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  1. Re: whats needed to transport bees out of state?

    looking at 200 plus hives.
  2. whats needed to transport bees out of state?

    never taken bees out of state, planning on moving bees to almonds in spring. what permits or the like do I need to get and from whom do I get them. im in Washington state taking bees to California....
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    Looking for a bee keeper job

    I'm looking for a beekeeping job in the Walla walla, WA or Milton freewater , Oregon area. I have two years working bees,have 32 hives I manage. Thanks Contact me @ [email protected]
  4. Making splits and not moving the hives apart?

    Everything I've read says when you make a split to move the split at least two miles away from the original hive. I'm gonna make a split in the same bee yard and only be afew feet from the original...
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    Re: Making summer splits?

    I'm taking each split from an established hive.
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    Making summer splits?

    Do any of you guys make summer splits? I saw a YouTube article about making splits in the summer,guy says w a summer split you get winter bees for going into the winter. I have four queens coming...
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    Opening hive to add sugar cake?

    The temps have been right around freeing. I want to add sugar cakes to my hives, is it to cold out to open the hives? If I'm quick it would be only open for a minute.
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