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    Re: Adding Brood to Packages

    I have not seen young larvae be a problem dependent on how the queen was introduced. You can always check that frame in a few days and squash all the queen cells if there are any. I would not be...
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    Re: Where did my bee's go?

    Fatbeeman started that crap with a fogger on youtube quite a while back. Then asked for a donation.
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    Re: Treated and Untreated in same yard

    Hope she is the kind of person who won't blame you for her bees dying again. Mite check often and treat accordingly. The mite checks should guide you not how often. I would purchase robber screens...
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    Re: Cleaning Honey Equipment

    Wish there was a "like" button on here Sour Kraut.
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    Re: Bricks "language" for hive inspection

    On hives we write NI (no inspection) we saw numerous bees coming and going with pollen, Lifted the top and saw good population. Assumed all is well and moved on.
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    Re: Bricks "language" for hive inspection

    It is very important to know what happened a few inspections back. Are they growing, depleting? Did you find them queenless and add a frame with eggs and need to check back in a few weeks? So we...
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    Re: Commercial - Swarm Prevention Methods

    We make divides early for replacements, growth and nuc sales. Try to keep them from swarming till they get honey minded. Never afraid to pull a frame of brood from those monsters to give to another...
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    Re: Mann Lake RiteCell Foundation

    Old enough now to agree with you Risky
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    Re: Sequence Supers Get Filled...

    You nailed it Mike Gilmore.
  10. Re: Using a Micheal Palmer double 4 nuc as a Queen Castle?

    AAIndigo, why not place a foundation in instead of drawn comb. The cell is not going to need it for at least 5 days probably 7 or 8. In that amount of time the bees will have it drawn instead of...
  11. Re: My first two hives of 10,000 have been ordered :)

    From 40 to 90 is not aggressive splitting. 10 to 100 is a joke. But maybe he will get to 50 which is still asking a lot but Florida is forgiving. The old pay me a penny for the first nail to shoe...
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    Re: Queenless production colony

    In the late 60's my grandfather would wait till right before the first mesquite was to start blooming then go in and make a split stealing the queen. He would wait nine days and he would go back and...
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    Re: Can you partition a deep hive box?

    If you watch the video don't forget to put something on the frame rest if you are using one box for two colonies. The queens cannot be allowed to get to each other.
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    Re: Ok to inspect? (and other ??)

    Get it done. Open up 20 or so capped brood and look for mites.
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    Re: CCD or something different?

    You would have found the same queen because their not making one in November. You dont say where your at so in Florida and Hawaii maybe they did.
    When did you treat and what were your mite levels...
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    Re: Turning a Hive 180 degrees

    stuff some grass in the entrance and turn it at night. They will push the grass out of the way and re-orientate.
    next day. I lake to check back in case they don't get the grass out but have never...
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    Re: Verifying Hygienic Queens

    Exactly. Hygienic will clean up the mess in a hive. Varoa Sensitive is totally different. Get a good magnifying glass. Find bees opening a brood cell. Open it up and check for mites. Percentage on...
  18. Re: news article about the adees losing bees again

    As to the Adee family. Lets not forget the work done in congress and I never wrote them a check. They are good people to deal with. You don't get to 80 or 90 thousand colonies and stay there year...
  19. Re: news article about the adees losing bees again

    For sure Oldtimer. Plus employee retention would be impossible.
  20. Re: news article about the adees losing bees again

    I know everyone does it different. Grandpa would watch the front door and if pollen was coming in and he lost track of the number of bees in 10 seconds he lifted the lid to check for room and to...
  21. Re: timing when switching from queenless starter to queen right finisher

    Started cells can be seen in 24 hours but the real number will be different generally at harvest of the cells. It at least lets you know your on the right track.
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    Re: Ya Might Love beekeeping if...

    not an anecdote but a friend needed his wife to like beekeeping so he wanted to take her shopping for bee suits and tools just for her. She got a pink hive tool and the best gloves and she was really...
  23. Re: news article about the adees losing bees again

    It doesn't take even close to five minutes per hive to inspect.
  24. Re: news article about the adees losing bees again

    We do 80 to 100 a day 5 days a week so every 10 days 800 to 1000 or so per man. But that being said they haul their own boxes, make the splits, do the feeding, mite testing and treating. Everything...
  25. Re: Using a Micheal Palmer double 4 nuc as a Queen Castle?

    Never had much luck with one frame splits in our four frame boxes. The follower boards we tried helped a little. Took them forever to get going. Better than double the survivors using two frames and...
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