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    Re: infused honey

    One of our local beeks and our local distillery did a collaboration with her honey in their whisky, and her honey aged in their whisky barrels so each had a value-added product. Spirit Hound and Bee...
  2. Re: Mead Beginner looking for Advce and Guidance

    Well fruit will add volume, and to the racking losses, so account for that in your planning.
  3. Re: Mead Beginner looking for Advce and Guidance

    Good question and sure, you absolutely can. Be aware though that voluminous headspace is safe only during primary fermentation when the yeast will scrub oxygen from the air as well as blow it out...
  4. Re: Mead Beginner looking for Advce and Guidance

    Take a look at the Intro thread. +1 on Vance's recommendation to stick with "table strength" in the 11-14 range at least at first. If you're a "buy once cry once" believer consider starting in 5...
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    Re: First Mead Batch

    Phoebee hit it. You could also ferment to dryness, then stabilize using a combination of sorbate and sulfite.... this will allow adding more honey to taste that won't re-initiate fermentation. Low...
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    Re: Stalled Fermentation?

    Are those gravity the volume of the must (4 # honey plus water to make one gallon) or a gallon of water PLUS 3 and 4#? I suspect your gravity readings may be off which is not unusual. If the honey...
  7. Re: 3rd week of my first mead/ here are my gravity readings so far.

    Looking good! It's either very close or done at that gravity of .998. Be sure to rack carefully so as to admit as little air as possible.
  8. Re: 3rd week of my first mead/ here are my gravity readings so far.

    I've dreamed for years of tapping our boxelder (narrow-leafed maple) but haven't yet taken the plunge. If anyone thinks to do so, take a gravity reading of the drawn sap please: one idea I've...
  9. Re: 3rd week of my first mead/ here are my gravity readings so far.

    A half cup of sugar wouldn't significantly add to the gravity. A half cup weighs about 3.5 ounces=.21875 pounds. Multiply that by 45 gravity points (points per pound per gallon) for granulated sugar...
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    Re: Alcohol Tolerance?

    Personal attacks are NOT tolerated nor welcome on Beesource: differences of opinion may be expressed as such, but keep it civil.
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    Re: Noob, first mead

    Pause for breath gentlemen. Mazers, and beekeepers, are people of quiet dignity and who welcome all views... let's continue to be a model for our community please.
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    Re: De-gassing?

    Let's please keep difference of opinion as respectful differences. Beekeepers, just as mazers, can disagree without resorting to snark.

    I'll add that I think the degassing questions may have left...
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    Re: Mead bottling

    Personally I'm a crown cap guy. Corks have the tradition going for them, but natural corks can be inconsistent and IMO are kind of a hassle. Synthetics are better but still lots more work than...
  14. Re: Ninja-level creative electric fence invention question

    These are galvanized, welded-wire panels and each cage is a cube with panel on all six sides (sides plus floor and roof). I've been assuming that the occupants would not be energized, but my...
  15. Ninja-level creative electric fence invention question

    I've been very happy with my fence setup, and troubleshooting it over the years has gotten me to a fair level of skill in how they work. Now I'm having a brainstorm and need to see if I'm crazy. Bear...
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    Re: Cider vinegar questions here?


    Was this a naturally-fermented cider or a sanitized must with introduced yeast? Pellicles are common with "wild" ferments, and there's no real way to know if it's a good thing or not. Note...
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    Re: sugestions on why fermentation failure

    It can definitely take a few days for some meads even with healthy yeast, especially if they have high gravity, cool temps, low pitching rates etc. It takes time at least for the must to become...
  18. Thread: K-met

    by Ben Brewcat

    Re: K-met

    Perfectly normal, you will not see offgassing from sulfiting. The PPM is too low to even saturate the solution. If you moved the carboy from a warmer location, it would be normal for offgassing of...
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    Re: Blackberry Mead

    Not the way a proteinaceous bev like beer does. It'll raise a good head at high primary but the bubbles aren't very persistent.
  20. Re: WOW! just rolled out of bed! Some great meads.

    Finding a good place in/under your home helps a lot. Early vigorous ferments can raise themselves up on their own metabolic energy, so keep an eye on it... those stick-on strips work well for this...
  21. Re: WOW! just rolled out of bed! Some great meads.

    +1 on the thief. :)
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    Re: whole hive mead

    If by context you mean date range, I couldn't say: the origins of mead are largely lost to antiquity. However my basis for the nature of what we know of early fermentation comes from Sacred and...
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    Re: whole hive mead

    OK, so historically whole hive mead (which was the way a lot of mead was made) predated honey extraction by a long time. So yes it really was comb, brood, bees, pollen and honey stores made into a...
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    Re: Making Mead

    I use my honey for almost all my meads. I also don't use most medications, but if I have to I use it strictly according to label so as to not contaminate honey... the "biggest" gun I use is probably...
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    Re: Mead Recipes

    Not sure what testing would do for mead. I get regular full analysis for brewing, but brewing depends on a lot more chemistry than mead. If you have extremely hard water and don't like the taste, you...
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