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  1. Re: How long to keep captured swarm in box while preparing their new home?

    Bit of a non-update (and an unimportant rant) : Things seem to being going fine, as far as the bees are concerned! Bees are happily coming and going. I haven't opened it up yet to check on them, but...
  2. Re: Swarm found on ground -- should I requeen?

    Thanks guys! It seems like the overall verdict is to wait and see, so I did what Ruthiesbees suggested so that whatever happens it'll be easy to either combine or not combine, whichever I have to do....
  3. Swarm found on ground -- should I requeen?

    Hi guys. So I just got a swarm from my neighbor's yard (my second ever and the second one this week!) However, it was on the ground and also stayed for several days. I'm assuming the queen can't fly,...
  4. Thread: Florida

    by sarahsbees

    Got two in the week of 3/11/2018. One very...

    Got two in the week of 3/11/2018.

    One very easy, the other on the ground and tangled in the lower branches of a bush and they would NOT go into the box, no matter what I baited it with. Or I'd...
  5. Two in the week of 3/10 2018 in St. Pete FL

    One was easy, hanging from an elevated flower pot about 4 feet off the ground -- just had to pick up the flower pot and shake it into the box.

    The other was my neighbor's and was on the ground and...
  6. Re: How long to keep captured swarm in box while preparing their new home?

    "You asked about the risk of them leaving, yes this is now a risk. Because blocked in bees get panicky, I'm not sure what will happen when you open it."

    Oh dear... it seems I did the exact wrong...
  7. Re: How long to keep captured swarm in box while preparing their new home?

    Yeah, moving it shouldn't be a problem. I was more worried that they wouldn't like having a hole in their roof and would go somewhere else, seeing as entrances are usually on the side or bottom. Or...
  8. How long to keep captured swarm in box while preparing their new home?

    Ok, so this morning while gardening I saw a swarm of bees (probably mine) hanging off a garden trellis. I captured it which was actually really easy. I took an empty super (with frames) put it on a...
  9. Hey guys, I found a use for wax worms ;) - cookie recipe??

    Was looking for holiday cookie recipes and came across this one. I had to double check to make sure they meant REAL wax worms rather than gummy worms or something.

    I'm certainly not going to be...
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    Re: What are your 2018 goals?

    Beekeeping goals:

    1. Increase hives from two to three and try to have three strong hives all year. (The past two years I keep alternating between one and two hives, due to a couple of issues...
  11. Re: Is this something I should worry about (queen cell?)

    Thanks guys! I'm less worried about swarming, more wondering if they're trying to replace a weak queen. I requeened earlier this month and so am trying to keep an eye on the egg/queen situation to...
  12. Is this something I should worry about (queen cell?)

    Hi! So earlier this month (the 17th) I got two new BeeWeaver queens. One of my hives looks great! The other one.... not so much. Really only two full frames of brood. Part of me thinks maybe she...
  13. Re: Why would anyone buy packages and not nucs?

    Haha! I thought I might have to, but luckily the mailman delivered to the house!

    A friend of mine who lives a bit away did ask me to help him get set up with some beehives, so soon I imagine I'll...
  14. Re: Why would anyone buy packages and not nucs?

    Hey, don't sell short that $30 difference... Some of us are cheap here. ;)

    Reasons I went with packages:
    1. The experience/knowledge gained from "starting from scratch." To me, buying nucs seemed...
  15. Re: This concerns me, is there something wrong with this picture?

    +1 for liquid damage on the dead bees. Is there sugar water or a beetle trap full of oil above them?
  16. Re: Oops... spilt a bit of oil in the hive from a beetle blaster..

    I kept having that problem, too. Eventually I got rid of the traps as someone suggested. Was killing more of my own bees than beetles. Someone less clumsy than I might fare better.

    I've also heard...
  17. Re: Filling supers with pollen? And is this the queen??!!

    Queen is super long -- you'll recognize her when you see her!! When I first got my bees I was searching through every photo I took looking for her and kept mistaking all sorts of worker bees and...
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    Re: Hive fading, no brood, what to do?

    Agree with beekeeper chef. One of my hives swarmed and something went wrong with them making a new queen. I don't trust my stronger hive to have enough resources to help out and the soonest I can get...
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    Re: Swarm at hive entrance - what to do?

    I think the pics are just bearding, which might happen for a reason or might happen for no reason at all -- my bees beard regardless of population or weather, I think it's genetic.

    However, the...
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    Re: What should I have on hand??

    I've heard bad stuff about Honey B Healthy -- that it causes robbing.

    I also heard mixed reviews about Fumigilin -- like, it only treats a lesser kind of Nosema and is ineffective about the kind...
  21. Thread: tool kit

    by sarahsbees

    Re: tool kit

    I travel light compared to most of y'all. Smoker, hive tool, camera, some shims to use when closing the hive (to avoid squishing bees -- set the top down on shims which makes a space small enough for...
  22. Re: Help discerning if we should take the plunge

    Do it! It's one of those scary things where regardless of research (which is super good to do -- I reccomend The Beekeeper's Bible and also the library which should have a Beekeeping section...
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    Re: Guerilla bee gardening

    I dunno, you might not like your neighbors! Might nefariously be throwing seeds over their fence in the middle of the night. ;)

    In all seriousness, I've heard of companies selling "seed bombs" and...
  24. Thread: Rant!

    by sarahsbees

    Re: Rant!

    So much nuance gets lost in some of the advertising and "memes" about saving the bees. Not just about why the bees are going extinct, but also (as some people have chimed in) what kind of bees are...
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    Re: Let Them Bee!

    I think all of your "probablys" and "what ifs" already have evidence-based or observable answers. It doesn't take much searching of this site to see other people's mistakes and learn from what they...
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