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    Re: What size to reduce the hive to

    Last year I left on more boxes on the hives that were larger. I had no enthusiasm to minimize it at all. Three of the four larger hives (six boxes or so) died with signs of verrora. I used about the...
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    What size to reduce the hive to

    I have 8-frame medium (6-5/8") hive bodies. Where the colony is established, most hives are 4 boxes going into winter. I could reduce the colony to 3 boxes but am not sure what benefit that would be....
  3. Thread: Liquid Feeder

    by Munson

    Re: Liquid Feeder

    All but one of my hives are going through a ten pound bag of sugar mixed with 6 pounds of water and a splash of mann lake's pro health every 4-5 days. I bring a paint mixer and cordless drill to the...
  4. Re: Dadant Extractors - Any issues? (Radial 6 or 12)

    appalachian outdoors: I drove across the state with the intent to buy the 6/12 but after looking walked away. Could be the demo units are rejects. But, they have been there a few years. Imagine yours...
  5. Re: Maxant, where are you... Any one receive something from them recently?

    And the expectation is for the phone call to either be returned or to roll over to other available warm body that can take a message or order. Good things come to those who wait? How about return the...
  6. Re: Dadant Extractors - Any issues? (Radial 6 or 12)

    Drove 3 hours to dadant today to buy an extractor. Looked them over. Tinked the steel. Thought a bit off kilter but figured I would watch them spin and get it done. When plugged in and ran for a bit,...
  7. Re: Dadant Extractors - Any issues? (Radial 6 or 12)

    What number of hives or amount of honey would you think too much for the 6-frame extractor? While I am getting better, I average 40+ pounds per hive and think I will limit myself to 10-12 hives. This...
  8. Dadant Extractors - Any issues? (Radial 6 or 12)

    Does anyone have experience with 18" diameter ranger or 24" diameter 12 frame (they call it 6-12) extractor? Good or bad?

    I am researching between Dadant and Maxant this week but only Dadant...
  9. Re: Maxant, where are you... Any one receive something from them recently?

    This week I tried to order an extractor. Called. Left messages Monday and Tuesday. Sent an email tuesday. Called Wednesday. And I was calling morning, lunch break and afternoon. Something ain't...
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    Re: Cleaning Maxant Extractor after extracting

    Go to a restaurant supply store and purchase a large silicone scraper. amazon search "FG1964000000". Helps get to the bottom of a extractor.
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    Re: Cheapest places to buy plastic bottles???

    I have been buying the 1 lb (12 oz) sailor oval pet honey jar with yellow flip cap. Comes in a case of 225. It works well with Avery 22808 or 22830 2.5" labels which also comes in packs of 225. Nice...
  12. Re: Lumber sizing "deception" lawsuit re Menards and HD

    What I don't get is why they don't sue the big box stores for not grading lumber to the standards. That should be punished.
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    Re: Honey bees are attacking my heat pump

    My bees attack the spark plug boot of the weed wacker. I was guessing they are sensitive to the pulses.
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    Re: Need web site advice for club?

    You will be miles ahead using facebook as your group's web site. The less time you spend on a website, the more with the real world and your bees.
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    Re: Over 50 sting this morning

    Once, I had an accident with the tractor that knocked over two hives. Much more than 50 stings and I had a ultrabreeze jacket on. Had to take a break and change jeans half way through. Take...
  16. Re: Question about processing honey... bucket and honey gate..

    To strain I use 400 mesh. I have a strainer bucket with a bag filter that I pour 5 gallons of unfiltered. The strainer bucket has a lot of 1/2" holes in the bottom. It sits on another bucket with a...
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    Re: When to stop feeding a new package of bees?

    Continue feeding as long as they have comb to build. You are probably not going to take anything from them this year. Check for eggs, larvae and good brood pattern. Adjust, checkerboard or shift, to...
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    Re: Wicked weather in the midwest

    Gives them time in the hive to organize things.
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    Re: Natural Apiary ventilated bee jacket, heads up

    Ultrabreeze. I also wear the 3x. It did not fit. Turns out my torso is longer than normal humans so I really need a tall size with 2" extra in length of arms and chest before the pants part. Guess...
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    Re: Natural Apiary ventilated bee jacket, heads up

    Ultra Breeze.
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    Re: What to do with this pollen?

    Protect if from the weather and put it out. Take an empty hive with only a tray in it with the pollen. The bees will find it. Google "pollen feeder" if you want to build a simple feeder. Watch this...
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    Re: For those of you who use Oxalic Acid..

    Side note: One of the "correct" masks from amazon is:
    Safety Works 817663 Multi-Purpose Respirator (Ideal for working with ... certain acid gases)
    and yearly refills
    MSA 815364 Advantage Chemical...
  23. Re: As a beginner, is it really "best" to start two hives?

    I started with one. It adds anxiety and risk as the odds are not good for you in your first year. If you get trained how to use a oxalic acid vaporizer and measure mites and if you have some one...
  24. Thread: Table saw

    by Munson

    Re: Table saw

    Invest in the fence. I found an old cast iron sears saw with a biesemeyer fence. Had to replace the motor after a year but it is beautifully accurate. And the new motor is a beast. She sings. She...
  25. Thread: frames

    by Munson

    Re: frames

    For those that do build frames from 2x lumber, what plans, jig's or methods work best?
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