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  1. Re: Making money as a beekeeper

    Just a comparison / contrast -

    I used to officiate sports, having baseball in my family bloodlines. That was a hobby that required exceptional dedication to learn the nuances of all the rules,...
  2. Re: Why the heck won't they gain weight (after ALOT of feeding).

    Hi username,
    We've been using BeeSweet, which has the schedule 77 corn syrup in it.

    I'm with Greg V about if it is getting too cold for liquid feed. Once there is a danger of freezing, get the...
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    Re: Modified Hive

    There have probably been thousands of beehive patents, I do not know of one that made any money.

    Charles Dadant and his son, Camille Pierre were onto this in 1876. Not cameras, but hive...
  4. Re: Bees can count to five and learn better with negative reenforcement

    What's this "we" business, Quimosabe? Did the scientists learn anything the bees were trying to teach them?

    :D No offense intended.
  5. Re: Why the heck won't they gain weight (after ALOT of feeding).

    Another possibility for a hive to lose or not gain much weight is heat loss. If a hive is opened too often or for too long (ie. more than 4 minutes in moderate weather), the bees will consume a bunch...
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    Re: Beekeeping Technique Question

    It is easy to tell when varroa get bad - the "shot" brood pattern coupled with the white mite waste on the tops of the combs, and any one single bee with
    Deformed Wing Virus is a dead giveaway....
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    Re: Best way to cull a dying hive?

    Hey there Ambassador,
    Chalkbrood is a stress related malady, and adding a nucleus colony is the best answer. Newspaper-combining vigorous, fresh queen and a bunch of fresh recruit helpers is what...
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    Re: First Frost Thread.

    Last week in did-state coastal California. The bottom of the creek had frost and the town 30 feet higher did not. Not a killing frost yet, which will probably come next storm front.
  9. Re: Why the heck won't they gain weight (after ALOT of feeding).

    Hi username,

    First thing to check is if there is any open brood present. If not, they may be queenless and this will disrupt gainful activities.

    There are 2 different grades of corn syrup feed...
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    Re: Beekeeping Technique Question

    Welcome to Beesource! I'd keep doing what works until that changes. Meanwhile, I'd read everything I could about beekeeping, and talk to lots of beekeepers.

    Those of us who have had [problems...
  11. Re: Selling club member honey at Fair: 1lb jar vs. 1/2 lb jar?

    Under your current system, if your intention is to raise money for the club the half-pound jars make more money per pound than the 1 lb jars. If you are trying to make money for yourself, the one...
  12. Re: High grade winter pollen substitute - need advice

    They mostly consume stored honey to keep warm in Winter, then use up any pollen as soon as they find a pollen source in the early Spring when they begin brooding up, but not all bees are alike....
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    Re: Instrumental Insemination Equipment

    Welcome to Beesource kbayture! Nice work. If you can post prices in U.S. Dollars, we'd like to see them.
  14. Re: Smartphone app that listens to bees to tell you what health issues they have

    It's a good start, but there is a long way to go. Unfortunately, it does not detect beekeeper stupidity, which takes many of us a while to get over. It might be very helpful to any newbie beeks who...
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    Re: Portable Bee Vac

    I am presently building a 5-gallon bucket type with a sight window. The bee speeds (flying backwards) into the cages work out best with a 1.5 horsepower to 2 hp vacuum power source into the bottom of...
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    Re: Hurricanes and bee hives...

    I'm not from hurricane country, but if I was, I'd try to build up some kind of high ground, then put a hole in the top of the hill big enough and deep enough for the bees and a deck to slide over it....
  17. Re: Bringing in Apis cerana to the US (Solve varroa problem)

    To get meaningful content, I'd run the question past Dr. Tom Rinderer if he is still at the Baton Rouge federal bee research laboratory. He's the guy any new genetic bee stock coming into the country...
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    Re: Smallest truck for pollination.

    Most of us use a 3/4 ton or a one ton dually flatbed. The 12 foot flatbed is what makes a truck worth having for a beekeeper. The full, double cab is what you'll want, not the cab and a half, cab and...
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    Sticky: Re: Hive design, what type?

    Okay, you left out the best of them. The Modified Square Jumbo Dadant beehive, known in Europe as the Brother Adam beehive, has many, many advantages. Being square, one advantage is that the honey...
  20. Re: What is a "safe" late August mite count ?

    Nationwide in the United States, August 15th (or as close to it as you can) is GIANT MITE BOMB DAY. This is the one day of the year that IPM (Integrated Pest Management - the sparing use of pest...
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    Re: Smallest truck for pollination.

    Do not use a Ford Ranger. The transmissions are totally inadequate. They blow up on schedule. About 65,000 miles with the 4.0 liter engine, either side of 90, 000 miles with the 3.0 liter, and...
  22. Re: Preparing for the fall flow - preventing late swarms - please help.

    I seem to have neglected to mention that the goal for 2-deep box standard U. S. Langstroth hives going into Winter is 130 Avoirdupois pounds. You may end up newspaper-combining them after the Fall...
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    Re: Pollen patty drying out

    Glycerin, and maybe Karo syrup (corn syrup). If you mix real pollen into it, the bees usually will eat it before it dries up.
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    Re: Huge garden spider behind my hive

    My new inspiration for tying a BIG fishing "fly". Probably will require a 12-weight line and rod.
  25. Re: Hive designs and their advantages and disadvantages

    Thank you so much, Dar.

    So, I am essentially building Fusion-power Modified Square Brother Adam / Jumbo Dadant beehives :) ...a mouthful, but gotta give credit where it is due. Not to mention...
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