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  1. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    knowing your true saturation rate of mites is much better than just treating. Doing the alcohol washes give you a better insight on if and when you need to treat. If you have an extremely low mite...
  2. Re: This is getting ridiculous (Varroa and OAV treatment)

    Have you done any counts via alcohol wash? that will give you your best actual ratio.
    the 5-7 days is a bit on the outside edge for timing, we used this method too in the beginning of our use of ox...
  3. Re: Pro-sweet and fondant from Mann Lake: ripoff.

    You can't compare making mixing your own sugar water to pro sweet, there is way more to prosweet than just granulated sugar and water. Pro sweet has multiple sugar types and probably more solids in...
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    Re: Cook and Beals Wax melter

    This is a great melter, a little finicky, but you just need to learn it.
    It performs best with cappings out of a cook n beal spin float honey wax seperator.

    You can run run any cappings through...
  5. Supplemental bee feed, Candy board filling in Pennsylvania

    I am currently making my in house candy.

    I will fill your candy boards for $1.25. I do not sell my wooden ware. Providing feed service only into your equipment.

    I am making bee feed for my...
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    ELA WF Honey, Made in Delaware

    I have produce a small amount of excess honey from my pollination hives on the Delmarva peninsula this summer.

    I have some buckets and a couple barrels available.

    $3/lb in buckets, $2.50/lb in...
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    Re: getting ready for winter in PA

    As stated, number one, make sure mite counts are under control.

    Secondly, pick whatever size brood chamber you think they can fill with bees, ie , single, double, whatever they can fill with...
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    Re: Selling Wholesale honey

    The American Beekeeping Federation has a list similar to what you are asking in their member directory that is printed up annually(i believe).

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    Re: Honey Processing Trailer

    mobile extracting facilities are a custom based thing.
    I'm pretty sure Cowen even made one, and i've seen a few beekeepers that have built their own over the years.
    None of them ever really catch...
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    Re: Best Type of Clover for HoneyBees

    No, i was speaking of White Sweet clover.
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    Re: Best Type of Clover for HoneyBees

    Hubam clover is an annual, but much like regular white clover.

    Crimson clover is good as well, can't say i've made a crop off of it, but the bees definitely work it well. Planted 50 acres and saw...
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    Re: mite treatment question

    Delete, duplicate
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    Re: Cleaning Honey Equipment

    Generally we don't wash our equipment down unless something contaminated it. Maybe once a year it get's a complete wash down. Steam pressure washer would be best for sanitation and least amount of...
  14. Re: Making Michael Palmers inexpensive pollen sub

    Oh i understand that, i can source the sugar and water way cheaper than buying premade stuff.

    Making my own pollen sub is a whole different matter. I use a lot of Ultrabee, it's pretty good...
  15. Re: Making Michael Palmers inexpensive pollen sub

    This is for Mike Palmer's Pollen patty mix, not that he has his own pollen substitute recipe.

    from reading the title of the thread i thought he had his own pollen sub alternative.

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    Re: de crystallize a 3000 gallon poly tank

    If it's in direct sunlight come spring that will do some of the work for you.

    try to inject some water via a pump at the exit point of the tank, once the water makes a path to the top of the...
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    Re: Vaporizing in February

    I completely agree with Fivej, if you can sneak in treatments on those warm days in January your initial mite numbers will be very low which will benefit you the rest of the year. It's also a very...
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    Re: 1/8" hardware cloth-Where?

    I order mine in at the Local Mom & Pop old style hardware store.

    I tried our local Ace, but they wanted to charge me the by the foot price even if i bought the whole roll.

    Here is a base line...
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    Re: UltraBee vs. AP23 vs. Homemade

    GregG and cfalls, i answered you both in private messages, as to not hi-jack this thread. if someone else would like the same info start a new thread asking those questions and i will post openly.
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    Re: UltraBee vs. AP23 vs. Homemade

    In my opinion Mega Bee is the best pollen sub, however i use Mann Lake's ultrabee because i find it to be the best value for the investment.

    I've used just about every pollen sub that has been...
  21. Re: Starting over this Spring, comments and suggestions appreciated

    The two most important points to keep bees alive are Keeping mites under control and supplemental feed.

    For the mites i suggest a monthly mite roll to verify mite levels per 100 bees(anything over...
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    Re: Anyone near Homosassa Fl?

    Sorry i missed the original post, My sister company is in Dade City, FL

    Queen Kathleen
    38950 River Road
    Dade City FL 33525

    her shop sits on the front acreage of our bee headquarters.
  23. Re: 2019 Spring Nucs May only, April fully booked.

    Still some room in May.
  24. Re: Northeast US Beekeepers: Nuc or Packages?

    @ KJP

    Wax moth major can do some damage to wood if they borrow in to make their cocoon, other than the pain of scraping it all out, there is no negative side effect of re-using that equipment.
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    Re: Brushy Mountain Closing?

    Steve, are you talking about Jim Wilson?

    I just saw in another list about
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