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  1. Re: Queen Rearing with Michael Palmer method

    What is the reason for queen wing clipping?

    I believe it was originally conceived as a means of controlling swarming. If the queen's wing is clipped she can't follow the bees into the trees, and...
  2. Re: We had it figured out until we didn't have it figured out

    "There are no dumb questions...only dumb answers".

    Either method suggested up until now will work, but on balance I'd go with buying the 8-frame deeps. Buy two, one for each hive. Your brood...
  3. Re: what to do with comb exposed to mothball treatment?

    I've done the same as MY-smokepole, with the same success.
  4. Re: Anyone ever tried this patty recipe?

    FWIW, Hackenberg is pretty reliable. I can't otherwise comment as I can't read the image and it will not print.
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    Re: WNY Welcome

    MikeBalst1...where in New York are you?
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    Re: WNY Welcome

    Welcome to Bee Source. You are in an extremely productive area for honey, thus lots of very knowledgeable beekeepers. Look into Chatauqua County Beekeepers and Western NY Honey Producers.
  7. Re: Carl Killion's Honey in the Comb

    I consider Carl Killion's book together with Taylor's The Comb Honey Book, the two must have books for those interested in or wanting to produce comb honey.
  8. Re: Should I buy an established hive in Oct in Upstate NY

    This sounds like a great bargain, BUT the key is mite control. If the hive has not been properly treated for mites, and the bees die in the winter, you will have gone from a great bargain to a so-so...
  9. Harmful to feed bees melter honey?l

    I use a Maxant Wax Melter to refine my beeswax. Of course, this produces a fair amount of 'melter honey'. I've always thrown it out as I have plenty of excellent extracted honey for my needs and to...
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    2019 New York Clover Honey

    Just extracted. Raw, Unfiltered, Unheated. $185.00 60 pound bucket, pick up in Schenectady NY. Please text 518-573-8246 or email [email protected]
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    Re: Ross rounds leaking

    I have produced, packaged, and sold thousands of Ross Rounds and have never had a problem with leaking. A couple of thoughts occur to me:
    1. Producers of cut comb, which will leak profusely from...
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    Re: Hello From the Adirondacks

    Welcome. I am near Albany, NY. Not far from you and sometimes similar temperatures. Don't give up, there are lots of beekeepers in the adirondacks.
  13. Re: Dancing Bee Pollen Trap-Any thoughts

    Why would anyone want a trap other than a Sundancer...sold by all dealers, and made in the US.
  14. Re: First year everything - Can I single?

    I encourage you to start by having a brood nest of no more than one deep plus one medium. Start your package in the deep alone and feed, feed, feed to draw out the frames. When seven frames are...
  15. Re: Northeast US Beekeepers: Nuc or Packages?

    If you can get mid-April nucs from Steve Repasky I'd advise you to jump at the opportunity!
  16. Re: Northeast US Beekeepers: Nuc or Packages?

    I have never personally bought nucs from Craiglist, but I know others who have. Without exception, the sellers have been misleading or worse. We have locals selling April nucs that come from the...
  17. Re: Northeast US Beekeepers: Nuc or Packages?

    If I were faced with those choices I'd go for the early April packages. Hopefully the first week of April. But...are you prepared to have at least one deep filled with frames and foundation before...
  18. Re: Kelley Cat# 16N Thin Top Bar Shallow Frames for Cut Comb

    My understanding is that Kelley will make them for a minimum order of 200. I'm sure there are lots of folks here that would buy the 'extra' 100 from you! They last about 'forever'. I've some that...
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    Re: Granulated comb honey

    If you have fewer than 10, I'd use the double boiler. Otherwise, the 5 gallon pail. Either way, not a very pleasant job!
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    Re: Lemon Creamed Honey.

    I realized I forgot to address the ratio of dried fruit to honey. As a general rule, we use one pound of freeze-dried fruit to every 5 gallons (60 pounds) of honey. After it sets up we taste and...
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    Re: Lemon Creamed Honey.

    the best place to buy freeze dried products is Van Drunen Farms. 815-472-3100. If the minimum sale quantity is too high for you, ask for names and contact information of...
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    Re: Lemon Creamed Honey.

    I used freeze dried lemon to make lemon creamed honey. Yumee.
  23. Re: Sundance II Pollen Trap Question

    I tried it just once and it was not a good idea. There is always some bee death and survivors use the occasional warm day to dispose of the bodies. The once I tried to leave the trap on the dead...
  24. Re: Xentari problem (probably operator error)

    You need to be using the right subspecies. bacillus thuringiensis, sup. aizawai. Are you?
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    Re: Pecan flavored creamed honey

    I think you are correct, but am not sure. We are in New York state and order the pecans from Georgia. We do not specify 'fresh' or 'dried' and use what they ship us. We do keep them refrigerated...
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