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  1. Re: Transporting queen cells (orientation of queen cell)

    Since we are on the same "queen timing" page: Now I wonder if I just should transport them "tip to the top" during the drive and invert them for maturing in the incubator :scratch:
  2. Re: Transporting queen cells (orientation of queen cell)

    Dear LJ,

    thanks for your reply. But this exactly my knowledge. As you say on day 9 (as you say day 8 +/- 1 day (often it is + 1 day)) the larvae is dislodged from food then it dies:

  3. Transporting queen cells (orientation of queen cell)


    I browsed through a couple of similar named posts but could not find the answer to my specific question. Important is, that the queen cells have been just capped (so it is day 9 in development...
  4. Question: Glenn Apiary "Special Queen banking frame" d^for artifical insemination

    Dear all,

    having browsed through the "Glenn Apiary" website I stumbled on the following snippet of information:

    There is also a little...
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    Re: Instrumental Insemination Equipment


    Have you bought the micro despenser? I asume you took the 0.2ml?

    Swienty has the same microdispenser on their Harbo syringe.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Re: grafting setup for older eyes

    I was wondering if you are still happy with your grafting gadget? I am thinking of buying a similar device... Would you recommend it or do something totally different?

    Thanks for your help.
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