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    Re: Working it in or burning it off?

    I like the look of your burntwood hives. Are you burning the wood before applying the finish? If so, it may be sealing the pores of the wood where it won't readily absorb finish.

    Personally, I...
  2. Re: In hive temperature control with Open Mesh Bottom Boards

    If the water is spread out over a "large area" to evaporate, then I would assume it is spread throughout the frames (or at least that would be the most efficient). Assuming the hive has a top...
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    Re: What a laying worker looks like

    Huh? The workers are all female.......
  4. Re: In hive temperature control with Open Mesh Bottom Boards

    Hmmm......bees don't have an air conditioner so it seems you should be comparing them to homes/houses without AC. And in houses without an AC, then yeah, you do open the doors and windows to cool...
  5. Re: In hive temperature control with Open Mesh Bottom Boards

    Wouldn't this likely be dependent on where your hives are located? In other words, would this be true in Florida, Texas or Arizona? Maybe not.
  6. Re: how to combine a laying worker hive with a queenright hive?

    Purely speculation as I've never tried this.

    Assuming you have a decently strong queen-right hive, could you move a couple frames per week from the LW hive to the QH? Maybe split the 2 frames and...
  7. Re: Homemade Oxalic Acid vaporizer with temp control

    Looks good. Seems to vaporize slowly but otherwise, nice!
  8. Re: How likely will a hive swarm if you don't split it in the Spring?

    When members here describe a 2 year old hive, are they meaning a 2 year old queen? Does "2 years" mean the second year (1 year old) or does it mean the 3rd year (2 years old)?
  9. Re: How likely will a hive swarm if you don't split it in the Spring?

    Stonewall, thanks for taking the time to describe how you use Demaree. It sounds like a neat way to delay splitting till there are plenty of drones while lessening the chance of a swarm. I assume...
  10. Re: Managing for Honey Production without Swarming

    I'll have to read up on the Demaree method. It sounds like I need to start some new hives. I don't mind starting hives if I can wait till drones are abundant so I don't need to purchase queens. I...
  11. Re: Managing for Honey Production without Swarming

    Roland, where is your method detailed?
  12. Managing for Honey Production without Swarming

    I'm a backyard hobbyist at the moment. Purchased 3 mature hives in March last year and added a nuc in early May. I was able to start 2 new hives with purchased queens, split the best mature hive in...
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    Re: 8 or 10 frame

    I decided to go with 8 frame equipment when I started out.......then found a good deal buying out a friend who was selling out so ended up with 10 frame equipment. I started two hives last summer...
  14. Re: Reversing brood boxes and adding honey supers at the same time?

    That is good reasoning RayMarler. I like that plan.
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    Re: Which size hives are most productive?

    For honey production, I would agree that a large population works best......more and a higher percentage of foragers boosts production. It seems some want to confuse the topic by adding in weather...
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    Re: Oxalic Acid Vaporizer with Temp Controller

    Dimensions are given in post #11 of this thread.
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    Re: Lauri's bricks down to an Art!

    Sure thought I had the correct amount of ACV. I hope you are right as I wasted 10lb of sugar.
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    Re: Lauri's bricks down to an Art!

    I did the same thing. Followed the recipe exactly and had the perfect "wet snow". Put them in my electric oven at it's lowest setting (probably 170F or 180F, don't recall) and it turned it into...
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    Re: do ten frame boxes increase starvation?

    I'm no expert but would like to throw out a couple of points for debate.

    First, heat the top box is likely the warm part of the hive. With that said, how would a taller and...
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    Re: Best Oxalic Acid Vaporizer

    I made a decent one. I haven't had any issues and I've never replaced the glow plug. With that said, I did it for fun as I like to tinker. Why mess with this? Spend your time on your bees. Buy...
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    Re: Blackberry Mead

    Day 60

    Unfortunately, this is the final update.

    Last night I placed the original lid on the carboy that it had when I bought it new full of water. Today, I went home for lunch and it looked soo...
  22. Re: Poor quality components - how much tolerance to allow?

    This is likely your answer. It seems many here know that lumber expands/contracts tangentially and radially but don't feel the mfg has any responsibility to dry the lumber to acceptable standards...
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    Re: Blackberry Mead

    Day 59

    Fermentation did indeed restart, yeah! It brought the sweetness down considerably. It appears to be finished now and the small amount of residual sweetness left is nice. It tastes good...
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    Re: Blackberry Mead

    Day 46

    Removed the oak and vanilla bean tonight. So these were in the secondary for 2 weeks total. I'm afraid to go much longer with the spiral oak as it seems to work faster than the cubes with...
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    Re: Short Methleglin (Quick Drinking Hydromel)

    My wife and I tried a bottle made from the darker honey tonight. At 28 days this is great! So it wasn't the lighter honey version that was just needed a couple weeks to age. It has...
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