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  1. Re: Why the heck won't they gain weight (after ALOT of feeding).

    I have found when using jar feeders with holes poked in the lids, hole size can make a huge difference in syrup use. Larger holes allow for faster consumption and it gets stored. Smaller holes slow...
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    Re: MAQS failure

    Most likely a combination of the quilt, and the expiration. Maqs are very particular to how they are stored as well as date. Most likely was iffy whether it'd been strong enough in a closed up hive....
  3. Re: Is it feasible to control swarming without performing a spring split?

    If they decide to swarm, the emerging virgin could kill your mated queen. The virgin wouldn't be able to go out and mate. This can be a short term fix, but it's not a place it and forget it strategy.
  4. Re: Unusual abundance of HB hind legs on mite drop board

    Possible robbing attempt?
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    Re: Best way to cull a dying hive?

    Personally, I'd just shake them out in the grass and let them scatter to other hives in the yard.

    If you are worried about them joining other hives, shake bees into new box of foundation. Freeze...
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    Re: healty hives that refuse to store food

    Had a hive like that a few years ago. The queen just wouldn't stop laying. The more I fed, the more brood was in the October. When popping the top you could feel the heat coming from the...
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    Re: And now this.... GM bees.

    Biggest thing to me is that they didn't invent or create the genes... they moved them from somewhere to another place.

    Some of the research was done at universities, and most that did research...
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    Re: Where is the honey

    I had similar experience this year. Put on supers, then after 2 weeks, smoked the supers heavy and placed new metal excluders in. Went back after a week and made sure that open larvae and eggs were...
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    Re: Fall Extraction Blues

    I just store the supers wet. Eliminate that issue altogether.
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    Re: Melting down burr comb with larvae

    Whatever you do, just don't leave it in a bucket, get busy, and forget about it. Trust me. Lol
  11. Re: Florida beekeeper claims someone poisoned, killed nearly 7 million of his honeybe

    Pretty sure that's the study that tested only about 32 hives of bees. There was a very slight average tendency for higher mortality with increased exposure to glyphosate, but the longest living bees...
  12. Re: Bees are omnivores and need the Amino Acids from microbes in bee bead.

    I often see bees on blood during deer hunting season. Not much pollen available here in November.
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    Re: Spraying for Army Worms

    Likely will be a pyrethroid. Will kill any bee it contacts immediately. As long as it doesn't drift into your hive you should be fine. Field bees are susceptible, but if they aren't working that...
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    Re: Honey House Pump

    I have the 1-1/2" dadant gear pump. It keeps up with my dadant 20/36 frame extractor with no problems on its slowest setting. I have it set up with 1-1/2" inlet hose from the heated sump and 1"...
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    Re: Slippery floors

    I think I have seen some people mention a cleaner called purple power.

    My wife makes soap, and I have always wondered if a lye solution would break the wax down, essentially turning it into soap....
  16. Re: Workers Moving Eggs in Queenless Divided Hive?

    How are the entrances situated? Any chance she moved out for a bit in the bearded front, and crawled into the wrong chamber? Then back?
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    Re: How close can I set my hives

    I use 2 way pallets. Usually set 6 pallets inside a 16'x16' "pen" in cow pastures. I prefer about 4-5' between pallets in all directions. Hate it when I set them 2' side to side. Won't ever set them...
  18. Re: OA vaporization is probably safe with honey supers - here's my calculations

    This is it...

    While logically, I agree username, the reality is that the American consumer doesn't care about boring calculations or studies. It's all about headlines. And if those headlines...
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    Re: Pex pipe for honey

    I have a reinforced 2" hose from the extractor to the sump, with 1-1/2" reinforced hose between the sump and the pump. Currently have a 1" reinforced hose going to a 65 gallon bottling tank, but that...
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    Pex pipe for honey

    I have seen many who use pvc pipe for pumping honey through. Any ideas about using pex? It is rated for potable water, so I'd think it'd be ok. My entire house is plumbed with the stuff.

  21. Re: Florida beekeeper claims someone poisoned, killed nearly 7 million of his honeybe

    Several commercial bee keepers on Facebook have indicated this is a well respected guy with over 20k hives. While it is not a small loss, it comprises about 1% of his hives at over 20k colonies, so...
  22. Re: Calculating number of flowers needed for a hive?

    Keep in mind, that when you google honey yield per acre, it gives you the total, not the net surplus. Depending on how drawn out the flow is, some to all may be used for brood production.

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    Re: How hard is this going to 'bee'?

    Posts 3 and 6 in this thread are spot on. Quite possibly the best responses I've ever read regarding someone aspiring to become a beekeeper. Props to psm1212 and little_john.
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    Re: Questions on hive space and swarming

    Answers to all those questions should contain phrases like "it depends", "often times" and "usually". Lol.

    The answers above are generally correct, but often times if the brood nest is plugged,...
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    Re: Bees Outside of Hive at Night

    Yes. It seems to be more pronounced when the nectar flow slows. Maybe the need to fan inside is lessening. Or there's no need to produce any more heat inside. Sometimes it is because the brood...
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