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    Re: Bees staying home

    In my experience, they fly a lot less when they sense incoming rain. I do get a kick out of the scramble to get home when they "miss" the forecast and a quick shower hits them. The cloud of bees...
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    Re: What have you found to be the best way to

    I typically use Bee Quick. Put a fume board on a super. Come back a while later and brush the few bee stragglers off...move to the next. I've moved supers off the hives the night before and turned...
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    Re: Honey bees infect wild bees

    Hmmm....I see this post...

    It isn't deleted. Am I looking at the wrong post?

    I will note that sometimes...
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    Re: Early summer low-pollen issue

    Keep in mind that there are seasonal differences each year. For example, hardly any of my crab apples bloomed this year although my regular apples did. You may not always need to bridge a gap.
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    Re: When to put frames in the freezer

    Wax moths prefer brood comb. That's what they're after. However, I've had bad infestations where they just go after any comb. Rarely bare foundation....if ever that I can recall. You may just want to...
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    Re: Bottling question

    I've converted a few buckets to accept a honey gate. They work pretty well. Helps if the honey is on the warmer side so it flows easily and you can just crack the gate to get it started.
  7. Re: How many days should it be rain free When pulling honey supers

    I wouldn't worry about it too much. The bigger issue is harvesting uncapped honey. Sometimes uncapped is just fine. Often, it is not. And it's not always easy "drying" honey that is high in water...
  8. Re: Possible to Save unintended Foundationless Comb?

    Let's start with the comb. Yes, it can be saved. Pick a cooler day where high temps won't make the newly drawn comb very "rubbery". Gently take the cover off by pulling straight up. Place the cover...
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    Re: Probably over thinking this.

    I've used various things over the years with asphalt shingles working best. A strip in front of the hives allows me to mow without weeds growing too close to the entrances. Poison ivy has been a real...
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    Re: multiple eggs per cell

    I'd wait and watch. Swarms can be hard to predict but what happens as far as brood goes will tell you in the long run. Giving a little more space based on what you've described isn't a bad thing....
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    Re: Laying worker question

    I think you could try either a screen or a shake. At this point, you've put a lot of energy into it. If it were me, I'd just screen and combine. I've had some success with that method in the past.
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    Re: continue building comb?

    You never know sometimes. They may have built comb even if you hadn't re-waxed. Is there a flow on? If so, don't feed them anything. They don't need to be fed if there's real stuff available. I would...
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    Re: Basswood/linden - ID and bloom ???

    Early but the bees will be happy!
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    Re: Capping honey question

    I sometimes extract partially capped frames. A quick field test is to "shake" or "sweep" the partially uncapped frame. If nectar visibly sprays out, I leave it. If not, I extract. But when I say...
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    Re: Basswood/linden - ID and bloom ???

    Linden is just starting to bloom here. Funny how it goes's a few days out here in my yard but I was at a conference yesterday 25 minutes away and there were Lindens blooming everywhere...
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    Re: Mating yard visitor

    Pretty awesome pics. You don't get those experiences in front of a tv playing video games!
  17. Re: Burr Comb @ Bottom of Frames - Leave, or remove?

    Most of the time I scrape it off. If I'm doing a quick tip up inspection (for swarm cells) I just make a mental note to get back in there.

    Not that I always do but my intentions are good.......
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    Re: Comb not pulled on supers

    You could try moving super frames into the brood boxes but the whole process is a lot of work if you're constantly checking for aberrant comb. If it's plastic foundation, you just have to accept that...
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    Re: Should I add a box?

    Add the boxes. It's easier to take them off than to wish you had put them on.
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    Re: Odd Comb on Plastic Foundation

    Scrape and keep an eye out. Plastic can be a pain. It's just not natural so you never quite know what you get.
  21. Re: Bees filled in gap left between frames for queen

    Smoke them down. Check to make sure the queen isn't right there. Gently pull the frames apart. Take the frame out and remove the comb. Or, if you can, use your hive tool to carefully pull the extra...
  22. Re: Installing a new Queen with some questions?

    I say you may need some more space. Not a whole lot more but you mention that the 6 frames are "full" of stores. They'll use some as she starts laying (as you mentioned, if she is accepted) but I'd...
  23. Re: seeking opinions about returning wet supers to hives after extracting

    I do when I extract. Above the inner cover and they move it right down.
  24. Re: Smartphone app that listens to bees to tell you what health issues they have

    Careful's this.... Re: Smartphone app that listens to bees to tell you what health issues they have
  25. Re: Not sure how to contact a site administrator

    Sure. You can send a PM to Admin. That should work.
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