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  1. Re: Double deckers and triple deckers completely filled...what are our options?

    I certainly can't compete with Mr. Frank's experience!

    I have a question...
    Do you intend for these splits to be strong enough for almond pollination next spring? That will be a determining...
  2. Re: Double deckers and triple deckers completely filled...what are our options?

    If you are seriously trying to do it now, it can be done.
    Do not use any foundation, it's too late for them to draw much if any wax now.
    Purchase queens for the splits, it's getting too late to...
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    Re: Re-queen for chalkbrood?

    I always re-queen if chalk shows up. I destroy old queen, then wait 7-9 days and go through to destroy any and all queen cells they have started, then I introduce a caged queen and let the hive...
  4. Re: Feeding with Deep Boxes in the Northwest

    Yes there is Logic to it and yes, easy is good. This would be your easiest way to accomplish a good over winter arrangement for the hive. There are other ways you could try, but this way is easiest...
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    Re: Robbing of queen castles

    I never open feed, especially not with not laying queen mating nucs in the yard.

    I make my mating nucs up with frames of stores so I do not feed them at all until a new queen is actively laying...
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    Re: Slippery floors

    Mineral spirits or paint thinner will dissolve beeswax quite well. Mineral spirits is more refined paint thinner so has less toxic smell.
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    Re: Colony expense at queen rearing

    It is not myth. The cost is the loss of brood rearing. Remove a queen and you lose 28 days +/- of brood rearing. That brood rearing translates into future bees in the hive. During that time bees are...
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    Re: Late July swarm cells OR supercedure?

    Leave it, you can always combine the end of August if it does not work out. This is the safest way to see what's going to happen. You've already done the split, let it ride for a month.
  9. Re: Made 2 splits , can I add more bees to one

    Yes, safe and easy way here... so long as you can find queens.
    Goto strong hive, remove frames of open larva and inspect to be very sure queen is not on them. Take those frames and shake or brush...
  10. Re: Queen rearing idea: graft, wait until jellied, remove, and then regraft.

    You could get the same results with less work by pre-priming the cell cups with royal jelly as you graft. Although, I myself don't think that pre-priming the cells makes any better queens than just...
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    Re: Making a Queen Catcher
    Has them like yours Paul.

    And this is one like what I first used... oh so many years ago!

  12. Re: Moved hives 150 yards, resulted in failed reorientation or unintended fly back sp

    Of course a hive could have swarmed. But I do not think so. I think it's foragers flyback from 6 moved hives. Yes, seriously, that many. All foragers from 6 hives moved 150 yards away. Yep, that's...
  13. Re: Cutting Out Queen Cells from Plastic Foundation

    I've cut, or maybe more accurately scraped queen cells off of plastic foundation quite a few times. I just used a hive tool. Made a score down to the foundation on all four sides of the cell, and...
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    Re: Help diagnosing something in the hive?

    I think the package is queenless and has just started laying worker and in a desparate attempt to become queen right is trying to make queen cells from laying worker larva.
    I would destroy cells and...
  15. Re: Making Michael Palmers inexpensive pollen sub

    I copied this from the video link...

    This recipe makes approximately 5.25 lbs of pollen patties.
    2.6 lbs sugar
    1 pound of HOT (boiling) water
    1/4 cup of oil (vegetable, corn,...
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    Re: Queenless combine now?

    There is an old saying...
    There's more than one way to skin a cat.
    Same with beekeeping, many ways to do the same thing.
    So I'll just say what I might do in your situation.

    I would pinch the...
  17. Re: Bees diving in to the snow and dying--again. What to do?

    Here is where Michael Palmer was talking about bees that dive-bomb the snow when leaving the hive might possibly be from an orientation problem with bright sunlit snow...
  18. Re: Two Hives Dead - cold & moisture and an open minded dialogue needed for heat

    At one time, I was trying OAD and posted in the forums here that I was trying it out. In the beginning, I thought it was doing OK. But with repeated treatments during the year, I came to the...
  19. Re: Queen dies emerging! What might cause this?

    Yes, I didn't even notice, or it did not register on me, that this was a grafted cell. duh! Looks like a JZBZ cup eh?

    The only time I've seen it or heard of this (ring cut but qheen not emerging)...
  20. Re: Queen dies emerging! What might cause this?

    The cap is cut all around.
    The nurse bees in the hive did not let her emerge, they kept the cap closed, and did not feed her or let her emerge over time.
    Sometimes with multiple queen cells the...
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    Re: Going to try TF again.

    I am gladly wishing you the very best in this endeavor Robbin.
    I've tried many times, it has not worked out well for me, but I've not gone the route of getting the kind of breeder queen mother's...
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    Re: Walk away split from single deep

    Saltybee yes moving the queen away with the main hive and leaving a frame with eggs and a frame with emerging brood and a frame of stores behind at the old location without the queen can also work...
  23. Re: How do I get bees to attach comb to sides and bottom of wooden frames ?

    I have tried it. Also, when adding a box of foundationless frames over a brood nest, the bees will use that bottom bar strip as a starting point and build comb upwards from the bottom. Even with...
  24. Re: Increasing broodnest in preparation for post flow split

    I could not agree more!
    A man who shares what he's learned quite humbly.
    Very admirable, thanks for sharing gww.
  25. Re: Increasing broodnest in preparation for post flow split

    I would prefer to have both and upper and a lower entrance, that way the original queen's pheromones are not travelled up into the top so much where the new cells will be made. It should still work...
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