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    Re: Wintertime bee removal

    I am wondering if a cheap ir thermometer would work, start pointing it at the walls and moving it around until you find warm sections. This would probably work better at night/early morning when the...
  16. Re: ID of the creepy powder on my hive's inner cover?

    I had a lot of problems with mold my first year. Since then I have gone to quilt boxes and have not had any problems with mold.
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    Re: Ebay Extractors?

    I borrow one of the 4 (I think) that our local bee club has, and it works well.
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    Re: Installing Nuc in Horizontal Langstroth

    I have been using 2 vertical skewers per frame and it seems to work. I have been drilling 1/8 (I think) holes in both ends, installing the skewers in the frame, then shooting a staple thru the top...
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    Re: beekeeping within city limits

    I am so glad that the HOA in my neighborhood doesn't have much authority and isn't very strict. They have tried to do stupid stuff a few times and ended up with a lot of the residents showing up at...
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    Re: beekeeping within city limits

    That makes sense. Where I am at there are not any laws/requirements for registering beehives so I suspect the town that I am in doesn't actually know that I have beehives. I also have not heard of...
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    Re: beekeeping within city limits

    I think that one is based on the fact that we are in an arid climate. There are not many natural water sources in the area and I think this is intended to keep bees from bothering neighbors by going...
  22. Re: Honey extractor- Dadant 20 Frame- Stripped Gears

    Most 3d printer parts are nowhere nears as strong as machined/molded/cast parts. I would be surprised if a printed gear in this application lasted more than a few batches of frames.
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    Re: Catching and Marking Queens

    the workers do clean up the queen. I have seen paint still there after about a year, so it may be the paint that you are using. I have been carefully using a posca marker and making sure I write...
  24. Re: How long can a colony stay alive without fresh air?

    Any chance there is enough of a gap between the inner cover/top box and the lid for some air to get thru?

    I also second top entrances and/or quilt boxes.
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    Re: I hope this is just mold...

    What happens if you put a few drops of bleach water (5-10%ish bleach) on it? I have found mold typically disappears when you do this, but I am not sure if moth damage will dissolve/disappear with...
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