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  1. Re: Did I catch a swarm? or is it just massive robbing?

    Congratulations! I think catching swarms is a blast. I've been fortunate that I was able to watch my 1st and 2nd swarms actually fly in and move in to the trap. What a hoot!
    Nothing so far this...
  2. Re: Is my situation right for beekeeping?

    Barriers such as fences and shrubs cause the bees to fly up and away. They usually don't come back down to ground level immediately. Even chain link fencing is a barrier which the bees see as a...
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    Re: Mason bees not fully developing?

    Drake, you don't show your location so my answer refers to blue mason bees here in the west. Eastern or red mason bees may be different; in nature blue bees build their nests in holes in dead trees...
  4. Re: Where there are butterflies there should be bees?

    whether you see bees or not is every bit as much time of day and weather conditions as it is flora. Yellow flowers in bloom... come back when blue flowers are in bloom.
    Look in the morning... no...
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    Re: Bee club blues

    That's exactly why my 1st bee club meeting 5 years ago was my only bee club meeting. No Q&A, no demonstrations, no teaching. Just a sales pitch for (overpriced) classes on one guy's method of...
  6. Re: Beekeeping logistics in a limited area

    Rather nebulous questions.

    A 'normal' back yard is totally subjective. My entire lot is .24 acre, my back yard is about 1/2 of that area. Yet down the street, lots are 1/2 that size. In the...
  7. Re: Overnight temps in the 40s and using vented bottom boards..

    My 7th grade algebra teacher said "There is no such thing as a dumb question, except for the one you're about to ask, Mr. Brewster!"
    I've been a math-phobe ever since.

    Don't be afraid to ask...
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    Re: Queen Dead On Arrival

    Glad you got it fixed. A happy hive is a joy to watch!
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    Re: Queen Dead On Arrival

    There is no guarantee that livestock shipped through the mail will arrive alive. It's the nature of the beast. And even though suppliers can't make that guarantee, some will cover lost stock as a...
  10. Re: Can hive go from building comb to starving in three days?

    An inspection is required here, even if just a quick peak inside. 58F is plenty warm to look in when you get a less rainy window.
    I would bet GregV has your answer above.
  11. Re: Is there a minimum swarm temperature?

    IMO bees will swarm when there is no more room to grow, not because the temp is XX or because the larder is bare. I think that it takes a lot of workers to fill the empty cells with honey, so if...
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    Re: Actual time requirements

    I have read on this and other forums of a rule of thumb that it takes about 1/2 hour per hive per week.
    As a beginner you might expect a bit more time, and as you gain more experience, less time. ...
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    Re: Aggressive Bees Attacking!

    I'm curious, you said you smell wonderful, so what do you smell like? Muted scents matter as much or more than muted colors. A honey bee's alarm pheromone smells like bananas, for example. Leave...
  14. Re: bee stings and gear...what to plan for and expect?

    What should you expect? Expect to get stung! It's a part of your new obsession.

    I always wear a veil. Stinger in the eyeball is no bueno. That, and I'm just too darn pretty to tolerate a...
  15. Re: Plan Reveiw: Moving hive a short distance close a home with kids

    How far do you have to move it? I moved a hive about 50 feet in my yard last year, no closure, no clouds of angry bees. There is the rule of thumb "move 3 miles or 3 feet". Well, I moved my hive...
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    Re: What is this insect?

    I wish I could answer your question, but being in western US, I'm not familiar with your critters. I'm sure a UK beekeeper will chime in soon.

    the pic doesn't give much detail or sense of...
  17. Re: Will the coronavirus negatively affect the beekeeping industry?

    Today's news headline is China Reports No New CV19 deaths.
    If you believe that one, I have a CV19-proof bridge in Brooklyn to sell.

    I see a lot of nucs and packages for sale in my area, with...
  18. Re: How to tell if returning foragers have full crop?

    If they're low on honey at this time of year, I feed. If they take the syrup, great. If they don't take it, they don't need it because they get enough from the bloom.
  19. Re: How to tell if returning foragers have full crop?

    bees with full crops often actually look 'heavy', meaning that they come in to the landing board a bit low, causing them to crawl up a ways to enter the hive, or sometimes even crash landing at the...
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    Re: sugar sold out?

    it doesn't have to be isopropyl alcohol. Ethyl works just fine. Liquor stores have plenty of vodka.
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    Re: UPS Lost my bees

    I can imagine a UPS dock worker getting stung then throwing the source of his/her misery out into the dumpster. That said;

    At this time UPS has suspended all delivery guarantees due to CV19. ...
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    Re: Keeping bees out of a swimming pool

    Absolutely true. And I like your way of thinking!
  23. Re: Will bees accept wax moth damages frames and clean them up?

    Wax moths are nature's way of cleaning out deadouts and abandoned hives in the wild. A good, strong colony will clean up the comb in no time.

    That said, I just can't stand putting all that nasty...
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    Re: What recourse do I have?

    So very true JW!

    Make certain you are in compliance with state and local laws and, for the love of Mike, keep a low profile. Advertising your beek hobby to the neighbors all too often results in...
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    Re: Tangled Bees

    imo bees are never tangled. They are bearding, as RV says, or they are festooning, which is quite a sight. both very interesting to watch.

    BTW I used to own a 1954 Lincoln Capri. nice car and I...
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