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    Re: Obnoxious guard bee

    A $5 mosquito net is very handy to have in your back pocket when bees are testy. A hat with a brim and pull the mosquito net over your head.
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    Re: Mann Lake Refractometer question

    Believe the intent is to use the fluid and the little block and calibrate to reading recommended.

    There is a number of You Tube videos on calibrating.

    Can always try contacting Mann Lake.
  3. Re: Introducing emerged virgin queens in mating nucs.

    Reference post #24.
  4. Re: If I add an upper entrance above my QE will the bees fill the honey supers faster

    I like to get a dome of honey and then keep the brood nest open so queen stays in brood boxes. Then remove the excluder.

    I have experimented with vent boxes above the inner cover and saw no...
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    Re: Too low moisture content?

    Not a problem.

    Label the low moisture container and now where it is when you pull some 20% honey. Blend and all is good.
  6. Thread: Alberta

    by mgolden

    Re: Alberta

    First crocus open were today
    Saw first pussy willows on Friday

    No noticeable pollen coming yet.

    14C high today, first nice day since October.
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    Re: whats being done about hive theft?

    Not only do you need to brand the hive box but also the frames. There was a theft in northern Alberta where the thief was removing five frames of bees c/w queen. The frames were replaced with other...
  8. Re: Two hives has queen laying in honey super.

    Firstly, make sure there is lots of laying room in the two broods. Remove frames in outside position that contain honey. Transfer frames of capped brood to weak hives. Insert empty drawn comb into...
  9. Re: Will the coronavirus negatively affect the beekeeping industry?

    There is significant upheaval in Beekeeping in Alberta and ?? across Canada.

    1. Alberta beekeepers purchase packages from New Zealand and Australia. These packages will not be available in...
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    Re: Beekeeping in garage attic?

    Probably could be made to work.

    However, is there enough height to have 4 or 5 deeps high during honey production. And is there enough space for the beekeeper to be able to manoeuver supers...
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    Re: Melt in your mouth Honey caramel!

    One is supposed to temperature check the accuracy of candy thermometer used. There's some trial and adjusting temperature beyond that. Too soft so need to go to a higher temp, too hard and go to a...
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    Re: Asian Giant Hornet

    Attached is link to a short you tube video
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    Re: Yellow Jacket Bait Stations

    Apple juice, a splash of apple cider vinegar and a couple of drops of dish soap. Soap disrupts the surface tension so aids in drowning. Works very well to attract(wasps are attracted to apples) and...
  14. Re: We had it figured out until we didn't have it figured out

    Bees move upwards a lot better than downward. I would not recommend at all putting Nuc on top and trying to force bees down onto indrawn comb. You’re playing with causing swarming.

    If you have...
  15. Re: We had it figured out until we didn't have it figured out

    Stack two 8 frame supers together and install the five deep frames from the Nuc. Install a third super with 8 indrawn frames and let bees build upwards. You may need to move center deep frame to...
  16. Re: Why does everyone think used equipment is ALL bad?


    I'd bet the person with good looking hives and well maintained equipment, has well looked after bees as well.
  17. Re: ID of the creepy powder on my hive's inner cover?

    I suspect most of mildew/mold is on top side of inner cover. Bees give a lot of moisture metabolizing carbohydrates over winter. It is around 5 gallons. Your moisture problem is further compounded...
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    Re: Filtering / Cleaning dull coloured beeswax

    Best to add some dark yellow/orange wax, melt and blend if you want a darker color.

    I find that a nylon strainer made from panty hose works well for fine filtering. Make a wire loop from any...
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    Re: What are the bees gleaning from chicken feed?

    Is it purchased layer mash or are you grinding your own? Purchased layer mash is 15-20% protein by weight. Soy meal or canola meal is added to the ground grain in the purchased and meal can be...
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    Re: 2019 Winter solstice

    In cold winters such as we are having, old beekeepers say space above the frames is most important. The space provided by a shim on the underside of the inner cover allows the cluster to move over...
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    Re: Mountain camp vs. honey

    I think the sugar blocks serve as a "bridge" for those of us that get extended very cold stretches. If the bees run out of honey where they are at, ie get stranded on no food, the cluster can always...
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    Re: Mountain camp vs. honey

    Do you feed any syrup in the spring?

    Some Commercial Beekeepers here feed up to weight in the fall and leave a frame feeder in place. In early spring when the ambient temp is on the cool side,...
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    Re: Honey extractor choices

    I am doing the 2x4 under the back leg and also putting a trouble light inside the extractor with the lid closed so as to warm the honey. It is a bit of a pain to the remove the basket and wash out...
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    Re: Honey extractor choices

    Sounds like you are way ahead of me and just as handy.

    I don't think it was a water jacket below nut rather a method of heating the honey drain floor from below. It's been a while since the tour...
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    Re: Honey extractor choices

    Joerg, I saw a neat extractor design at a Hutterite Colony. They had built it themselves. Stainless steel.

    The collection area below the frames in the extractor was a flat sloped floor, higher...
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