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  1. Re: Checkerboarding for hives without extra drawn comb while increasing production?

    Bees returning with pollen or nectar are very purposeful, flying straight to the landing board and going in.

    The young bees orienting look like a small, lazy swarm flying around in front of and...
  2. Re: Checkerboarding for hives without extra drawn comb while increasing production?

    Thank you, Matt, that sounds great. The only difference is that I was thinking about doing it earlier in the season--by the time we reach the markers you indicated, it would be too late for...
  3. Re: Why I use a ratchet strap on every hive in winter

    Unless you are willing to stand there holding them up in the middle of the night when a thunderstorm with 80 mph winds comes through (like we are expecting tomorrow night), I don't think it...
  4. Checkerboarding for hives without extra drawn comb while increasing production?

    I'm curious if this sounds useful. The concept is that when it is time to checkerboard, take the outside drawn frames from each box (assuming mediums) and use them for checkerboarding, replacing...
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    Re: Is it too early to checkerboard? Zone 7B

    Last winter I checkerboarded the end of January because I had a good day for it. We had such an early Spring that most people checkerboarded too late towards the end of February, but of course every...
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    Re: Microbial ecology - HOW?

    In my first year of beekeeping 4 years ago, I ran across an article on Evans & Lopez research on probiotics which indicated that when they fed probiotics, they had much stronger hives going into...
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    Re: Please identify this plant? Bee-friendly?

    That's it, MDJ!!! Thank you! JW it does look like my Agastache, but that one grows in the Western US and I'm in Tennessee. Interesting that it is used in Japanese, Lao, Vietnamese,and Korean...
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    Re: Please identify this plant? Bee-friendly?

    Joseph - not stinging nettle - nothing happened. Flower color is between pink and purple--lavender? Here are a couple more pics but flowers are tiny (1/8") and only a few blooming on each spike. ...
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    Re: Please identify this plant? Bee-friendly?

    Thanks, Dave, that narrows it down to about 500 species--can we narrow it down a bit more?
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    Please identify this plant? Bee-friendly?

    Thick stands every year on my back hillside. 1 - 2 ft. tall, square hairy stem, opposite broad toothed leaves with tiny hairs on top surface. Tiny pink flowers, I've seen bumblebees working them...
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    Re: A Different kind of SHB trap

  12. Re: Recommendations for Inspiring and Innovative Beekeepers

    When speaking of innovators, how can you not add Walt Wright, the "father" of checkerboarding and definitely an independent thinker and keen observer of life in the hive?
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    Re: Anybody know?

    Yes it is a lemon cucumber. From Park Seeds:
    "Lemon Cucumber

    Widely-adapted and disease-resistant!
    3- to 4-inch-diameter fruit has thick white flesh great for eating fresh or pickling.
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    Re: Bees are angry

    John Seaborn told us in a seminar that since bees have a 3 day memory, you can feed them for 3 days prior to working them in a dearth and they will be much less defensive and easier to work.
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    Re: Should I feed or Not

    Tim Ives says on his Facebook page that feeding sugar syrup shuts the gene down for vitellogenin(Vg) production which is needed to make the winter fat bees. If you don't have adequate fat bees in...
  16. Re: How long can a queen stay in a cage with no food

    I gave one this Spring a drop of honey in one corner of the screen and a drop of water in the other corner. 2 hours later, I checked her and they had somehow mixed it all up and spread it on the...
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    Re: Anyone using a beetlejail?

    This is my 3rd year using them--now 4 hives and 1 nuc. I never see more than 2 -3 beetles in any of my hives and usually none. Except last month when I put a new queen above a queen excluder with a...
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    Re: SHb bad hive with honey?

    My understanding is that the odor of the slimed frames can cause a hive to abscond, which is probably why the swarm left, so putting it back on another hive might cause them to leave too. I just had...
  19. Re: Second Brood Box is 99% Honey & 1% Pollen

    In areas with a dearth in July and August, it seems to be normal for them to reduce the size of the brood nest and backfill with nectar/honey. Mine is the same at the moment--3 frames of brood in...
  20. Re: This is what one bee sting to the nose looks like.

    Sorry, gives a whole new meaning to "bags under your eyes"! I'd put ice on it.
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    Re: What is the deal with Lavender?

    Maybe lavender is like borage--I read that the flowers refill with nectar every 2 - 3 minutes.
  22. Re: Can you show the bees a nectar source by taking some there?

    "I converted a dust buster to a bee sampling vac."

    How did you do that, WLC? Sounds like the perfect tool to test my hypothesis.

    Actually, I wouldn't even have to mark them--if I checked...
  23. Re: Can you show the bees a nectar source by taking some there?

    Ok, so I'm crazy for asking--it made sense in my head! Yup, 4 days of rain and I'm bored out of my skull. But if it takes a lot of bad ideas before you come up with a good one, I'm one idea closer...
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    Re: What do foragers do when it rains?

    I have found them resting on leaves in trees, during the rain, so I guess they are smart enough to take shelter if they are away from the hive. Others were in trees near the hive, maybe to keep from...
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    Re: How far to go

    I've had a hive on my front porch, 6 ft. from my front door (but pointed away from it) for 2 years now and they are Italian and not as gentle as my other hive when I work them. About 2 - 3 times a...
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