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    Re: Old comb still has food in it

    I doubt that they would reject an otherwise suitable potential hive box because it has stores in the comb. However, you are inviting other critters because of the stores. Mice, wasps, hive beetles,...
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    Re: Questions Concerning Candy

    Make Lauri's sugar bricks. Follow the recipe and you will have no issues. Mine are rock hard in a matter of hours just air drying. You will find it if you search here. J
  3. Re: Is it time to take insulation off of my hives

    Mine will stay on quite a while longer. As LJ points out, insulation helps to moderate wild temp swings which I believe is its major benefit. In New England, wild temp swings pretty much defines...
  4. Re: Hive Assembly Question? What Type of glue works and or what can be substituted ?

    Herb, I think what LJ meant is that you will not be successful trying to glue wood to the excluder and it is not a good idea to give the bees more room to maneuver. They have plenty of room with the...
  5. Re: Help! I think I have a honey bee hive in my shed wall.

    Thank you rbridges for taking the time and expense to do this right. I would add to what Bee Arthur said. Some beekeepers would collect and use the honey for bee or even human consumption. They need...
  6. Thread: yellow diarrhea

    by Fivej

    Re: yellow diarrhea

    Are you feeding pollen sub? Wondering if that could be the cause. A couple years ago, one of my hives had diarrhea first thing in the spring, but it cleared up quickly. J
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    Re: Proper way to switch hive stands?

    I am not sure about your weather or when they do reverses in the Spring in your area, but I would take the opportunity to reverse as long as you are replacing hive stands. If its too early, I would...
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    Re: Wax moth larva mystery

    That is a common misconception. Michael Palmer (VT) pointed this out in 2014.
    I THINK they are killed in a freezer with consistent temps minus 20F. To...
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    Re: Do I need a new queen

    They would likely kill an introduced queen. Like Squarepeg said, it may be 3-4 weeks before you know whether you have a new queen. She has to hatch, dry her wings, get mated and begin laying. It is...
  10. Re: Saw this video wondering if the concept works to help combat SHB

    I don't see where he says it helps with SHB. He says the purpose is to help them guard the hive and I don't really see how it is any better than a reduced entrance or robber screen. What am I missing?
  11. Thread: Strange bee poo

    by Fivej

    Re: Strange bee poo

    Agree with Crofter. You want to be concerned about poo that is not as "formed". More like diarrhea that is splattered all over. J
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    Re: Storing built out frames

    I spray empty, drawn comb frames with BT and store them outside in their boxes with ventilation and critter protection. I bought a large upright freezer that I store frames of honey/pollen over the...
  13. Re: Bee-L member requesting Beekeepers donate their extra N95 Masks - DON'T DO IT!!!!

    My wife and daughter are nurses in a small hospital. The restrictions on use of protective gear is already so limited that they are literally putting their lives, and those of who they come in...
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    Re: Evicting a fresh swarm?

    I just noticed your "fee" HA!
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    Re: Evicting a fresh swarm?

    Excellent! J
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    Re: Fly Back Splits - Video

    Very informative and easy to understand vid. Thanks. J
  17. Re: Despair is the Mother of invention, alternative use for topbar hive.

    Clever. I like your little backyard oasis. J
  18. Re: Bad honey? Honey separated, the crystalized part is fluffy and light, not very sw

    I have had fermented honey exactly as Kate describes. It is fine to eat, but we especially enjoyed it in drinks in the summer. Vodka, lemonade and a teaspoon of it. Was also good in soda water or the...
  19. Re: Must See: Queen bee returning from mating flight with endophallus

    Cool. J
  20. Re: Transparent PVC boards instead of Wood for Bee Hive

    Beekeeping is hard work, hands on, and it requires one to get into the hives to inspect them and make any necessary changes. No offense, but it seems like you really do not want to be a beekeeper. ...
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    Re: Ladies please make up your mind!

    A watched pot never boils. But, on the other hand, you have to play to win. J
  22. Re: first sting of the season, the treatment works!

    Good to hear. Assume you got an epi-pen just in case? J
  23. Re: When should I switch out a candy board for a liquid feeder?

    Just a reminder to Johnnymms and other keeps going into their second year. You do not necessarily have to follow the same path you were advised to do in your first year. Feeding syrup when you first...
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    Re: Few wax worms in comb, can I eat honey?

    I would. We eat a lot of "things" we buy from the store in nice looking packaging. I would do just as you have done and enjoy it. J
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    Re: Varroa in drone brood

    I will also throw in for formic asap. Its likely your hive was repopulated with mites through robbing after you treated. I have been seeing a lot of posts like this. This has happened to me so I...
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