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    Sticky: Re: Hive design, what type?

    Okay, you left out the best of them. The Modified Square Jumbo Dadant beehive, known in Europe as the Brother Adam beehive, has many, many advantages. Being square, one advantage is that the honey...
  2. Re: What is a "safe" late August mite count ?

    Nationwide in the United States, August 15th (or as close to it as you can) is GIANT MITE BOMB DAY. This is the one day of the year that IPM (Integrated Pest Management - the sparing use of pest...
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    Re: Smallest truck for pollination.

    Do not use a Ford Ranger. The transmissions are totally inadequate. They blow up on schedule. About 65,000 miles with the 4.0 liter engine, either side of 90, 000 miles with the 3.0 liter, and...
  4. Re: Preparing for the fall flow - preventing late swarms - please help.

    I seem to have neglected to mention that the goal for 2-deep box standard U. S. Langstroth hives going into Winter is 130 Avoirdupois pounds. You may end up newspaper-combining them after the Fall...
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    Re: Pollen patty drying out

    Glycerin, and maybe Karo syrup (corn syrup). If you mix real pollen into it, the bees usually will eat it before it dries up.
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    Re: Huge garden spider behind my hive

    My new inspiration for tying a BIG fishing "fly". Probably will require a 12-weight line and rod.
  7. Re: Hive designs and their advantages and disadvantages

    Thank you so much, Dar.

    So, I am essentially building Fusion-power Modified Square Brother Adam / Jumbo Dadant beehives :) ...a mouthful, but gotta give credit where it is due. Not to mention...
  8. Re: Stolen Hives recovered from arrested bee thief, not all boxes ID'd to owner.

    Thank you for posting JWC. I'll try to get the court transcripts on Monday.
  9. Re: Preparing for the fall flow - preventing late swarms - please help.

    I would not break them apart during a nectar dearth if I could avoid it, although you may have to and go ahead and feed them if you do.

    If they have back-filled the brood nest with nectar, they...
  10. Re: Hive designs and their advantages and disadvantages

    Bernard - Could you please list the differences between the Brother Adam hive and the Modified Square Jumbo Dadant (If there are any...I suspect they are different) ?

    Thank you!
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    Re: What is an ideal beehive?

    The only source for the oversize 5.1 mm foundation wax is Dadant and Sons. You'll have to contact them early and plan ahead for the following year. We could combine an order and make it feasible for...
  12. Re: How much money can a beekeeper make in a year owning 100 hives?

    It usually takes from 700 to 2,500 bee colonies per person in the company to make a full-time living. Most of the time that applies to someone with land, trucks, and a workshop.

    So figure a team...
  13. Re: Let's talk about your best Bee Vacuum Designs

    So the see-through feature is very desirable. Thank you. I can probably do the same thing with a 5-gallon plastic water jug if I can cut it in half and come up with a quick disconnect, or just add a...
  14. Re: Thanks

    Probably not very realistic ....yet. You most likely do not have enough knowledge of local (nearest 8 to 25 states) nectar and pollen flows, who your pollination contracts are coming from, how...
  15. Let's talk about your best Bee Vacuum Designs

    Lost almost everything I owned, bee equipment included in the Thomas Fire back in December of 2017. Getting back into it gradually. About to build a bee vacuum system, so I was just wondering if...
  16. Re: Queen replacement strategy advice needed

    Hello Diane, Welcome to Beesource!

    Just thought I'd chime in and let you know a little bit about the Russian queens. If they are indeed heavy on the Siberian genes, they will not be your usual...
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    Re: Testing a hive for defensiveness

    You could screen-plug all three hives and test them individually, but you'll have to note the fist hive open only, close the hive up, wait an hour or so, then open the second colony and work it,...
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    Re: What is an ideal beehive?

    Not to oppose Gray Goose's point, but from the view of, "What is ideal for the bees?" it is clear that hive boxes larger than the standard U.S. "Langstroth" hive have distinct advantages when...
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    Re: Queen Cage acceptance ????

    Just curious, do you have drones flying in your area? Your VQ may be flying out hoping to meet some drones, and coming home "empty".

    So you've introduced a fresh queen, I do not use candy hole...
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    Re: Laying worker help

    Arky is on the right track, although I'd not use a candy holed queen cage. A push-in queen cage placed over hatching brood has proven to be the best strategy. I use the largest version of the late...
  21. Re: Bringing in Apis cerana to the US (Solve varroa problem)

    The people who have dealt with the little bastards hate them. They are some mean bees, maybe not as bad as A. M. Scutellata crosses known as AHB or "killer bees", but meaner than A. M. Mellifera...
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    Re: Testing a hive for defensiveness

    As a breeder, I'd go to the trouble of moving them each a mile or more apart at night, give them 2 days to a week, then work them.

    Colonies parked close together - up to several yards apart - may...
  23. Re: Retired veterinarian bees have no nectar sourcears

    If you have a truck, it is usually cheaper to move bees than to feed them, depending on the number of colonies you run. It's your personal math problem involving miles to nearest nectar flow, miles...
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    Re: Moonshine jugs?

    Recommended procedure is to boil the mix long enough to kill any native yeasts, allow it to cool to the preferred temp for the yeast, siphon it into the bucket, add the yeast, cover the bucket with...
  25. Re: Does AFB deadout comb always have scales?

    Use of old combs depends on your level of experience. Old timers use them all the time because they know how to deal with the problems. A new beekeeper with a good mentor might get away with it, A...
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