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  1. Re: How many OAV treatments in winter can they tolerate?

    We hit them twice in winter. Even if the OAV does stress them a bit nothing stresses a hive like varroa.
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    Re: Black Friday Sales

    Laurel and I loaded up on beesuits for the kids for Christmas. Also, grabbed up some spare gloves for the kids and 6 pairs for laurel and I since they were only 5 bucks each. Score!
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    Re: Against Smoking Bees

    Well to each his own but I would love to see honey harvested from a 5 deep hive with no smoke and no beesuits.
  4. Lighting a smoker like nobody's business and giving one away the day after Christmas

    At 10k subs in under a year. It is very humbling. There is so much in the world of bees to learn and Laurel and I can't say thank you enough for contributing to our youtube and facebook bee family...
  5. Re: Advice for sealing concrete floor extraction room

    Thanks for everything fellas it has been very helpful!
  6. Advice for sealing concrete floor extraction room

    Hey all I am going to be prepping a 30x36 concrete pad. The pad is not in bad shape but it is from the late 70s and I am sure will need cleaned and etched or sanded. I am doing my research now. Any...
  7. Re: New Dadant smoker where have you been all my life?

    We have three of the large ones. 1 for Laurel, 1 for me, and 1 designated for treatments only. That way if it gets any thymol, OA, or anything on it we aren't needing to use it with bare hands. They...
  8. Re: Two untreated hives in my bee yard

    That is what many of the gurus did. They treated and it didn't work so they stopped and made the switch and began on the pathways of enlightenment. Lo and behold they found super bees that not only...
  9. Re: Two untreated hives in my bee yard

    We just requeened the colony. No need for bees to die for no reason. This was for our youtube channel. The videos main goal was to show that OAV isn't quite as effective as many think it is with...
  10. Re: Two untreated hives in my bee yard

    In a video series we have been doing a colony that was left untreated for experimental purposes had 94 mites in an alcohol wash of 300 bees!!!

    If this hive was not monitored and had collapsed it...
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    Re: OAV in the winter?

    I like 40s best myself. Doing treatments now in TN should have them close to broodless. I typically wait for a day or in the 40s in December. Waiting to get 40s after Jan is often too late as our...
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    Re: Package VS. Nuc Challenge

    We started off with 3 packages and 2 of our own nucs. Now we have 7 colonies thanks to our nucs that produced alot of brood and drew great combs. The nucs also gave 4 frames of brood to the packages...
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    Re: Weighing Beehives-Winter Weight

    It think it is just a matter of access. I run a very different system but it is nothing for strong double to take in a gallon of prosweet or 1:1 in 12 hours in my frame feeders. 45 holes is alot
  14. Re: Treat Package Before Installation?

    I personally like waiting until a week after install. Install your bees, feed them. a week later OAV. The mites will still be exposed and the colony will be locked in as a colony and not a bunch of...
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    Re: OAV or Apivar?

    Oh yeah! We like having apiguard as one of our treatments! The 50 gram dose is a bit much when it is above 90 IMHO. I would rather cut myself with a dull hive tool than to start using formic again....
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    Re: Bee's Gone

    Sounds like mite issues.
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    Re: OAV or Apivar?

    Yeah my wife and I are not fans of formic either. Even when used correctly it roughs the bees up too much.
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    Re: Frame rest protectors

    I personally don't see any significant advantage that is worth the time or money
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    Re: Varroa 12%

    When colonies have alot of brood it seems to take the apivar a good bit to knock them back from what I have observed using washes. I believe that is why they are suggested to be used over 2 brood...
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    Re: Varroa 12%

    I agree, apivar and OAV. 5 rounds of OAV in my opinion at 4 day intervals. Keep in mind if you have a 12% wash you have a much higher count once all the capped brood emerges. Once the OA is done I...
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    Re: Frames

    I made the switch from Kelley frames to Mann lake frames a while back and I have been really pleased with the several thousand Mann lake frames I have assembled. I have never tried a brushy mtn so I...
  22. Re: Down with Double Deeps! Fess up, you alternative hive-style followers!!!!

    I am not against folks using whatever equipment they want but my double deeps are great. My wife and I have hundreds of colonies in them and most you couldn't squeeze into a single if you wanted to....
  23. Re: Drones Blind Queens with Semen

    Yeah I think this is bologna, but I have been wrong before.
  24. Re: Is it tougher and tougher to control mites with OAV?

    I agree with Old timer. OAV does not kill effectively for more than a few days. We also know it does not kill 100% of exposed mites during the prime effective time of the treatment. Another thing to...
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    Re: Chinses Swarm commander

    I have used both and really haven't seen anything that would make me feel it is any better. It does work, but so does Anise. Having hive smells like combs, propolis, and a decent cavity size is more...
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