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  1. Anyone successful with mason bees in Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana?

    I'm in the Greater Cincinnati area planning to start some Mason bees next spring. I like the idea of choosing the native osmia lignaria, but from what I've read they do would not do well in this...
  2. Re: Organic Beek with Nosema. I guess all I can do is ride it out. Anything else?

    After seeing them again I' think you're right. Thanks again.
  3. Re: Organic Beek with Nosema. I guess all I can do is ride it out. Anything else?

    Thank you Michael. What do you make of the symptoms I'm seeing. This morning at dawn I went to the hive to place a robber screen on it and I watched for awhile. There were bees walking right off the...
  4. Organic Beek with Nosema. I guess all I can do is ride it out. Anything else?

    I have three hives and one is showing some signs of nosema. Bees staggering around, unable to fly, being dragged out of the hive. Other than some of them looking pale, the look perfecting formed....
  5. Starting a package with drawn comb. Need to feed?

    Installing 3 pound packages and I have plenty of drawn comb to start them on.

    Would you still feed them syrup even though they’re starting off with drawn comb?

    And, with 8 frame mediums, how...
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    “Single-hive” honey?

    I came across a beekeeper’s website that is touting their “single-hive” honey, implying that harvesting a jar from a single frame will retain a more distinctive flavor as opposed to mixing a large ...
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    Re: Please Stop...

    I've never even felt comfortable calling myself a beekeeper.

    I’m a bee watcher; a student of learning the mysteries of the honeybee.

    I feel like the bees keep me. They keep me happy. The keep...
  8. Thread: Winter Prep

    by bimbyjim

    Re: Winter Prep

    Michael, could you elaborate on why "syrup DOES hurt in several ways. It may be better than starvation, but if they don't NEED it, then it is far better to not feed sugar syrup.".

    And also curious...
  9. Re: Help! I screwed up my first cut-down split - Does it need to be corrected urgent

    I did my first split on Monday, so glad to see I have company in the "Anxiety Gallery".

    Actually, this was my second split. The first one being a Muddle-Headed Split for sure. I was a new beek...
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    Re orientation trick after moving hive

    Tomorrow I will moving a hive about 5 miles from current location.

    Regarding the Bush/Taylor trick of putting grass, sticks, or other vegetation on the entrance after they are moved, I was...
  11. Thread: Laying Worker

    by bimbyjim

    Re: Laying Worker

    An old post I know, but relevant to me today.

    I installed a package of Italians exactly 3 weeks ago today.

    First sign that things were not right, bees were hot. I got nailed twice on my...
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    Re: Cell size in foundationless frames

    Thanks for the reply gmcharlie and thenance007
  13. Queen is laying in only a few frames. What would you do?

    I have a queen that seems to be stuck on laying only a few frames. She’s been doing this all spring, plenty room on other frames, but keeps laying on the same frames.

    I was hoping the workers...
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    Re: Quotes about beekeeping

    To see Michael Bush quote this is very encouraging.
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    Cell size in foundationless frames

    I have a horizontal Langstroth that I started a package last year on with foundationless frames. I used standard four sided medium frames with popsicle stick starters. This worked very well.

  16. Re: What would the bees be lapping up in a small area on the right side of the entran

    Yes they do go back in at night.

    Suppose there could be more mositure collecting on that side, but nothing visable.

    This happened to a lessor degree about a month ago. And now that I think...
  17. What would the bees be lapping up in a small area on the right side of the entrance?

    They are congregating at right side of the entrance on the bottom board; an area about 5 inshes wide.

    They were there up until dark last night and they were right back out there at dawn this this...
  18. Re: Any advantage to building in a screened BB on my horizontal Langstroth? SHB contr

    Thanks guys, that helps alot.

  19. Any advantage to building in a screened BB on my horizontal Langstroth? SHB control?

    This is not really TB question, but I am going for the "Minimalist beekeeping au natural" environment.

    I'm building a 4 ft. foundationless horizontal Langstroth. I'd like some advice on the...
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    Re: bees from lang. to top bar?

    I picked some lumber yesterday to build a horizontal Langstroth, for the very reasons Michael pointed out in 2) and 3).

    A few questions on design...1) top or bottom entrance, 2) screened or solid...
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    Re: More questions about robbing

    Thank you Gypsi and Michael.

    This reminds me of another question. One very warm day about 3 weeks ago I was working in the yard and I saw this large groups of bees come flying into the yard....
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    More questions about robbing

    My next door neighbor is having an outdoor event in the backyard today so I decided to close up my two hive's to keep my girls from joining the party.

    Last night I feed them and closed off the...
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    Re: Queen of the Sun


    Thanks for the feedback. I posted this thread hoping to hear some criticism and become better educated.

    Please feel free to elaborate on what was pseudo-science in the film. You can...
  24. Re: When workers immediately ball the queen cage does it mean they will not accept he

    Great advice AramF.

    I did notice some were fanning.

    I'm hoping for the best.


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    Queen of the Sun

    I wasn't sure what forum to start this in so I went with Bee Forum.

    I saw Queen of the Sun at a theatre last night in Cincinnati. The turnout was pretty good for an obscure 83 minute documentary...
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