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  1. Spring Brood Stimulis by Pollen Substitution.

    I have been reading the works of Miller back in the old days. He mentions pollen feeding by an open method using grain as a feed. Some kind of ground grain was used.

    Does anyone open feed grain...
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    Re: Bondo Fiberglass Repair Kit

    JB weld if the hole is not large. But you never said how large the hole is. A pic is worth a thousand words.

    Most epoxies are durable and food safe if used correctly. Fiberglass and Bondo are...
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    Re: smooth wax foundation

    They have been known to build comb from scratch. I think they can figure out a way to make it from a smooth sheet of wax.

    The only problem would be how long and what the comb will look like. ...
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    Re: Bees in my compost pile.

    They love the piles of rabbit pellets under the cages on the farm. I pointed that out to Dad, that is going back into the hive. He still eats honey.
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    Re: A New Virus...

    It is in Hawaii now. The article I saw did not mention it in the main 48 yet. But an invasive species of wasp has infected bees in Hawaii and is running its course.

    Like anything else, it will...
  6. Thread: Bee Mustard?

    by jdmidwest

    Re: Bee Mustard?

    Propolis? They bring it in to seal the hive for winter.

    I see it on the grass, but you say its in the hive. Bees don't poop in hives.
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    Re: advice for fixing my soil

    Are you trying to grow a garden or a bee plot?

    Either way, if dirt is fine, you will have to introduce some organic matter into it to make it a topsoil. Cover crop of clover or other nitrogen...
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    Re: Odd sized lumber

    How long has it dried or what species of wood are you dealing with?? Fresh sawed lumber has to be kiln dried or air dried for x amount of time depending on species of wood. Otherwise, you will have...
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    Re: mice and residual viruses/bacteria

    Since most beekeepers are Frugal, keeping the frame and letting the bees fill it up with naturally anti microbial honey, with its ph and other factors that inhibit bacterial growth, you should have...
  10. Re: Putting a box back on a Langstroth without killing bees

    I really hate the crunching noise when they fail to get out of the way. But, if you let it down gently, most get the hint and move. The ones that don't get what happens in life.

    Has anyone ever...
  11. Re: Colony Collaspe, I have lost 70 Percent of Hives in Last Month.

    Our wet year has them going. My local hives have been exposed to small hive beetle.

    The remote hives at our farm in Wayne County have not had a problem. No other beekeepers or hives within 10...
  12. Re: Colony Collaspe, I have lost 70 Percent of Hives in Last Month.

    I have finally figured it out. Small Hive Beetles.

    Wet summer here. First hive had several wigglers in it that I dumped out on the ground. I assume it snowballed and keep moving along to the...
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    Re: best way to kill a hive in this scenario

    If you could get it to my bee yard, I could probably kill it pretty quick. I have lost 6 out of nine in the last month. Either the dearth in June, Swarming in spring, or mites got them.
  14. Re: Colony Collaspe, I have lost 70 Percent of Hives in Last Month.

    I have done the alcohol test for mites. I did not check this season. Like I said, they have been on autopilot this season because of the cancer.

    They took a very large chunk out of my arm to...
  15. Re: Colony Collaspe, I have lost 70 Percent of Hives in Last Month.

    The cancer was removed along with a third of my tongue. That was replaced with a graft from my arm and is doing well. I am fully recovered now and healed, cancer free. The tumor was the only...
  16. Colony Collaspe, I have lost 70 Percent of Hives in Last Month.

    4th year beekeeper here. Started with a hive in 2012, added 2 nucs in spring 2013. I have done walk away splits and bought 4 queens since to grow the apiary into its peak last fall of 19 hives. ...
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    Re: Honey Horror Story

    My mentor took his honey off late a few years back. It turned cool and he decided to warm the supers before extracting. He rigged a space heater to blow up the stack of supers and left to let it do...
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    Re: bargain beekeeping jackets on e-bay

    Broke and out of business selling them so cheap. You will never hear from him again.
  19. Re: How Long Will A Frame of Brood Last Outside The Hive

    Capped or open brood? Makes a difference. Capped is just waiting to complete the pupal stage. Open brood needs nurse bees to be fed. Both need to be maintained at a constant temp of ninety...
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    Re: Charring hive boxes?

    I always thought the old timers charred the boxes to get rid of any pest or disease that may be in a dead out. As cheap as boxes are, I would just burn one if I thought any bacteria or virus had...
  21. Thread: Dearth?

    by jdmidwest

    Re: Dearth?

    Dearth here in SE Missouri. Hot, Dry July with little rain. Grass dead and trees turning brown in places. Bees are just hanging out and queens have shut down laying. I went to make some walk away...
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    Re: Bees really hammered me

    I changed out a jar feeder on a nuc one evening. I always used a small board and lifted the jar with lid up, and with a sweeping move, wiped the bees off the lid and covered the hole with the board....
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    Re: Fishing for bees :)

    Wax Worms make the best bluegill bait. Not the lesser one, too small. You have to get an infestment of the Greater Wax Moth for bait.
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    Re: What exactly does a drone do?

    They seem to attract mites. Some mite treatments use drone comb size cells.
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    Re: Storing frames of drawn comb?

    He said old icechest. Nothing about a working freezer.

    I run them thru an old freezer for a few days to kill eggs, then store in shed with mothballs away from moths and critters.
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