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  1. Re: Transition from shallow frames to deep frames?

    Just add the deep box above the shallow. When the bees want to expand they will draw the comb in the upper and move the brood nest up. If you are not in a nectar flow you will need to feed to cause...
  2. Re: Bees not cleaning out honey frames left outside of the hives

    If the comb is drawn out "fat" now would be the time to trim it to the proper thickness. Catch and save the honey to be fed at a later time. It being outside overnight will be no problem.
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    Re: Learning Grafting

    If the comb has never had a cycle of brood raised in it there will be no cocoons in the cells base and any scraping tool will work to remove the cell walls.

    If a cycle of brood has been raised in...
  4. Re: Bees not cleaning out honey frames left outside of the hives

    If you are still in a nectar flow the bees will ignore exposed honey and continue to forage nectar.
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    Re: SBB question

    I think a simple reply to the question about the negative affects of bees bearding would be that the house bees on the outside of the hive are not doing the tasks that they need to do inside the...
  6. Re: 16 grafted, 7 accepted, 3 emerged, virgin introduction rejected…

    You will have better luck introducing cells than with virgins.
  7. Re: What’s your favorite way to requeen with mated queen?

    I have done it both ways and with equal success. I think I prefer just inserting the nuc when I remove the old queen with an equal number of frames as the nuc. I always save the old queen until I...
  8. Re: Will newspaper combine overheat isolated colony?

    I have made several newspaper combines in 90+ weather with no damage to the confined part of the colony. Make several slits in the newspaper in the center of the box and the bees will open and...
  9. Re: What’s your favorite way to requeen with mated queen?

    Introduce the new queen to a small nuc, after she has been accepted and has been laying for a few weeks, remove the old queen from her colony and put the nuc in the colony to be requeened.
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    Re: Hardware cloth and hive beetles

    Beetles can go through 1/8 inch hardware cloth, but if they want to go in a colony they usually just go in the entrance. Most beetles enter during the evening hours, but some enter during daylight...
  11. Re: Inducing Supercedure with 48 Hour Cells

    I have never done that procedure so I can't say for certain, but I would think that in a healthy colony with a vigorous queen the cell would be destroyed by the workers. It may depend on how far...
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    Re: Frame width

    The spacing of the brood frames is the result of hundreds of measurements done by early beekeeping greats such as Huber, Dzierzon, Berlepsch, Wyprecht, Root and others. Hardly a group of "hippys" I...
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    Re: Absconded hive and mysterious stains

    Fivej's question about the top box being a feeder was never addressed, is it a feeder? Also, if it is a feeder, what do you use as feed? The landing board is in the shadows, but it looks as though...
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    Re: Over wintering in polystyrene hives

    I am glad you decided to give that mode of wintering a try so that you could see for yourself which course of action works and which doesn't. Much of the advice I see given on the forums appears to...
  15. Re: If I add an upper entrance above my QE will the bees fill the honey supers faster

    After having not used upper entrances in 40 years, I would ask are you sure you need upper entrances?
  16. Re: What caused this stubby bee with fully formed wings?

    Deformed Wing Virus doesn't always cause the bee to have deformed wings. It could be any of the several viral diseases that bee colonies are subject to developing. It could also be caused by...
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    Re: Dragonflies

    Naturally I can't say that it is all dragonflies, and not a combination of birds increasing in the area at the same time as dragonflies emerge, but historically my mating nucs experience a 40%...
  18. Re: Question in introducing activly laying queen into queenless hive

    Years ago I used a sugar spray that had a scent added and one without scent to join bees, I can't say whether it helps or not, because the joining of the bees was successful using either method. I...
  19. Re: Question in introducing activly laying queen into queenless hive

    Requeen the full sized colony using all the frames from the brood area in the nuc, and replace the frames in the nuc using those from the full sized colony. Make sure there are no cells remaining in...
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    Re: Swarm colony

    This is often seen when the colony has a weak adult bee population, especially when combined with a weak nectar flow. I would scrape it off down to the plastic, and save it to be open fed back at a...
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    Re: small cell plastic foundation

    Calkal; Does large amounts of bur comb between the boxes bother you? Plastic frames causes quite an increase in this.
  22. Re: Laying Workers-They don't read the same books we do!

    I have never heard the expression 3 feet or 3 miles, it was always 2 feet or 2 miles.

    A hive can be moved 2 feet to the side, front or rear and the bees fly to the entrance with no hesitancy,...
  23. Re: Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus? Any treatment for?

    That solution should be strong enough. It might work just as well if you spray the comb with a spray bottle and allow it to dry. Remember to use cold water to mix the bleach solution. Hot water...
  24. Re: Laying Workers-They don't read the same books we do!

    I don't thing it matters if a bee has oriented on the hive or not when it is shaken from frames outside the colony, the first bees returning to the colony will Nasonov at the entrance and that is...
  25. Re: Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus? Any treatment for?

    CBPV predates the varroa mite, so the varroa is not necessary for the bees to get the virus. Having a heavy mite load stresses the bees so they may display symptoms of the virus when they would not...
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