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  1. Round Observation Hive with topbar combs

    This is my latest "non-standard" hive. I love using observation hives to educate the general public on bees. I've seen a couple larger "colony hives" from somewhere over in Europe, but here in the...
  2. Re: What hive design yields the most honey? Which yields the most bees?

    I'm sorry, but I really can't answer that. I'm mostly topbar hives and only own one "genuine" 8fr screened bottom board entrance. I'm too cheap to buy the real bottom boards at $25 each and just...
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    Re: North/South vs East/West TBH

    I have more than 7 topbar hives in my yard and they all have entrances facing different directions. It would appear that the bees don't care.
  4. Re: What hive design yields the most honey? Which yields the most bees?

    Unfortunately, I am not a carpenter and my husband just wanted to get rid of some old wood. The dark blue brood box is actually tongue and groove siding and then cut down to 10.5". (I have mending...
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    Re: had a cancerous tumor behind left eye

    The New River guy has some great queen lines. I've bought 2 years in a row from him. Follow his youtube channel if you wonder about him. The Buckfast queens from him are extremely gentle and...
  6. Re: What hive design yields the most honey? Which yields the most bees?

    In areas with a heavy nectar flow in summer, like the Midwest, you really want an arrangement where you can add supers as needed. On the east coast, I don't feel that we have that kind of potential,...
  7. Re: Bees bringing in lots of pollen (?); what plant(s) could it be?

    I saw drones flying outside my topbar hives in Smithfield Virginia on February 7. Earliest that I can remember. Inspections of some hives showed the queens actively laying drones in the larger...
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    Re: Easy cell builder help

    I was writing the same thing, but then I erased it as I thought about the "top" that would also be mis-matched and the need for the bees to be able to go up and over the top frames as shown I the...
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    Re: Moving splits

    Did you close up the mini styro nucs for 24 hrs in a cool location? they should of stayed put after that.
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    Re: How many honey supers do I need?

    8 frame or 10 frame mediums? Not sure what your honey flow looks like, but for my area, I'd plan on 3-8 frame honey supers per hive and maybe have two to four extra in case a couple go gang busters.
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    Re: Moving splits

    I don't move my splits out of my yard, but then my boxes are painted all sorts of different colors and the splits are moved into the perennial flower garden so as soon as the bees come out, they know...
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    Re: Is backyard beehive feasible?

    A topbar hive works in the front yard as well. People don't seem to know what it is...


    In all seriousness, plant some tall flowers like Mexican sunflowers around your hives in the back...
  13. Re: Feeding dry sugar in top bar hive in winter

    I have pressed fondant into brood combs to feed my topbar hives, but it is too much work. I prefer to make a sugar brick with 3 cups of sugar to 1/4 cup of water. Mix until it is like sugar sand. ...
  14. Re: Topic: Expectations and Realities of Beekeeping (The First Two Years)

    The best advice that I was given by the guy who sold me the nuc in 2013 for my first hive (which was a topbar hive), was "expect them to die this winter". In hindsight, he was probably telling me...
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    Re: Too early to split?

    I spotted a drone flying outside one of my hives yesterday in coastal Virginia. They are acting like it is late March, so I did some manipulations to keep them out of swarm mode, but looking at our...
  16. Re: Has anyone had success using bee venom for scar tissue

    yes, I've used it on my surgery scars. I prefer the micro stings all around the scar.
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    Re: Bee removal in january-help!

    Ed, if you can move them to a nuc box with screened bottom hive and set them over a larger colony, and give them a sugar brick, they are very likely to make it through winter, if we don't get...
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    Re: Catching and Marking Queens

    I like to use a plastic queen clip, and I mark all of my queens in each hive as soon as they are mated and laying.
  19. a peak through the window of a topbar hive in January in Virginia

    For those of you missing your bees, here is a short clip of my bees inside one of their topbar hives. The bees really don't stay in cluster all winter long here in coastal Virginia. I've already...
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    Re: Brood Rearing Below Zero Help!

    A 24" or 36" butterfly rearing habitat works well as a porta-potty for a cooped up observation hive. Just connect the tube to the zippered entrance. As long as the bees can fly or crawl around a...
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    Re: beekeeping within city limits

    These are our club's objections to the Albemarle code:
    c. The beehive and all related materials may only be located in the rear yard
    f. The beekeeper shall conspicuously post a sign warning people...
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    Re: beekeeping within city limits

    As in Albemarle, Virginia near Charlottesville? Will the OP please please please not use their regs as a template for their area! Isle of Wight Virginia picked them up almost verbatim last July to...
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    Re: Warm weather in NC effects?

    No new comb being built here in Smithfield, VA; but I did go through all my topbar hives last week when orientation flights in one hive were off the charts for this time of year. That Buckfast Queen...
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    Re: New Package Absconding Time Frame

    From the package installs that I have seen in our topbar hive group, that abscond, it seems to happen within the first 48 hrs. What I can't report is whether or not the queen was left behind in the...
  25. Re: I checked a couple hives-Small clusters, no brood

    I'd reduce them to a 5 frame nuc with screened bottom and park it ontop of one of the big hives. You might be surprised that they make it through a mild winter. I wouldn't expect that queen to...
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